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Business Card For Upstart Clothing Company

I am looking for a nice business card design with the same feeling as my website:

I would like to use the Vintage Wear logo idea of the orange scripted text, and would like an old vaudeville feel to the cards… something that feels vintage when passed out.

It will end up being a double-sided, full color card, so any creative ideas are welcome.

The full name of the company is Vintage Wear Clothing Company, and our tagline is.. Putting the Super Back In Superficial.

Thank you!

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African Wear For Men And Women

Design, sample, cost, illustrate and present the range. Most of the designs are already in house, so good product development skills are highly required. Project can include supplying wedding outfits to creating the brides dress.

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3D Animation – Women Wear

A 3D animation with lenght of 3 mins will be created. A woman siluette will be appear on the scene on an LCD screen and she is trying dresses in a tria-room in a women-wear shop. And the story will continue like that. The animation will be used in a women-wear shop. There will be a LCD display behind a mirror. When she touches the screen then the animation will start. When the customer decides it will send a photo to Facebook, twit…

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Baby Wear Design & Catalogue

Design baby wear based on description and specifications, including prints (fabric) design. Total number of designs up to 10 (examples include bodysuits, sleepsuits, pyjamas etc), with variations on prints. Final outcome, a nicely presented catalogue. Need the job done quickly. Pictures and detailed instructions to follow will be provided. Creativity and previous experience would be a plus but not a must.

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Wear Our T-shirt And Take A Photo

This is a SUPER, EASY and FUN project.

Our company helps charities raise money more efficiently so more of the money goes to the people who really need it.

We are looking for a few people to wear our t-shirt with a group of people representing a charitable group or event and to take a photo and send it to us so we can continue to help more charities and people in need.

We will pay $3.00 US for each high quality, acceptable photo that meets the following criteria, up to a maximum of $30.00 per freelancer. We will supply the t-shirts for free. The photos must meet these criteria to get paid:

Step (1) Let us know where to send the t-shirts (maximum 5 t-shirts per freelancer).
Step (2) Find a group of people that represent a charitable organization in your area (an event or fundraiser would be ideal) and have them wear our t-shirts. Feel free to re-use the t-shirts with many different groups of people to maximize this opportunity.
Step (3) Snap a digital photograph including these elements: a sign for the charitable event/organization, the volunteers helping people and the people being helped by the charity. We MUST SEE our logo on the t-shirts in the photo. Smiling happy people is wanted in this picture.
Step (4) Send us the digital photo and get paid. Its that simple.

We need all photos turned in by 12 Dec 2010.

Please write " I understand the steps in the description of this project" so we know you read and understand what you need to do.
Thanks and happy bidding.

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Online Shop

Hi There,
I am looking for a web designer to design my web sit for a ladies wear online shop. A shop that will sell a very large selection of ladies wear and other accessories. The web sit has to have atleast 30 to 40 pages and the design it self needs to be attractive. We will need it to be scure and have peyment system on it.

Thank you

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Flash Customization

I have a business in designing indian wear. I would like to make a very similar portal such as

1) For the indian wear, I can give you the images if required. I can give you the entire breakdown on customizing it. There is no text that is involved but basically adding diff patterns that we have, graphics that they upload and changing the colors of it. I can go through the customization of it but it will be similar to the site above. Instead of just tshirts, its going to be around 4 different areas for men and 4 different areas for women.

2) For normal tshirt wear, I need something like above as well. give me a quote for both with the breakdown. This is something that needs to be done asap.

After customization, I would like it to show the final design. Also, I would like to add a few elements of the order so that i know the quantity and such.


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Web Site Design For Urban/Street Wear

New Urban Street Sports wear company needing a 5-7 page wb site. The selectee should be highly creative and possess
a strong sense of fashion in the urban streetwear area. Must have exceptional skills in SEO, HTML Flash. Will need to be able to embedd company video. Create a continuos musical loop. We will begin with 13 items 5 of those will need 360 degree rotation. All shirt and jacket wear will need one touch zoom ability. This will entail attention to detail and creativity. This project will need to done by 1 Dec 2010.

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Need Someone Who Knows FLASH, ActionScript, PHP/MySQL

We are wanting a program that you can gointo and drag and drop your items onto an avatar in a flash program to see how the clothes came out.
We are wanting the program to randomize the texture codes. for example if the picture is named HF_RD_skinone.png The system will then
randomize the code to say HF_RD_949405499.png or something like that….we want it to keep everything infront of the second _ then the rest
will all be numbers that the system will randomize. We are also wanting the system to automaticly send the code to their profile with a click
of a button. The website that everyones profile is on is just in case yall needed to know that. Also We would like it to
wear we can make another flash to wear all the outfits and items will go onto a screen on a avatar that others can see and purchase from the screen.
but when you purchase from the screen you must log into your account to buy items…. and so on….. So yes we do want a log in and all for this
program. if you need anything else just let us know thanks

What we will need is 2 avatars. one male and one female. They will wear the textures to show the designers how their items look also gona need 2 avatars
for the other flash screen so that all items will be shown on the avatars so others can buy from that screen.

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Temporal Webpage In Flash For Webshop/street Wear


Im going to have a webshop soon but would like to have a temproaly webpage for a while and would like to have it in flash.

You should have good experience in flash and a open mind for design and creativity, you should also have a good portfolio and show other projects.

I have the logo ready and it should be at the top.

The menu should include:


Layout inspiration can be get from

coulours: White and magenta

You MUST send a draft/sketch before starting to see if you are the right guy and the project should be done very quickly.

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I Need A Web Designer To Build Ecommerce Sites For Me

Im looking for a web designer to build ecommerce sites for me. must be willing to work for low budget. am looking for a long term web designer. also must be easy to work with and no attitudes. must be friendly!

I have a project right now that need to be done asap! it will be an ecommerce store with 100-150 products using paypal and merchant. needs a nice layout. the store will sell things like bridal wear, formal wear and dresses.

also customer must be able to update site with minimal html knowledge. im thinking of using wordpress. but open to other ideas.

please send portfolio

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3-D Virtual Eye Wear Try-on Application


I am looking for someone who can build a Virtual Mirror web-based application to try on eye wear online for my web-site. The web camera would track ones face movements and super-impose a frame onto it.

It should be based on the web so the customer does not need to download additional software. The application should also be able to detect the pupil and fit the eye wear according to how the face moves.

It should include a back-end function so that administers can add or subtract frames in the inventory.

What is the cost and how long this project will take? References and portfolio of similar projects would be preferred?

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MMA T-Shirt Designs

Start up T-Shirt Line called Elite Kore Fight Wear is looking for a t-shirt design.

Inspired from Affliction/Extreme Couture And Tapout Designs.

Original Design Bid Should be no more than $50.

Tshirt must be branded with Elite Kore Fight Wear.

Get creative, be original.

Please submit mockup with bid.

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My Online Closet

We would like to make a website for our daltonic population at the Institute. We run a non profit institute for pre-business students and we have a very high population of daltonics. Because of their condition, they are not able to immediately differentiate between a best combination of clothes, and therefore arent proficient at determining what would be the best match.

Basically, John (the student) would input all his clothing inventory (his closet) into the website. In his account, he now has all the shirts, tshirts, pants, shorts, sweaters, socks, etc that he owns. He can access his “closet” and see what he owns, whats clean, whats dirty, whats been used etc.

The whole idea is that John would come to the website before choosing what to wear, access his “closet” and click on “get combination” to get what would be the best combination of clothes for whatever event hes going to based on those that are available in his closet. Alternatively, John can chose a shirt (lets say he wants to wear blue) and then the computer tells him what else would match to complete his attire.

We want to start this website with formal attire only to help those who dont know how to dress for formal events, interviews, etc.

The program would know when the clothes are dirty, if John tells the “closet” that hed wear something, itd go into the “hamper”. When he cleans them, he simply has to go to the “hamper” and select the clothes and press “clean” to send it back to the “closet”

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Banners Needed For Our New Web Site

Our company sells womans fitness wear, hip-hop, dance, zumba wear and urban clothing. We are working on a new web site now (see attached) and need 8 banners. Sizes are 270X100 (4 total),
737X170 (2 total) and one 195X195. We will supply the text.

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Iphone App Wear You Can Record Whats On Your Screen.

I need it to be similar to the snapshot feature.

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Infant Wear Design

We are looking for fashion designers to work with in creating new apparel designs for Infants (0- 24 months). This is an ongoing process and could be anywhere from 30-50 (ss010) designs . Compensation will most likely be based on a per design basis. Please contact me with any interest or questions you might have.

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Website design for bridal wear company

I need a professional looking website design for a new startup company that is hiring bridal wear. I only need the design, preferably in a PSD file so I can adapt as the client requires it.

They have requested a lilac background color and the title needs to be a simple gif animation which gives the effect of fading or sparkling.

The website will only contain about 5 static webpages with a few photos and content so the site could be a centered half page design.

Many thanks to all bidders

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New Website Template for Snob Wear Clothing Graphic T-Shirt Site

We currently just opened up a graphic t-shirt company. We are running oscommerce right now and need a drastic make over.

Our name is "Snob Wear Clothing" and we want to keep the theme of Snobish but funny site.

Please help!!! Our site is

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48 western wear articles

500 words in length each. Must be unique and pass a copyscape check.

I will provide details to the winning freelancer.

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