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Asterisk + AsterClick + Java + PHP – Real-time Web GUI

We are looking for a programmer that is familiar with Asterisk to help us complete a Call Shop project. The project will take advantage of Asterisk and A2Billing for billing users in pre-paid or post-paid mode (All configured by use/We have heavy experience with Asterisk).

You will help with developing a Web GUI where Booths (for a Call Shop) will be displayed in real-time. The purpose of this project is to provide the user with real-time extension status. Is the call answered? How long was the duration? When was the call Hangup. There will be some queries to MySQL after a call is hangup to query the balance (which is calculated by A2Billing).

***Please note that all you have to do is use your Java and HTML skills to grab the XML driven events from AsterClick – an Asterisk event vectoring program (Based on php – to grab the status of Extensions and display on the web.

The project will require you to create an Admin portal and User portal. Users sign-up is not required as it can be done manually in the Admin portal.

This is an immediate project. Please submit bid asap.


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Mobile Chat Application

I am looking for a mobile application developer to help me develop a mobile chat application.

I am a Computer Science student at Georgia Tech and need help developing an app. I have little experience developing for mobile platforms so I am looking for someone experienced.

The basics of this project include:
Chat using Socket API
Real-Time Notifications (Read/Unread think BBM)
Multimedia Sharing

Please message me for a more detailed description

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Amazing Web And App Creators

Redangels marketing is BUILDING a global team of digital experts who want exciting work…

Are you able to create FUNKY web sites which are social media based and can link with natural traffic?
Are you able to create apple or android Apps
Can you link blogs facebook twitter and adsense easily
Are you able to link 2/3 tier affiliate systems to our what we call electronic wealth sites?
Are you able to create great work on budget?
Do you use skype or gmail as we need real time access to you?

Do you have ideas we can share with you which can create money for all of us as we are happy to JV 80/20% with smart digital ideas people? We have Australian US offices and UK offices.

Please share with rob sharma how you can help us transform the world in 2011!

Chris Wakeford

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Easy Sales Agents Required

We are looking for offshore centers who can help us in increasing sales Revenue.Very easy sales no personal information required..Providing complete web portal for the checking of status in real time..with good and frequent payouts…


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HK Real Estate Website in Joomla + CRM

Im a commercial realtor in HK and want to have my own website like the following:

1. The search enginee is a must for the project. I was told that it must be connected to a database so that it could have real time search result. (data in "Data Base" file is available, 10 years not used.)

2. The website should allow me to change the properties highlight by myself by just typing and posting the photo my self.

3. The website should be SEO friendly. (i.e. I could update my meta tag and key words).

4. If possible, to operate with Sugar CRM is ideal.

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