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WANTED: WordPress & Web 2.0 Developer

We would like to identify a professional individual who specializes in website development, with particular expertise in WordPress programming and Web 2.0 development. Only the very experienced, with active, publicly available examples of work need apply. Based on a successful collaboration, we aim to continue working with a single resource for our ongoing website development needs. For the right person, this will lead to a long-term business relationship.

The typical job will consist of one or more of the following:


A WordPress template already installed on our server will need to be customized and tailored to the business. All required copy, graphics and navigation titles will be provided to you for programming a relatively simple (3 to 6 pages total) SEO-powered, conversion-focused website for a local small business, meaning for a specific business category in a specific local geography (for example, it could be for a

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SEO, Content Writing, Google Top Rank Expert Wanted

SEO, Content Writing, Google Top Rank Expert Wanted

Top 3 Google Placement for 30 keywords.

Website is a Job Board Site, limited to government Jobs, target market is United States.

Full details and keywords list will be provided to those who fully read, understand and reply to this project.

1. Full Site Audit of existing Website
2. Review Current Site Rankings in major Search Engines
3. Review Code compliancy & Inbound Links (Links pointing to our site)
4. Content Analysis and Modification suggestions for SEO.
5. Create Google Webmaster Tools, implement etc.
6. Identify keywords & keyphrases with Keyword Analysis and Competition Analysis
7. Site usability and overall visitor experience evaluation
8. Create Sitemap and integrate with Site
9. Detailed Site Audit Report with Suggestions for SEO Implementation
10. Write 25 to 50 custom articles each month and post to 500+ directories
11. Post to Facebook & Twitter to drive traffic
12. Manage our reputation
13. Update/ upload domain name, description, etc. on 500+ directories
14. Create and Broadcast (publish) a steady stream of content about our site.
15. Possibly create a custom microsite to help drive traffic
16. Submit site to all search engines and social media sites
17. Use advanced SEO techniques on custom microsite and all our content to increase search rankings
18. Submit fresh content regularly to online directories, review sites, social media sites, video sites, blogs and more
19. 100 PR6+ backlinks. Some websites must be PR7 and PR8. As many PR9 and PR10 as possible.
20. All links must be minimum PR6 or above.
21. ALL backlinks must be DO FOLLOW… ALL will be checked and double checked.
22. Text and Links MUST NOT BE NO FOLLOW.
23. Only backlinks from websites in English
24. No spam links.
25. No link farms accepted.
26. One link per domain will be counted so 100 links must come from different domains – different IP and Class-C IP
27. Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, MSN and Yahoo within last 30 days.
28. Link page must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other practices.
29. Page should not be excluded by robots.txt.
30. No links from under construction pages.
31. No sites which ask for money later.
32. No contextual ads sites, popups, intrusive advertising, etc. NO SPAMMING
33. No blog comment spamming, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups.
34. No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, Free For All websites, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.
35. All links must be ONE WAY non-reciprocal links from relevant websites.
36. Links must be static HTML links. Including the target keywords I provide in anchor text.
37. Links must be permanent, active, never expiring.
38. Links must be in text, no graphics and limit of 20 outbound links on the page.
39. No use of black hat software. Must build links manually at 5-7 per day and spread them over at minimum of 30-45 days.
40. Staggered deployment of the links is required over 30 days to avoid any penalties.
41. Detailed Excel file to be provided on a weekly basis with all linking posts URLs once work is finished to be checked before payment.
42. Will provide the anchor text you need to use and any other relevant information.
43. White-hat is crucial and required
44. Links that are not approved must be replaced by service provider.
45. Report requirements: We need weekly report from you to see the improvement.
46. Exact website will be disclosed to winning bidder.
47. Pease provide us the detailed SEO techniques you will use, and info of similar successful completed projects you have done.
48. Payment:
o 50% payment when our site appears in 3 top position of at least 15 keywords
o 50% payment when our site appears in 3 top position on all 30 keywords.
49. Type in HAPPY in PM before your bid.

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Wanted American VA With Advanced Degree In Writing

I am looking for a virtual assistant qualified to help me get my peace message out to the world. For example, I want help writing articles for the Korean English newspapers here in Seoul. I also need my 200 hours of voice recordings turned into well written text that will help make the difficult task of writing easier for me. Only I can write my PhD term papers, but a professional writer/organizer can prepare the material. I need a sample of your work using my materials (You may be the best writer in the world, but not with my materials. What is written must be in-tune with the same frequency on which I create, or it disturbs my mind and is useless to me).
I am an American with a degree in Philosophy, working for the peaceful re-unification of the Korean peninsula, and beyond. I have 100% content and 80-90% form. I need that 10-20% form that a professional writer can provide. I want someone who can explain to me clearly the WHY of English mechanics.
All work is done over SKYPE (with a mic).
$5 per hour-6 hours= $30 bid (That is all I want to pay to a complete stranger, as a job interview).
I want to see a resume.
I prefer someone with a background in philosophical and abstract thought.
Please do some research before contacting me. You can go to yahoo video search and enter hiig2 or watch some of the videos in my Video Diary called Tears for Humanity (until you cry) – Pakistan. Send me your comments on the videos as part of your job interview. Prove to me that you care and you will get my attention.

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Writing Web Content For Marketing Consultant Web Site

Hi i am a marketing consultant, i am just about to have my web site done , but i needed someone to write the content that will go on to site, e.g services that we offer, why use us etc.

so its for a marketing consultancy company
you will be writing everything that goes on the site with some information coming from me

i will give as much info as possible , but also you would need to do a little research on what marketing consultant / companies do

I will out line the services that we do and need someone to articulate it properly and straight to the point.

you have the


– SEO – e.g keyword search
-SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING , E.G Facebook, twitter, youtube etc (on how
-business planning
-proposal writing
-mobile marketing
-market research
-marketing startegy/planning
-email marketing
-web site
-copy writing

so you will be writing on a few of them and what or how a marketing person like myself will help this this areas

and all the content for the site


ALSO E.G our promise to you!!

so imagine a web site done with no words on it . You are filling it out for a marketing company


THIS should not take long and pls not bid a couple of hundreds dollar bid as would just be ignored and i would not like you to waste your time bidding as i know time is precious and wish not to waste yours. just i do not have time to write it myself .
i do not want to be rude so if you bid in that arena
hope this helps.

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Good Writers Wanted For Review Content

S | Research | Reviews | Technical Writing

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Good Writers Wanted For Review Content  

Good Writers Wanted For Review Content is project number 748879
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 07/26/2010 at 2:40 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

07/31/2010 at 2:40 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (8 reviews)



Please read all of this prior to bidding!

Only apply if-

English is your first language OR you have a perfect grasp of written English
You do NOT outsource your writing work to cheap low quality writers

What I Need-
Excellent quality articles and review content on products related to the cycling market.

I need 42 reviews – 400 words each
5 articles – 500 words each.

Total words 19300.

Must be 100% unique content and pass Copyscape.

Please send an example of your writing through PM, preferably a one paragraph review on a cycling product.

I am looking for someone as a long term writing partner so if the winning bidder provides great content at a reasonable price there will be more work!

Place your bid for the whole project.

I will pay UPTO $5 per 500 words.

All articles submitted to me, I will own the copyright.
Once payment has been made, you will not use these articles in anyway

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Webdesigner/coder Wanted


I need a coder/designer to do some work for me on a website I am currently building.

The following are required to be done:

1) Install CGI and FFMPEG on the webserver.
2) Webserver security workup (means measuring and install of applications to make the webserver as secure as possible towards hacker attacks and other threats). The webserver runs a newly installed Debian linux.
3) Make a domain point towards the webserver, and make sure it works. (We will change the nameservers with the ISP, your job is to make sure it works afterwards)
4) If you, as a designer, can work up an incredible skin for MediaWiki (shouldnt be too hard for an experienced webdesigner), this will count as a huge plus towards being awarded the project. This also means that if this can be done, we want a front page "incorporated" into the Main_Page of the wiki, and same with the payment gateway, as all downloadable files are stores in one directory which can be password protected.
5) Last, but not least, if you as a coder can work up a script that makes the Wiki process multiple files at once (preferably put into a dir via ftp first, then run a script that adds all the files in that directory automatically to the wiki) that would be very helpful. Such a script should be an easy thing for webmasters who have worked with content extraction before. It is preferrable if you have worked with MediaWiki in the past, but the Wiki software is very easy for experienced webmasters, so no background in that field is required.

It is very important for me to get this done as soon as possible.

Selected provider will be awarded future projects if this project goes through smoothly. We have lots going on, and if a stable coder/designer can be found, we want to keep that.

Just please make sure you can do this work before bidding.

To make sure you have read this, please write "I know what I am doing" in the subject field, or your bid will be ignored. This is to ensure that you are not a bot, but a person that actually have read the project details.

Max completion time is 10 days. This should be more than sufficient. If you need more than that, make sure you tell that in your bid.

Thank you.

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100 PR4+ One Way Links Wanted

NO ARTICLE or Directory Sites, No Comments, Sites have to be 4 Years old at least.

100 PR4+ permanent, one-way, relevant back links needed for a single domain. Specific keywords and corresponding page urls will be provided.

*** This project is for expert link builders only! If you are new to link building, please do not bid. ***

*** Please submit a couple of sample links with your bid and provide details on how you intend to achieve these 100 one way links. Bids without explanations will be ignored. ***


– Absolutely no black hat or grey hat tactics. We require white hat techniques only.
– Links must be strictly from:
Google PR4+ pages (home page page rank, iframes, other page ranks does NOT count)
Have BOTH Page Authority of 40+ and Domain Authority 50+ from ttp://
– Backlink pages must relate to our site topic
– Free one-way manual links.
– Maximum 1 link per page, 2 links per domain.
– No more than 5 links must be submitted per day.
– Links must be from English, language websites only.
– Maximum of 15 external links on the link pages.
– Links must be permanent and static html. You agree to replace any links which are removed within 6 months after placement.
– Text links only, no graphics.
– Link pages and our text links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
– Linked sites must be search engine friendly, established and fully active.
– Pages must be indexed and cached by Google, Yahoo and Bing within last 30-60 days
– Domains must be from different IP addresses and different Class-C IP addresses.
– Prefer authoritative domains (.com/.net/.biz/.org/.us/.gov/.edu/)
– Prefer high ranking Alexa sites.
– No article directories, link farms, forums, spam sites, web rings, gambling, or adult sites, or link directories.
– We reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable.
– Links that are not approved will have to be replaced by service provider.
– Reports must be submitted to us daily.

– No directory submissions, forum posts, article submissions, links from guest books, within newsgroups, yahoo groups, CL sites.
– No black hat and other unethical SEO. spam techniques. Only ethical work will be accepted.
– No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text
– No robots.txt blocking, fake PR, banned by Google, Yahoo, Bing sites
– No use of automated software or bots.
– No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, session IDs, etc.
– No link farms and link exchange programs or web rings such as,,, etc., no rented links, FFA sites, gambling, adult & porn sites, pharmacy sites, illegal websites, hate-based websites, violent websites, cracking or hacking websites, no blacklisted or spam sites, links from "bad neighborhood" sites (e.g. link farms, porn and so on), ping sites, etc.
– No scraped content, mirror sites, orphaned link pages, link schemes and sites overrun with contextual ads, popups, ads, sponsored links, intrusive advertising, classified sites, labeled links, etc.

Please use Excel Spreadsheet for submitting the link pages to us for approval.
– Date page is submitted for our approval
– Google PR of link page
– Page Authority
– Domain Authority
– Title of link page
– URL of link page
– IP of link page
– Number of outbound links from the linked page
– Date link is placed on link page
– Anchor Text used for the link
– Target URL of the link that has been placed on the page
– Date page is approved by us

We reserve the right to reject links if they do not meet the guidelines. Well escrow and release payment 25% upfront, 50% after 50 back links, and the remaining 25% after all links are complete.

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I looking for a writer to help me promote a business directory

Web Content Writing

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Auto Get Movie In SlutDownload.Com

This Is The project Help You Develope The VIDEO Web Like
This Project can get all movie in slut show in your web.
If you want to get the adult video Site . That is What You Need.
Contact Me Now …. And Get New Site ..

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Php marketing web


I want a full php website for ebook marketing

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rewriting articles- advance payouts

Hello bidders!

We are currently running an online business with getting out promotion for website. We had a big team but at this point of time we had many projects for web promotion. We want articles to be rewritten and we do not have much people out in our office to do the work.

So i have planned to hire some freelancers. I am looking for 2 people and can pay in advance. But i have some terms and conditions:

1) I would like you to rewrite a sample for me. The sample will be given by me and you will rewrite it.
2) It should be full of quality and should pass atleast 80% from copyspace. I will check it manually for every terms.
3) Dont try to fool me in any way otherwise you loose making money.
4) Once you are selected then i will make advance payment for initially 10 articles so that i am not in much risk.

Rewrite with your best efforts and if you can check the article for copyscape from your end then its good as well otherwise i will check it.

I want you to be very much fast in replying even after biding as i will not accept anytime. So place a bid and you will get reply from my end in minutes.

In total i want more than 2000 articles to be rewritten. Single or team of rewriters can contact me.

Happy biding!

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Web Content Writing For Zayad

Hello Zayad,

I am inviting you for this project as your previous empolyer has recommended you.


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Mass Web Marketing

I want to develop a wordpress site according to the template image

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