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Artist Website Design

I am a poet and an artist, i need non-extravagant and non-flashy, but elegant website of professinal quality.

i will be needing something like this, as for the tabs – home,about,poetry,quotes,music,video,gallery,news,events,blog,store.

an embedded music player and the most important part – I WANT TO BE ABLE TO UPDATE MY WEBSITE ON MY OWN.

So I also request you for the correct solution for that.

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Bigcommerce Template Customization

I need to customize my bigcommerce computer store template. I I need to edit the header to have scrolling javascript images and change the background colors along with the left and right side box colors. . I also want to have the facebook widget to have the same box on the left or right.

Please send me sites in bigcommerce that you have designed or fixed. I will only consider people that have actually experience with Bigcommerce. I need this to be done asap.

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$1.5 Articles- Longterm

Hello everyone and happy New Year!!

Am looking for a dedicated article writer who can handle 2500 words per day i.e. if it is 500word articles he/she has to do five. The total for the week should be 17500 words so you might have to do more per day if don

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Automated Slider

I need to control a slider, sliding vertically in a t-track. the slider is driven by a chain which is driven by motor at the top of the track. the motor speed will determine the slider speed. i want to be able to"

1. control motor speed
2. mantain constant speed with varying torque
3. set range of travel along track

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PSD To WordPress, Headway A Plus!

We are in need of talented coders who can convert PSDs to WordPress themes. Code must be clean, efficient, and well formated.

Experience using the Headway Theme (WordPress Framework) is a plus.

A typical "Project" consists of a Homepage, and two interior page layouts (wordpress templates).

Turn time is important, and you must be able to deliver on your comments.

Cut and Paste response will be ignored – so please tell me why we should really consider you.

Please bid on a per "Project" basis, as described above.

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People Who Want To Earn Over $19530*

Do you want to earn over $19530 and only pay $30 one time?
You need an Alertpay account for this project.
Contact me for more details and for details on how to succeed with this.


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I want a CMS website design either with Joomla or WordPress.I started on the website already using WordPress and I would rather continue using it. My website is [Removed by Admin] I am a music artist so I would like the website to have a decent layout and to the point. I would like a website something similar to

I want to be able to post videos from Youtube or just write a few articles and have all my social media pages on it also. like facebook, twitter, etc.

I would also like it if people could register with the website so they can leave comments and such. Or be able to sign in using Facebook, Myspace or other social media websites. I want this to be my base to get info and contact information. Thanks in advance!

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Phire Networks

A small to midsize IT company, focusing on Microsoft, Cisco, Allworx, Citrix. Need a small, creative, edgy, website with some flash. 4-6 pages, About us, services, support, contact etc…
We have an existing logo, but if you create something better we will consider it. Need to be able to post news to the main page via XML or whatever. Serious bids only please, no template modifications….

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Monitoring Silverlight Streams

I need a Silverlight player that I can easily populate with several Smooth Streaming manifest files or mms links to streaming content. This player will be used to monitor live streams playing out from our servers.

Basically the player should have a page where I can copy-paste links to streams and these are then played out in the same player. So basically I want to be able to see that theres 24 streams up and running. I understand the stream window size will be very little if I monitor 24 streams. The player should adjust to the number of streams currently playing.

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Its a combo social media/action page, with a very unique name.
I need a home page with name logo (i can provide grahpics) and menu bar under it. Back ground is faded old documents.
3 column design, large in middle, two side smaller.
section at top middle section about site under that:
top of middle , photos. rotate from photo gallery.
second box, news article with id tag of member who posted it and twitter/facebook/tung links to share
third box, youtube, rotate from whatever is being posted
bottom, online talk radio app (i know where to get it)
menu bar on top has tabs that are home, forums, photos, video, blogs, member list, the list, my page
forums and blogs, video, photos will grow large, lots of members

left column two boxes with one having featured high rated blog
next one featured hot forum

facebook and twitter (these type share links on all media and text)
then a polling app

right column for google ad space, but then badge, and at top member sign in, member page link, invite key

maybe more?
not tied to design, but seen it on stuff I practiced with and like it.

I want to be able to have total control over it and if possible go through build with you. I know alot, just need help to get it to the vision in my head. I need it to run seamlesses.

Security of course, seo optimized, i have control on allowing submitted articles, news, photo,vid, to say no and delete, blogs moderate and forums moderate and remove content if offensive.

to be a featured sumbitted for on "staff", requires my approval to view, edit, send back, then view, accept and it posts in that section.

some ecommerce stores like cafe press or any better ones with better pay, and some pay per click or affiliates that pay well

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Tamil Speakers Required For Daily Task On Music Website

QUalification to bid:
– Must be tamil
– Must be between 18 and 25
– Must be fluent in English (IMPORTANT!!!)
– Must love tamil music, and be able to judge scales, rhythm, harmony, etc.)
– Must have 30-45 minutes a day

– Post 30 comments a day on Music Website

– 23 USD a month

This can lead to more work

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Monopoly Like Game

Hello. I am interested in a multiplayer monopoly like game(i dont know yet the name i would choose). Preferably in Java with a decent "graphic", at least like the game from . I would also need to know in a PM box if possible what hosting do i need so the game can run decent with 300-400 players online. No payments, no sign-up fees. A computer should replace a disconnected user , exactly monopoly rules, customizables city names from administration control if possible(for example if i dedicate a room to german people i should be able to change the names of the cities within that room only. note that this is not a requirement) .More details on prv message.
Feel free to bid the appropiate amount for a more than decent work.

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Professional Article Writers And More

I require COMMITTED, DEDICATED, PROFESSIONAL Service providers for many tasks. Only Professionals who can follow instructions and guidelines and take interest and pride in their work and are not just interested in making a fast buck should bid on the project and specific tasks.

Payment through GAF Escrow / Paypal.

1. Article Writers – Original and Re-writers
Excellent English (US/UK), perfect grammar, syntax, sentence structure, copyscape checked, dupecop checked.

2. Article submitters & Profile Creators
Create Profiles in Article Directories with Bio, User, PWD, site link, etc, and submit articles to Article directories with proper formatting and resource box. Careless people should not apply.

3. Blog Comments
Comment in Blogs that provide DoFollow Links. Theme based, High PR Blog Commenting.

4. Reciprocal Link Exchangers
DoFollow Reciprocal Link Exchange with Theme based and High PR sites.

5. Three-way Link Exchangers
DoFollow Three-way Link Exchange with Theme based and High PR sites.

6. Social Bookmarks
Professional who can do Social BM in sites with DoFollow Links

Please do not copy-paste your info in the PMB. Irrelevant messages and bids will be deleted.

Article Writers should ideally send samples. Freelancers with no feedback are welcome to bid – but will have to provide a test sample on a topic I specify.

Please use the phrase – I am a Professional – in your bid to show that you have read and understand the project details.

Place the minimum bid for the project and send your samples.

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Oceanside Network Revamp

We are revamping our Oceanside Network website, and we have already picked out our programmer from our last job. He knows to bid on this.

I dont want to waste anyone elses time so if you are not BlackFrame, dont bid!

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Vbulletin Mod’s


I need a vbulletin programming expert to make 2 mods. This forum allows 50 posts per page.

MOD 1) A post in a certain forum has to be approved by admin manually, and when admin approves they get a PM with a message and a PayPal button. Once the payment is successful it appears as the last post in the forum.

MOD 2)We want people to be able to pay to bump their post back to the top of the forum. A button that says “Promote” appears at the bottom & top of all posts. Once a post has reached Page 2, then if you can “bumped”. Once they click “Promote” they will be presented to paypal, if payment is successful, their post bumps to the top.

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captch( Client OCR) i want people right now

captcha client ocr, who can start work right now plz bid only

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captcha fast sp server

i wanted people for captcha entry. happy biding

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captch entry for evryone

i wanted people for captcha entry. happy biding

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