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Joomla Webdesigner For Regular Small Edits/tweeks To Website

We are a UK-based coffee company with an existing Joomla website. We regularly need to tweak it a little bit, so are looking for someone to do little bits and pieces. Most of these take only a few minutes to take care of.

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Exquisite Graphic Designer / Webdesigner Needed

Exquisite and detail oriented graphic designer / webdesigner needed for ongoing projects. We have several live websites that need mockups and many ongoing projects that require a highly skilled and talented designer.


Please provide url links to your website or current design projects. I will provide Skype username with further details upon approval of your bids. Thank you in advance!

Skyview Media

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Professional Webdesigner

I am looking for a professional website designer to design a website for me.
My actual website has to be transformed in a better one, such as

I need someone with experience, who can keep his word when giving a time-line.This is an important project.

More details on bidding.

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Webdesigner Needed For Small Directrory

Hello dear bidders,
I am wantig a website with the content of
Also I would like to hire a webdesigner to create me a website similar to

I have a domain and I am being hosted. My website runs on wordpress (if that is any help).

My budjet is around £35-50 as i already bought hosting + domain.e

If you go to my domain:, you can see that i had hired someone previously to do the job and he did not complete it successfuly.

This time I am more weary and will carefully analyse the bidders as i do not want to get ripped off again!

If you think you can do this within 10 days with good quality work and within my budjet then please bid.

also I would like some samples of your previous work.

Happy bidding

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Savvy Webdesigner That Also Can Develope In WordPress!


I am looking for a very good designer that also can program in wordpress.

I have a lot of projects and need the right candidate to start right away.

Private persons only and location either US or Europe – no other location excepted.

Need someone that works quickly and dedicated.

I would offer work over longterm.


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Search Webdesigner For Webdesigns


Im a french webmaster and I want to create several website on gambling, poker, sport betting and game topics.

Im looking for a webdesigner who can create some simple design for me like.

We will talk about the subject by PM.

Best regards

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Im looking webdesigner to design my business website. Website is about search engine which we do.
Please let me your portfolio, price and time which uoy need to do this design.

Status: Priority.

If we will satisfied of your work you will get more projects to design. ( ongoing cooperation )

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WebDesigner / Graphic Designer Needed…

Just a simple website design plus a few business cards and flyers

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Creative Webdesigner Needed

I am looking for a professional creative webdesigner for redesign on one of my existing webpages.

If satisfied with job I will award more work. No juniors – designer must be very experienced and most importantly extremely creative.

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Webdesigner To Remake Our Usedbreweries Website

We need a webdesigner to redesign(remake) our existing website!

The bidder that will win our project, will get a zipped folder with more information.

In the folder " Image for background" you will find our background pictures that you need to use it in your new job.
For heading ,or for on the right site of each page as kind of background, you can use a picture from a part of a brewhouse.
You will find also in the zipped file, the pages of our current site.

Please send your CV with the websites that you have done in the past.

Best Regards,
Carmen Sava

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We Need A Webdesigner

We need a webdesigner to redesign(remake) our existing website!

The bidder that will win our project, will get a zipped folder with more information.

In the folder " Image for background" you will find our background pictures that you need to use it in your new job.
For heading ,or for on the right site of each page as kind of background, you can use a picture from a part of a brewhouse.
You will find also in the zipped file, the pages of our current site.

Please send your CV with the websites that you have done in the past.

Best Regards,
Carmen Sava

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Webdesigner And GUI Designer Needet

We are searching for our browser game a experiend classic webdesigner and GUI designer with imagination in the field of classic fantasy a la lord of the rings. (example pages:,

Your job will be to create a functionaly and represative game website (arrangements, html, css, and implementation of the engine) with the from us provided concept art, php code and javascripts, itd… and you must be capable to design a GUI by yourself.
example GUI´s (

asked beside skills:

daily available on skype (chat only)

Details on request! Plz add references of your work in you PM! Bids over 400 dollar will be ingnored….

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Webdesigner With Imagination Needet

We are searching for a experienced, creative wedesigner with imagination! You must be capable to do a unique website for us! (no joomala, drupal & co)

we ask from you:

reference projects

to participate in a mock-up to show your skills ( we will provide datas)

100% accessibility over skype (after asigning project)

more deatils after reviewing your reference projects…

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Need Fulltime Webdesigner And Developer For Ecommerce Site

I am looking for a full-time developer and designer for my ecommerce site. There will be a lot of customization involved and the platform is Zen Cart.

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Quality Webdesigner Longterm

Want a QUALITY designer to join me long-term for a variety of projects.

Must have good communication and respond promptly.

No tolerance for time-wasters and excuse makers. Lets get started!

$100 for first project. Show past work. If I like, more details will be sent.

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Webdesigner For Browser Based Fantasy Game Needet

We are searching for an experienced webdesigner with interest and knowledge in fantasy (ala tolkien, wow, warhammer)

The job will be to implement the engine & concept art in a representive & functional website. (game is browser based)

1. creation of templates
2. creation of game mask
3. creation of startpage and follow up pages
4. creation of buttons, borders, icons
5. support to the leading artist (midium experience in drawing is a must)
6. support to the programmer
7. ipmlementation of the engine in the website

plz no pm´s without reference projects and knowledge about fantasy. (this project is a beside job what needs to be done over a periode of 60 – 90 days ( few hours per day), as the concept art and programming is still in progress).

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Web Site For A Webdesigner

Home site for a webdesigner. Made in wordpress ready for use. I will edit it with my own content after it is up and working, and remove the dummy content. If you are not an experienced webdesigner dont waste my time or yours. I want to see samples of your work.

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Best Webdesigner Nedded

Hi All,

We are looking for some webdesigner to create websites for us. We are assosiated with Three MNC company and needed more than 4000 website as soon as possible.Each website have to be high quality and traffic.We pay $500 for every website.
If you intrested please make bid soon.


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Urgent Webdesigner For Ebook Website


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Webdesigner Needed For 10 Days..

We are searching web designer,who will with me for minimum 10 days and will do what ever we told them to do..?

If we liked his work then we will keep him for long time….

Skilled Required..

1:- Design should be professonal.
2:- Ability to complete 5 to 10 design in a day including CSS/HTML
3:- Code must be valid for every browser.

Newcomers are also welcome…But yes newcomers will get less price other thn who have +80 review..

Regards & Best Of Luck..

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Urgent Webdesigner Needed

We are an India based software company. we need quality web designers. (either company or freelancer)

Qualified providers bid and PM us.

your PM includes

1. Portfolio
2. your rate per psd (home page ) design and html conversion
3. delivery time
4. available time to chat / phone

Note: Now we are paying Rs. 800 – 1000 to our designers for home page design with html conversion.

we have more works, thats why we need more designers.


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Webdesigner – For Longterm Projects!


I am looking for a designer that would be able to do savvy website designs but also logos and banners.

There would be many projects that awaits the one with the best profile.

Please send me examples of what you done and also price expectations.


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WebDesigner Profile

I need a website for a web design and developer profile. The design should be crisp and elegant. There will be maximum 10 pages.

You can use black, blue, gray as a primary colors. Also please provide samples while bidding.

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Webdesigner Needed

Looking for someone who can help me finish a design for website. I need someone who can help me finish off the website with nice design elements.

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Webdesigner & Programmer

We need 2 very professional persons for ongoing business relation.


1) Webdesigner who is creative, skillful, fast and efficient and who can code for all browsers and MAC.

2) Webcoder who can do asp, php, java and make cms systems, webshops, scripts and the alike.

We offer USD 100 – 150 per website
We offer USD 50 to convert exsisiting website to CMS
We offer USD 150 for complete functional webshop

Our company receives many jobs on a monthly basis and we need such skillful people.

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Search A WebDesigner

I am a professional coder with many years of experience.

I am looking to partner up with a theme designer to create themes together.
You design , i code.
Thank for your interest!
Please remember this is for a partnership. Please PM if you are interested.

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Looking For Webdesigner Local To Central Florida ONLY!

Looking for a freelancer who lives and works in the Central Florida area ONLY! Need assistance to design multiple mini CMS projects. Looking for a disciplined individual who has examples of web designs they have personally designed and implemented.

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Need A Competent Webdesigner

I am looking for anyone that can design a website like (full traffic dot net ) If you think you can make a site like please contact me.

I need this completed within a short period of time,if you cant complete in 7 days or less,do not bid,you must be familiar with web2.0 and ajax technology.


To be sure you have gone through the site,in your reply add this,"i have read,2010 and ready"

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1 Frontpage Design Needs Creative Webdesigner

This project is for designing the frontpage of a site im working on.
I currently have a mockup done, made by myself – which im not satisfied with and dont have time to work further on – so im looking for a experienced and creative webdesigner to make a frontpage design based on the elements in my mock-up.

PM with your portfolio of recently done webdesigns. I would prefer a freelancer for this job, but im open for all bids.

Ps. I work in the webdesign industry and are very quality minded in regards of what I want.

The frontpage design will consist of the following:
– A header with URL and slogan
– 4 menu buttons
– Content area – which will consist mainly of input fields – for submitting data.
– A block with some info related to the input fields
– A footer.

Pretty simpel and straighforward if you ask me.

Ill PM my mock-up to the bids I find interesting!

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Project For Anishsahu

$120 to complete website admin data management steps and other problem due to original webdesigner sabotage of our website.

$30 for getting checkout working on website.

$50 for new bug fixing that was never done by the original lazy webdesigner.

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Webdesigner / Graphic Artist For Creating An Artist Website

We are currently looking for a creative webdesigner / graphic artist who can create a website for an artist (music). The main goal first is to get a dope layout.

If you can do something like this:


or even better, then send us your following information:

– Links to websites youve created, portfolio, etc.
– List of your skills ("only" graphic artist, or do you also know technical stuff such as typo3, PHP, etc.)
– Price range (we pay according to the service we get, higher budget possible)

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Webdesigner 2.0

!!Apply ONLY if you are from philippines!!

We need a very creative anf skilled web deseigner to design sites for our clients.
in order to apply You must :
know web 2.0 style perfectly
be very skilled with illustration
be very creative
if interested pm your resume with your portfolio so we can check your work.
We may ask you to make a simple muck up before starting.
Start your bid with "am your designer" or your bid will be ignored

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