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Website Design

Hi need a very simple website like this one
I will provide the images and the link to go with each image, plus the code for the search box.

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HTML Code For Quiz On

Im building my website on and want to post an interactive quiz that people can do that returns the answers.
It is a small quiz only consisting of only 4 questions which I will supply along with the multiple choices and answers.
Require someone to write the HTML code so that I can use and easily upload.
Required asap.

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Write Comments On 30 Blogs

This is a simple project.

We will provide you 30 blog list.

You have to read articles and write comment on those articles from the date project will start.

We will pay you $30 monthly for this project.

To get your comment approved, you have to read the article and must ask-question/comment on article which is relevant to the article. Then only author will approve your comment.

On average you have to post total 30 comments daily.

Example of comments:

Visit this website for watching an example

Who are eligible to win this project?

1. You must know how to comment on blogs/websites
2. You must know good English to understand the article and for writing comment.
3. Dont miss any article to comment.

We are willing to hire you as a permanent employee if you will work really awesome.

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Write And Design A Web Site

I need to built a Website, for a computer repair with these 2 services: remote support and onsite for USA. Have the be a google friendly website , using the right keywords and meta tags and tittle tags, with HTML , and a flash Banner.

10 pages aprox, I need a Logo too. The writting have to be using the SEO keywords and google friendly too.

Have a good bidding!


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Quick Design

If you know how to design and HTML code, bid here.
I got a quick design I will show to those who possess the skill in portfolio.,

So showing 3 examples is whats needed.

Bid high and get ignored. I you dont even have the details yet, its obvious
your goal is not the project, but trying to get rich off one project.

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Add Pop Up To Joomla Website

Hey freelancers,

I want to add a pop up to my website that is created in joomla. The pop up will include a subscribe us link (html code) and an image ( will be provided) in it. It should pop up when someone visits the website.

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Web Design Catalouge

Web design

In our web-shop we have different designs for our catalogue.
Our shop-system builds the catalogue using flexlist.

We want to have a merge between two of our designs. The design shown at

and the design shown at

At same time we want the

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Web Content/Layout Editor – Ongoing Work

We are looking for a resource to add to to our developement firm for website content management and maintenance.

Your responsibilities will be to work on our own sites as well as client sites to do the following:

– Edit, format and layout text.
– Take text provided from word docs/text files and attractively layout the content on a web page with existing styles or create new pages out of existing pages.
– Create/layout PDF files and/or word docs if provided raw text and images
– Create/layout powerpoint files from raw text/images

You should have the following skills:

– Basic-Medium HTML including use of headers, lists, fonts and other layout tags as well as creating/managing links.
– Basic understanding of CSS
– IMPORTANT! – Be able to efficiently edit raw HTML with OR without a WYSIWYG editor.

In short we are looking for someone with a talent for layout of content and can work with raw HTML with ease but ALSO can layout content in word, powerpoint ext – and has an eye for color themes, etc.. You should have web design skills in the context of layout of content.

To make sure you read this post in its entirety and understand the scope, send me a PM with the answer to this question. What is 1+1 equal to?. Please also send copies/samples of your work.

A typical task might be take this raw text and create a PDF that has the same theme as my website

This is a long term position, so please quote based on 5 hours of work for the first 5 hours we have already – and what your hourly rate would be after that.

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Web pages code clean up and verification

I need to have cleaned up (and set to W3C standards) 2 sections of the website (mainly 2 index pages). They were created with the older code and need to be updated per 4.01 HTML or XHTML. The pages have 2 frames (thumbnails – bottom frame and corresponding graphic top frame). Please see: – the border on this one needs to be removed and look like the graphics/index.html. This is most probably very quick job for a seasoned web designer. Code needs to authenticate.

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