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Asterisk + AsterClick + Java + PHP – Real-time Web GUI

We are looking for a programmer that is familiar with Asterisk to help us complete a Call Shop project. The project will take advantage of Asterisk and A2Billing for billing users in pre-paid or post-paid mode (All configured by use/We have heavy experience with Asterisk).

You will help with developing a Web GUI where Booths (for a Call Shop) will be displayed in real-time. The purpose of this project is to provide the user with real-time extension status. Is the call answered? How long was the duration? When was the call Hangup. There will be some queries to MySQL after a call is hangup to query the balance (which is calculated by A2Billing).

***Please note that all you have to do is use your Java and HTML skills to grab the XML driven events from AsterClick – an Asterisk event vectoring program (Based on php – to grab the status of Extensions and display on the web.

The project will require you to create an Admin portal and User portal. Users sign-up is not required as it can be done manually in the Admin portal.

This is an immediate project. Please submit bid asap.


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Real-time Availability Checker

Dear Freelancers,

I am looking for a very fast & efficient programmer, who can deliver this project in two days time. The premises is simple:

The program will serve a hotel. Its target is to maximise efficiency for travellers interested in booking a room.
The reservation office of this hotel is flooded with online express requests, for example, each time a costumer takes the time to fill out this form ( and there are no rooms available for booking, there is a waste of time and resources.

Here is what I require:

-A very small website applet that lets the user fill out these following forms:

Date of Arrival:
Date of Departure:
Persons travelling:
Room Category:

Check availability

-Once the user has filled out the forms and presses check availability, he is taken to a "please wait" screen. These values should be submitted to a desktop JAVA client, running offline in the reservation office. The reservation office is then prompted to either decline or accept this request in real time. Also the reservation office is able to post a message during the verification process.

-If it takes longer than one minute to accept/decline the request, the user is encouraged to send an email to the reservation office, with these particular dates.

-Once the reservation office declines or accepts the request, the user is taken off the "please wait" screen and wether or not it has been approved, the user can then have the option to "request rates", which simply resends these values as an email to the reservation office.

In short:

– A small website (Filling out forms – Please Wait Screen – Accepted/Declined – Longer than one minute, user is prompted to send an email)

– A JAVA applet which accepts multiple requests at the same time. Allows the reservation office to decline/accept and give a short message to the website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. As this is a rather small project, I accept a max. bid of $250. For further details, please dont hesitate to PM me.

Maximilian Mackh

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Web Design

I need a basic website built that is SEO friendly. We want to show some products and offer available at In-Store. The website should have a professional look. The developers have to provide, source code (HTML or what ever used), images in PSD, CSS. We already have website up and running, we want to improve its look and feel. So please bid only those who have good on graphics work.

(1) Home
(2) About Us
(3) Contact
(6)User Login/Registration
(7)Adding Offers from users

We will share our contents with Winner Bid.

I must be able to edit the websites templates at a future stage so i will have to know the application web software your building sit with.

If you wish to be considered for this project please:
-include your website details
-include your website portfolio
-include brands you have created and logos you have designed
-you must be realistic with your time scale and you must let me know when you will complete this project in your bid.
-no milestone bids will be accepted, full payment will be issued on completing the project according to the standards we have requested.

This project requires someone who understands and master:
website design, html, js, logo design, graphic design, creating pages SEO friendly with all SEO tags, SEO pages can be indexed by search engines, also must be able to reduce website page sizes and loading speed, using div and not tables.

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Amazing Web And App Creators

Redangels marketing is BUILDING a global team of digital experts who want exciting work…

Are you able to create FUNKY web sites which are social media based and can link with natural traffic?
Are you able to create apple or android Apps
Can you link blogs facebook twitter and adsense easily
Are you able to link 2/3 tier affiliate systems to our what we call electronic wealth sites?
Are you able to create great work on budget?
Do you use skype or gmail as we need real time access to you?

Do you have ideas we can share with you which can create money for all of us as we are happy to JV 80/20% with smart digital ideas people? We have Australian US offices and UK offices.

Please share with rob sharma how you can help us transform the world in 2011!

Chris Wakeford

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Post To Classifieds – Real Estate For RENT Section

Must be able to post to real estate for rent section of major classified ad posting services. Specifically C..L..
posting to this section requires specific know-how and technical expertise…
please do not apply unless you already are successfully posting in this section

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Web Design + Promo

To all bidders who understand new techniques in auto cash flow websites.

I am looking for those who are experienced in building a website that will earn no less than $25 per day.

For those who do know these techniques, hosting is provided to place the site.

This is a test project and if it qualifies then there will be following projects that are fully funded.

The main goal is to create the sites and maintain the auto income daily. This is specific and knowing that there is no concern of how the sites create the auto income as long as it meets the following criteria:

* It must be legal
* All copyright belongs to me.
* Nothing that will get me banned from google, yahoo or any other site.
* Unique and not stolen content which I will get in trouble for later.
* I will require regular reports

Payment information.

I will pay you $250 upon completion* via or PayPal depending on the freelancers choice.

This project was ran one time before and it ended abruptly when 88% of the final payment was paid in milestone and the freelancer had simply disappeared.

Therefore, a freelancer contract and invoice will be created and witnessed by local legal counsel providing that payment in full will be met via or PayPal upon completion of said project.

If you do not understand this project and do not know how to create an auto cash flow website, then do not bid. Those who do bid, understand that the project will pay out exactly $250 and costs can be negotiated for reimbursement with receipts. Of course all hosting is provided by me.

* Completion meaning $25 earning from that one site for at least 15 consecutive days.

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Easy Sales Agents Required

We are looking for offshore centers who can help us in increasing sales Revenue.Very easy sales no personal information required..Providing complete web portal for the checking of status in real time..with good and frequent payouts…


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Web Design, Dashboard Creation, Check Out System

Store Front Page Text : Dont need this

Need for this Page: Contact us – they can enter contact information here including an email field where poeple can fill out a form and this is where the form will be sent. About Us – They can write something to explain who they are.
Add fields for Twitter account and Facebook page so we can have these link on the retail website

PPC / ROI Conversion Tracking: dont need this

Account page:
Everything on this page except Payment information since we do not pay out.

Order Services Page:
This is where the the reseller will order services. This page will be a form with about 20 fields where they can enter the details of the order and pay now button. We will store their credit card info so they dont have to enter credit card info each time. These purchases will show on the stats page. WE currently have 4 products that they can choose from. So as they select radio buttons it will change the amount "in the shopping cart".

Marketing Resources Page: Pretty much the same. These will link to pdfs We need this functionality built where it makes business cards and brochures. Add another page for "Training" where we can add training videos and other info.


This site will be something like But better. The pages will be:
Home Page
How it Works
Why Maps?
About Us
Contact Us

Add a left hand navigation so that we can add services in the future. The 2 services for now are Google Maps SEO and Local Directory SEO.

A heavy focus on design and graphics on the home page. I will have to discuss later, but basically it will be 2 images, one of the Google map highliting the placement and another is a diagram.

I would like to be able to add client example links, a twitter and facebook badge. similar to

I hope this makes sense in order for you to bid properly. We would be hosting all sites on Hostgator, we will install all new sites so it would be great to have this happen easily. Please ask questions and give an honest bid amount plus an idea of how long it will take.

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