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Sales People Wanted, Lucrative Opportunity

Were looking for sales people who are able to make phone calls within
the USA selling press releases and website services which we can provide the leads or you can do your own, This can be any business in the USA. This is a serious
opportunity for sales associates to make alot of money. Note: There are other methods to sell our service, whether it is face to face with any business or making calls. This will pay $45.00 per closed sale.

Kindly reply to this with your qualifications. I am
looking for a few people who are willing to do around 50-100 calls per
day. I need someone to close the sale on the phone, and I will
do the rest.

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Sales Person Wanted Immediately!

Job Description


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Sales Person Wanted

This project is geared toward those who love to sell things directly, and work on business development. This task will focus on direct sales of a product to businesses. Strong candidates will be natural at networking, building contact lists, managing a CRM and developing a product lead chain. Successful candidates will be granted a renewal on this project.

The requirements and success of this project will be judged based on both performance and ability to develop sustainable contacts. A successful candidate will complete this project by showing positives results within the time frame. Good results are 15 successful leads processed.

Please provide details of your sales and business development experience. Candidates with excellent English speaking skills only please.

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Sales Pro Wanted For HIGH Income Sales Job

We are looking for a full time sales person to join our team. You will be offering credit repair services to our clients. You will be working with a top credit company offering services to help customers repair their credit so they can qualify for financing.

You can research our company and reputation at

The credit industry is BOOMING and we have seen 400% growth in the last 4 months. If you are looking for a great, profitable, long-term, sales opportunity helping customers rebuild their lives, this is for you.

You will be paid a base per hour AND receive leads from us. You will be expected to work a full day calling on prospects interested in our services. These are customers who have solicited us showing an interest in our services.

You will then do a credit report review with them and offer our services. We will train you on the facets of credit, and show you how to read and review credit reports.

You will be working a list each day, calling and signing up as many customers as you can in that day, and logging all your work.

You will also have a script to follow. We have tested this script with thousands of customers to insure you receive maximum results and high closing percentages.

You should make 1-2 sales per day and you will earn $50-$100 for each sale depending on what level of service you sign up the client for.

You should be a fast learner, intelligent, good with computers, have access to high-speed internet and a phone line, have EXTENSIVE past sales experience, and prior finance and credit report review experience is preferred.

You will be hired for a two-week trial period. If you are making the sales you will stay with us long-term.

Apply today to get started!

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B2B Sales Reps Wanted!

We are looking for very good US based B2B

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Technical Sales Representative Wanted

Telesales Rep Needed. We hired 2 folks from Freelancer 3 months ago and we need more!

First off, and most important, you must have an American accent. We cannot use people with a French, Spanish, Eastern Europe, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern Accent. Even if you speak perfect English that is acceptable to an international call center it wont work for this project. We employee people from, many nationalities, but they all sound like they were born in America and thats what we need.

We are expanding our sales network into the recycling arena. We are looking for computer literate individuals with a clear accent (no regional dialect)(SEE ABOVE) to introduce our organization that has an 8 year reputation of being a leading broadcaster to computer and recycler businesses. There is no cold calling. Every lead will be an individual or organization that uses the internet to find and sell product and at least 95% of your perspective customers know who we are in the computer product broadcasting arena. We pay commission + draw. You will be given a protected terrorist and have full time administrative support available to you.

To see our artists workup as to what we are all about

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USA Sales Staff Wanted. $150 Per Sale

We are a start up internet marketing company with a new service that we are offering businesses in USA and Australia. We are looking for a number of people in different areas of the US to sell our service. Our service retails for $500. You will need to find the leads yourself. Experience tells us the best way to do this is to directly talk to the business owner or call, however emailing would also be an option.

We will train you on how best to find leads and who you should market to. To continue working with us you must make at least 1 sale per week.

At $150 a sale you only need to make a couple of sales a week to make this worthwile. You need to have excellent communication skills and be confident speaking to business owners.

Having your own laptop with internet connection would be ideal so that you can show business owners what we do. However this isnt necessary. If you have other marketing ideas we would love to hear them. For extremely successful marketers we would be willing to offer up to $200 per sale.

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Test Master Software

I want to sale a Software which is very good for testing solution for any compnay and School.

sample will provided later.

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