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Website Home Page Visual Comp & Web Style Guie

Hi all.

I have a set of wireframes and a new product. I will be using BigCommerce for the implementation of my store. I have a developer who will help me with the tricky build parts but am looking for a designer to provide me with;

* 1 x visual comp of the home page (based on the wireframe layout & packaging design)
* A background pattern for the website (I have a pattern which will need to be manipulated for this)

* Colours (primary, secondary, tertiary etc and any acceptable shades there of in RGB, CYMK & Hex- these can be pulled out from our existing packaging)
* Typography/typefaces (this can be pulled from the packaging)
* Styles (colours, font face, colours etc) for page titles, headers 1-5, para, tables, links, hovers, visited colours, buttons, forms, etc – basically the CSS elements (the designer will need to make sure these all work together on the page)

I have an very rough mockup of the page layout already to give the designer an idea of what I want. This job is really just to refine it and specify the elements for the CSS so the developer can continue to work.

Thanks for your time

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Web Application


We are a Licensed Portuguese Travel Agency Norja Travel Services

We looking for a freelancer to build a multilingual application to include on our website, that allows to publish PDF files to our web server.

We receive a number of PDF files from tour operates with holiday packages that we want to offer at our website as PDF files, so we need an application, that when we upload a PDF to our server, we classify this PDF with the following filters:

Tour operator
Theme ( Beach, City, Snow, Golf,…..)
Price from
Price Range
Available period
Departing from:

At administration it should allow to add, remove or edit all filters if needed

Then this PDF would be included into a mysql data base.
This DB would include all filters.

We need a application that provides a quick way of uploading the different PDF files into the different categories.
Maybe a simple upload application with a drop down menu for every filter that has been previously included, like calendar to select dates, themes, and all the others…
At the time of selection if there is some new data ( for example a new destination ) we need a option to include a new parameter into DB.

Then after the selection of every different filter we would upload the PDF.

We also need a croon job in DB when the available period of certain PDF offer runs out, that PDF would automatic be removed from DB on expiring date

The front home page of the system would have dynamic menus ( By dynamic menus I mean a certain option would only appear if there is data to be showed ).

It is also necessary a search that allows users to see offers based on the filters:

Tour operator
Theme ( Beach, City, Snow, Golf,…..)
Price from
Price Range
Available period
Departing from

That would allow visitors to search and find the different PDF files offers.

So a client can for example search for a certain period, in a certain location within a price range.
This search would show a number of results of PDF files matching the criteria.

Then client can then make a short list of different PDF by adding or removing from short list a certain PDF, and submit that list in a contact form with:

Client: Name, Surname, email, telephone, mobile, best time to be called, preferable contact method, select travel date, if there is any flexibility on departing date, preferable country destiny and location, number of adults, children with ages, infants with ages, price range and a message text field.


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Content For A Medical Site

I need content for this site

You can take the material from this site and rewrite to be unique with quality.

Send me one home page as an example so i can compare and select the best with good price.

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Web DESIGNER Needed – NOT Coder

We need to have someone that we can use to design sites for us. We already have a good coder, but we need some help in the design area. Please show us some designs that you have done. If your designs are ugly or if your designs are obviously from a template, we will ignore your reply and we will not work with you again.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time. We have 3 jobs that are immediate, but we are looking to build a lasting relationship. Average "designs" will consist of providing a PSD, for a Home Page, a 2nd level and 3rd level design. I know most 2nd and 3rd level designs will be very similar, and most of our clients will only need 1st and 2nd level design work. Our goal is designs under $100, but if your work is amazing, we will be willing to go higher.

A good flash web designer is also needed for a restaurant we are working with. This site could be design and code. PM for that detail

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Home Page For Web Site (wallcover, Interior Design Company)

Site should be a little bit artistic with some images (photos or slide-show) which are correlated with the site purpose. I am prefer to minimize "sharp lines"; square areas; etc. However design should be "flexible" enough to accommodate changes in the main menu and page should be easy expand down without break the design idea.
I have a couple design concepts which I could show you to illustrate that. I need just one html page the rest of the site will do by myself, however if you have flash expertize then we could discuss about intro or other design elements integration.

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Joomla Layout Face-lift & Site’s Content Modifications

We will like for a talented GAFer to work in our joomla front-end upgrade.

This should be a very simple project for a Joomla Expert. We have our Site already developed in Joomla 1.5.18

The project will consist in changing the layout, and add some Extensions and display the current information on different way. (based on examples of 3 different sites, we will take portions of each site and integrate them in our site)

Also some content adding ( Content is ready, just need to post them in the appropriate modules)

Also add the search function within site.

Integrate google addsense

Integrate e-mail alerts

Integrate Polls

I will provide more details on the PM stage.

Please provide examples of Joomla sites developed before, The theme for our site is Job Portal.

Max budget for this project is $60 USD.

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Package 1

Package 1

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Web Site Development

Need a web site similar to with the same functionality, but with a different look and feel and less pages.

Pages I need:

Home Page
About us
Partner Program
Membership info

Dont need a blog.

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