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Special Song Wanted Especially For An Ad, Charity Humanitarian

Hi Im looking for and need a special song to be written especially for an ad (Public Announcement), that will be used for charity, giving back to the unfortunates, poor, helpless those in needs awareness humanitarian work.

I am looking for song writers , musicians to work on the ad together. Music will play very important role in this ad. I am planning this for a festival as well.

Winning bid must agree that this is a "Work for Hire" type of service required, and that the party in which provides the recording, will receive no future royalties, rights, or copyrights associated with this recording, and that we own the rights, music masters work we pay for. I would prefer to receive a .Wav file, 24 bit, 44k or higher, Thanks.

See this Ad for example to have an idea how much music plays role in this kind of commercials, it is more not a commercial but Public Announcement.

Genre: Various
Vocals/Instrumental: Song with Vocals
Explicit Lyrics: No
Duration: All
Other Info: See this Ad for example to have an idea how much music plays role in this kind of commercials, it is more not a commercial but Public Announcement.

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Experienced Writer For Adult Sex Blog Wanted

Im looking for an experienced writer for my adult sex blog. I write about the various sexual encounters I have every week, but I am struggling for time to write about all of them, so I need a professional writer to write some for me. I shall give you an outline of what happened and you need to write short posts for each one. This is an example of one of my posts;

I was up for some real hardcore anal tonight, I just wanted to feel a nice hard cock stretching my ass hole nice and wide! John was tonights victim, and he said he could fuck me all day and all night long as he hadnt had any sex for a while, this was fine by me! John came round to mine, and we had a few cheeky cocktails, which just got me even more in the mood. It started raining heavily outside; theres something really romantic and sexy about the rain so I suggested we go out in it and get wet, in more ways than one!

We went down into the gardens of my flats, and we quickly sheltered under a tree, I was soaked through and you could blatantly see my bra through my top. I caught John looking down at my tits, so I quickly pushed him up against the tree and started kissing him whilst pushing my wet breasts into his chest. We were fairly hidden where we were but people could definitely see us if they looked hard enough, it was so horny! I took us more into the bushes where we were more hidden and I quickly ripped off my top and took off my bra to reveal my wet perky tits, he started licking and kissing them as quickly as he could, it felt so sensual in the rain. I undid his belt and dropped his pants and his thick hard cock was standing nicely to attention. I went down on my knees on the muddy floor and started sucking on his cock, which was a nice mouthful. I started deepthroating his shaft deep down into my gullet! I was getting so dirty but I didnt give two shits! I needed some pleasure of my own so I got up and pulled up my skirt and bent over on all fours for John. I told him to fuck my arse as hard and fast as he possibly could! He got on his knees behind me and he moved my knickers to the side and directed his bell end to my ass. He started pushing the tip of his cock into my anus, and I started moaning with pleasure, omg it felt good! He started pummelling my tight ass as hard as he could, his balls slapping against me making a nice loud noise in the rain. I couldnt keep quiet, it was doing it for me so bad, I could feel my g-spot being nicely stimulated through my vagina wall. I could hear him getting louder so he was obviously getting close to cumming, and I couldnt bite my lip any longer, I let out a loud moan as I came hard! He soon followed filling my full of his thick juices, we then basically collapsed onto the muddy floor, god some one would have got a good peep show if they had been watching!

I shall want all posts written in a similar style.

I shall pay $1 per post, and currently need about 20 written.

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American Peace-Writer Editor Wanted Long-term

This project is for an American with a degree in writing and an interest in peace and social issues.
All work will be timed through SKYPE
At an agreed upon time SKYPE will be turned on. During the two hours you will be listening to me personally or to my voice recordings. I have over 200 hours of voice recordings that need to be transcribed, edited and prepared for me to use in my writing. We will do this together. I expect to learn how to write better from this experience. You must be able to explain the whys and how

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