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Protection From Nuclear Radiation

We are looking for someone to answer number of questions on protecting home and family from nuclear radiation.
Our questions would include, but not be limited to:
– how distant nuclear radiation works; why is it dangerous
– how the nuclear disaster in Japan can affect the US and the global weather/radiation levels generally
– ways to detect, measure and monitor radiation
– quick ways to protect your family and house from a distance source of radiation
– natural ways to protect from short, medium and long term radiation
– potential risks if not taking protective measures
– how radiation affects human bodies (short, medium and long term)
– how radiation affects the environment (short, medium and long term)
– common misconceptions; facts and myths about nuclear radiation

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Writing An Article About Make Money Online

I want an article about "how to make money online", about step by step to make money online / income from the Internet. Requirements:

1. Contains minimum of 20 pages (about 250 words/page).
2. Contains about 10 ways to make money online, such as with work at, file sharing, forex trader, ebay, etc.
3. All methods of how to make money online must be up-to-date at now, proved, and explained with details.
4. Unique and original article, made by humans rather than machines, excellent english grammar and spelling, no copyright infringement, along with images and illustrations.
5. If you are awarded and paid in this project, then I will have the copyright of the article.

Please bid with private message mentions about 10 ways to make money online (no need details, short descriptions, but understandable) that you will describe in your article, and how many total page in the article.


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Writing An Article About "Make Money Online"

I want an article about "how to make money online", the requirement is:

1. Contains a minimum of 20 pages (about 250 words/page) about step by step to make money online / income from the Internet.
2. Contains about 10 ways to make money online, such as with work at, file sharing, forex trader, ebay, etc.
3. All methods of how to make money online must be up-to-date at now, proved, and explained with details.
4. Unique and original article, made by humans rather than machines, excellent english grammar and spelling, no copyright infringement, along with images and illustrations.
5. If you are awarded and paid in this project, then I will have the copyright of the article.

Please bid with private message mentions about 10 ways to make money online (no need details but understandable) that you will describe in your article, and how many total page in the article.


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Private For Hash

I need to know different ways to change colors, vectors, how to determine how to match colors and the right types of text to use for the web, the best ways to place images, and how to use layers to create finished design (sort of how we were working through texts today). So yes basics of elements but also what to look for in designing banners and logos for web.

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Frugal Writer

Im looking for 10 articles about saving money. The topic need to be something related to how US consumers can save money in their everyday life. The title of the articles should be "Top Ways to Save on XXXXXXXXX" and the article should follow from there. It can be saving on auto insurance, or groceries, or home heating, or … It would probably be best to write them in a list format, top 5 or top 10 ways to save.

Article requirements:
– 400+ words
– Unique content (copyscape)
– No spelling and grammar mistakes

If you bid on this, please send a private message that:
– starts with "XYZ"
– lists several ideas for topics that you would write about
– provides a sample of your writting

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Blog Writer For College Help Site

Would like a writer for my blog which is off of wordpress and is

This job is for 80-100 unique and high quality postings on helpful topics relating to college.

All posting are to be in draft and not published once given access. They will be individually approved to the agreed amount and if not acceptable it will be deleted or ask to be revised and not count in the total number. Topic examples are financial ways to save and budget even scholarships. ways to cheat are also in the site for like papers, math, or what ever but intelligent not simple like write on my hand the notes.

The job is simple:

Write 80-100 approved blog postings about topics to make it easier for the college student to get good grades and free up time and less stress.

If done very well then more projects could result with the winner on the bid.

Private message for more information and also include a sample brief post. as well as ideas you might have that make you stand out.

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Viral Marketing Expert

Looking for an experiend professional Marketing expert, not so called "gurus", with solid track required in creating a plan and executing a plan, has to be organic and ethical and verified to use a 500 facebook and turn them to 5000 real fans, using unique methodoly of viral marketing. The candidate should come up with ideas and proposals on ways to achieve that. NO to those who use unethical methods or buying facebook fans, or fans with no interest in the topic or any ways to monetize them later. The aim is to create a community around our site with only those who share the same interest and passion of the subject and those who will be loyal visitors to be able to be able to create a two ways communication channel with them. The outline is clear. Those applying are required to submit proof of similar achieved task.

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Selling 17 Medical Articles

I have some medical articles that are for sale. The topics include:
1.Coprophagia and Urodipsia in Individuals with developmental disability, autism and mental illness
2.How to determine contagious times
3. Secondhand smoke exposure may be a risk factor for chronic sinusitis
4. Psychology of a disorganized person
5. Good sources of protein for vegetarians
6.The truth about sugar and its effect on health
7.How the green tea diet patch works
8.How to monitor your nutritional health while on dialysis
9.Fastest ways to lose weight
10. The best ways to avert a cold
11. How you can de-stress by giving yourself a head message
12.Why temperature affects heart rate in ectothermic organisms
13.Causes of sprains
14.Why eating too much salt is unhealthy
15.How to know how much alcohol you can handle
16.Reasons why you should eat breakfast
17.Steps involved in following the first aid emergency action principles

I am medical doctor and the content there is excelent. All articles are between 450 and 500 words. As a batch they will come at $35. Selling individial articles is possible also.

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Copywriter For Landing Page

Im looking for a copy writer who can write landing page copy. The copy will be spun so it will contain many sentences and paragraphs. Id estimate the copy will need to be around 1,500 – 2,000 word in total.

Whats required:

> 1,500 – 2,000 words.
> multiple paragraphs and sentences re-written. (introduction re-written in 4-5 different ways. Body rewritten in 4-5 different ways etc).
> Quality content but generic enough that I can insert a keyword in various locations and the copy will still make sense and not be irrelevant.

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Email Collection .

Dear Coders,
i would like to have a new way of finding a real emails in my Country Qatar is there any new creative ways ??
as i heared that sniffing on ISP is one of the best new ways can any one give me a better idea or more details ?

i am ready to invest on this field .. hope i can get some answers on this project

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Site With Similar Concept To FML But Different In Many Ways

Site with similar concept to FML and but will be more indepth and will take a different strategy than these sites. Site must look very professional. All links must work and be user friendly. Each entry must be verified by admin before posted publicly onto site for verification along with many other modifications. Bidder must be highly trained and motivated. Excellent work will get many other web development projects from my company.

Thanks and Goodluck!

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Youristics – Know Your Friends, Improve Your Luck

The Purpose of this application is to let people know more about themselves and others and to allow us to share ways that they may improve their luck in life by meeting more people, sharing their aspirations, and connecting to resources that support those aspirations.

We can do this with a simple application that:

1) allows Droid and iPhone users to take my 41-question personality-profiling questionnaire.
2) pull results from our server (that can be updated from my end as our accuracy improves)
3) invite people in their contact list to take the survey as well.
4) allow those who have completed a profile to decide what element of that profile (if any) they want to be publicly viewable.
5) allow those who have taken the survey to compare themselves with others and see ways that they are basically compatible and ways that they are not (good for getting to know your friends better).
6) Allow us to post (and update) messages to profiled users once the app is running.
7) Allow us to categorize aspirations and post daily suggestions by category.

I have written the survey itself and the process for determining results. I can also write the various compatibility tables. Though there are 41 questions to the survey, the app should be written in a way that allows for adding additional questions in the future.

Features of the application should be written in a modular way that allows for turning them on and off and adding additional modules later.

The application must be light and fast.

Preference will be given to bidders who can meet the majority of the requirements including coding the app to work across iPhone and Droid (and optionally Blackberry); and who can design a fun and intuitive interface.

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FrontierVille Facebook Game Guide

We need an expert on the facebook game FrontierVille to write an ebook/guide.

It should be at least 6 chapters, ideally 8.

Lots of pictures of successful accounts showing impressive frontier plots and screen-shots of achieving high levels in the game and large amounts of gold.

Contents including:

A basic game explanation and game guide.
The most efficient/fastest ways to gain experience at different stages in the game (including gaining experience in early levels, middle levels, and later levels).
The most efficient ways/fastest to gain coins at various levels of the game.
The best investments in terms of different items to purchase with in game currency.
The best investments in terms of different items to purchase with Horseshoes.
Strategies for getting more wood/food.
Ways to earn Horseshoes without spending real money.
Strategies for advancing in the game for people that cant check in multiple times every day.
Ways to get more neighbors.
Common mistakes people make.
Any other game insights that help players develop advance in the game, build successful homesteads.

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PHP/MySQL Form And Results Page

Need a form that takes in healthcare facility data and then need to report on that data in a few different ways.

08/10/2010 at 14:47 EDT:

Need a form that takes in data and then need to report on that data in a few different ways (sums of certain columns, multiplication of two columns to achieve cost figures, charts, graphs.)

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Sales Agent Needed!

I am offering facebook fan page design service for offline bussinesses. Now I need 10 clients from any of these businesses:

1.Carpet Cleaners
2.Pest Removal/Pest Control
4.Taxi Cab Companies
5.Tree Trimmers
6.Real Estate Agencies
8.Boat Dealers
9.Computer Repair
10.Home Builders
11.Plumbers/Plumbing Contractors
13.Air Conditioning
14.Boat Cleaning
16.Security Companies

Therefore, I need a COMMISSION ONLY sales agent who manage to get 10 clients in a week, and the clients must pay upfront through PayPal (the clients does not necessarily have PayPal accounts, they can pay by using debit/credit cards). After I get paid, the sales agent will get paid, and he/she must has a PayPal account.

My service price is $250 for each client, and my sales agent commission is $70 per client ($700 in total).

My sales agent can use various legal ways to promote my service in order to get clients, either online or offline ways, such as forum marketing, email marketing, social networking, telemarketing, walk-in etc (SPAM is not allowed).

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I need someone to promote my Landing Pages.

This is one of the landing pages I need leads for:
Im open to hearing new ways of advertising the page, although I would imagine that embedding the links in adwords, CL, and classified postings would be the most effective.
I am open to hearing new ways to compensate the provider, although I plan on paying the provider a set fee for each lead that gets entered and double verified.
You, the provider, will know that the Lead is entered because I will set up an auto forward to your email address.

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Need Help From All People Around The World. Instant $20 !!!

I need help from people in different countries. I need to know ways to advertise to get people in job category. As example, local classified boards or any other ways how to advertise via internet.
I dont need to know obvious websites, like craigslist, careerbuilder or 🙂 . Need some clever and fresh ways 🙂
Ready to pay by paypal $20 instantly after discussion by e-mail: inanimateemolumentd at gmail dot com
Waiting for you 🙂

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Joomla Ajax Site Fixes

Im willing to pay $175-200 for this work, but it must be done by Saturday. I would normally pay $75 or even less for this work, but I need it done by Saturday. So Im paying more. Im going to choice someone by tomorrow so respond to your emails. Im likely going to go with the person that can start the work immediately.

The issue is that the the site www.reve(remove_this) has a reference adding feature. Its the basest of the site. Its for people who want a job. They can send potential employers to the site to show them references people have written for them.

Its been acting buggy. The references are not showing up half the time. There are different ways you can add a reference (listed below). So that might have something to do with it.

So thats what you need to fix. That issue.

Ways to add a reference. They all do the same thing in the end, but its just matter of how you go about doing this.

Types of ways to add a reference

(1) Registered Member – adding a reference directly through the site

(2) Registered Member – adding a reference through the Octazen (contact inviter)

(3) You can also add a user as a non-member. Say you were searching the site because you heard about it, then you found your friend. You try to write a reference for him and it ask "please sign up first". The nonuser who has not been emailed at all.

(4) While it could just be considered "going to a page and clicking write a reference" I wonder if there is conflict if you dont write the reference when you are suppose to when you are redirect to write a reference"

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Cover Design For Reprint, 50 Ways To Put Christ In Christmas

New pdf print ready design based on current format: 6X6, 123 pp.

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What I need is 45 ways/tips for each of the following below. For each way/tip I need at least one paragrah attach to it describing the way/tip. The content must be original. (At least 98 percent unique)

1. 45 Ways to write great stories.

2. 45 ways to remember and comprehend anything you read

3. 45 Tips to become self employed.

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WordPress Expert,Thesis Knowledge To Review, Recommend & Fix

My website is and it has thesis on it.

The homepage takes ages to load up 30-45 seconds, I think I have two problems

1st I store all my thumbnails in photobucket as I this is how I have always done it and need to be shown how else to do it.

2nd I think my search facility plugin (top left corner) is slowing it down as has become bogged down with information. Hence I want to look at other ways of using a search in my site.

I have a lot of information on my site which is added to daily and would like to find out if there are better ways for me to display this information and organize my site.

I could also do with so basic seo

If you can look at my site and see a better way please start a pm with me and we can talk about it and your cost to do it for me. Preferably someone who can start very soon

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We Need Innovative Ways To Market Our Site

We are looking for the best and best price and most Innovative but most effective ways to get traffic to our site.
If you are a Specialist in the area of getting the word out and getting traffic to a site and getting true results then bid on this.
You should have a way to prove you can get traffic to the site maybe by giving us a 5 day sample something to show you are able to do what you say.
We are taking bids only on 90 day service so bid on 90 days at a time not a one time shot.

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Frelancer / Facebook /website Directory Site

Please quote for 10 hours of work so 50 = 10 hours at 5 per hour

I am looking to make a freelancer / facebook / directory site

I wish to start with 20-50 profiles of businesses and explore the ways that these pages can be linked and searched

I dont know exactly what i want but by been able to work with a good programmer i am sure i can figure it out.

I am looking to explore the ways social networking can be used in a business setting

such as feed back from a viewer on an estate agency showing

such as ways of linking different businesses working on the same project

ways of altering drawings documents so that all people working on the documents can see

ways of people been able to search and contact the businesses

ways of businesses and people been able to reduce costs , time

I need to be able to look at things quite visually so i would need to see the pages and suggest we put a link there and then need to see the page which was linked to etc etc

I am looking for a person or team to work with me a bit on this

it will take a lot of tweeaking and i will need a patent smart person to do this for me

so i would like a socal networking site / business finder

with a freelancer style bid for projects incorporated in it

can anyone help me with this

it will take time bt most of that will be me figuring out what to do next

i am looking to pay hourly rate of work

i am looking for a long term relationionship on this

please quote for 10 hours of work

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Eshop Website With Joomla & VirtueMart

Eshop website with Joomla & VirtueMart

I will be sharp and precise : A customer of me wants
a website for an adult store. I want to you to build it with
joomla/virtuemart to be able for me to manage and show
Will setup on my plesk server which is on ms windows. Will teach
my customer myself of how to upload photos, descriptions, edit
prices and manage orders. You need to install joomla/virtue to
work perfect and attach maybe a template, will see.

To get EXACTLY of what I have in mind please visit : (please replace 3->e and 1->i to visit)

Another one is like : (please replace 0->o and 3->e to visit)

Another one is very simple I guess
http://www.allb3ststore.c0m/ (please replace 3->e and 0->o)

The main categories can be top or left, categories, small thumbnail,
medium image, large for extra detail each product displays price, link
for same category items and more button for extra detail
on mouse over displays texts before click. The website described
above is a 100% idea of what I want.

Keep in mind that should be done to work with UTF-8 since will run in
a eastern-europe country. I suppose afterwards that could be easy to
manage, shipping methods, discounts by total, price adjustments
based on tax areas etc etc and only 2 ways of payment (paypal and

I need your offer to contact this weekend with my customer and give
him an idea of the main concept, and of course cost and time for
delivery. If agreed, will accept your offer of according freelancer, half
money for start and rest when we are on the slight finishes.

Thanks for your time.

PS If you can do this with zen cart or anything that suits you, its ok,
since I want to be in eastern-language frontend/backoffice and easily to
manage. I would prefer virtumart since I know better.

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IPhone Related Text Needed

There are two ways to store settings in the iPhone. On one hand iPhone app can store settings within itself or use Setting app. I need a text, which states those two ways and compares them (see ex. More details to winner. Attention! I am looking for serious writer, who can explore the problem and write an original text. No fakes, thoughtless rewrites or duplicates will be accepted.

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IPhone App: Special Calculator, Results + Picture Storage

– App will have 5 screens
– 3 ways to input data into the app, 1 on screen by user and the other two will be feeds from third party data vendors
– App will use the 3 data source to perform calculations (2 different calculation methods needed)
– App should be have a working screen for the calculations as users can add multiple calculations before getting final result
– Users should be able to store calculations and take a picture to use for the calculation
– Users should be able to view their stored calculations and send them via email (with pic)
– App must pass Apple review to be posted on the App store

More detailed information can be provided in private. I can also work on getting a UID completed to facilitate development.

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Facebook Auto Game

My company is looking to develop a Facebook game with many of the social gaming features of a farmville type game and also the competitive features of a Car Madness type game.

Ideally, this game would be able to to be played on mobile smartphones by accessing facebook through their browser.

It will be important to allow players to purchase additional game points (in addition to earning them through play) by 1) purchasing actual diecast cars from our web site 2) by purchasing virtual cash via paypal, credit card, etc. 3) by repsonding to advertiser offers.

The game concept will be revealed in full detail once the top 2 developers are chosen. Similar to Farmville, the game will be themed around adding items to a players collection and adding upgrades to items within their collection and lending a hand to fellow players and asking them to help you on projects as well. Players will be able to customize and dress their game avatar that can also be shown to other players.

In addition to the Farmville model, players can also compete with one another in 2 ways:

Server Decided Competitions similar to fights in Pirates Rule the Carribean and races in Car Madness. Where wins/losses are determined by each players score in various categories (i.e. experience, power, handling, aerodynamics, etc.)

Player Decided Competitions where player voting is added into the equation to determine winners in a different type of competition based on additional categories (i.e. Wow factor, Cool, Gotta Have, strength).

The time frame is to have the game running early 1Q10 and to add features, levels over 3-6 mths from launch.

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Site Promotion & Advertisement


We are a non profit organization helping the poor and the needy. We have our website, that needs to be promoted.

I would like to know what are the ways in which you can promote the site. I dont want any illegal ways, I dont want our site to be black listed. I want more number of hits and sign-ups every day.

I also have space for advertisements, I would need who ever is going to promote the site to bring in advertisements also. I would choose more than one winner based on the response.

I wont be doing escrow, payment will be sent via paypal once I get to see the results. This project is going to be a long term if you are able to complete the job successfully.

Give me the steps on what are the ways you are going to achieve these and also your best quote on this. We are based out of India and would want to market in the Indian market also.

The cheapest bidder with quality would be chosen.



Note : Bids without the keyword "RMT" in the PMs will be ignored.

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