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Clothes Shopping Webiste With 3d Virtual Fitting Room

Hi , I am looking for someone who can build me a website like www net-a-porter com . I also need some 3d animation virtual fitting room … you can see more at fits . me .

Payment through Milestone.

PM me and ill provide you more details about the project

02/12/2011 at 15:31 EST:

I also need multi language pack english / romanian

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Small Business Webiste

Private project

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Webiste Concept

Hello,I am looking for some bright ideas for the launch of the new website, I have the peoples who can do the technical work, like development hosting etc, What I need is the concept and the layout design of the website, I am still not sure about the nature of what type of webiste it would be, I have to develop it from scratch so I need the idea and desing both, or even I can work in partnership with some company or invidual, who is willing to work on the conceptual part and I will work on the development/ coding part.

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Im looking for a basic-moderate website to sell my consumer product. I expect decent graphics on my website of my product, however logos and details will be provided to the chosen bidder and i expect these details to be well integrated into the website design.

This should be an easy task for professional website designers.

Upon bidding please pm me the most successful website designs you have produced in the past for your clients.

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Webiste Admin Design

I need a design for an admin area for a task system thats currently used internally.

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I Need Promote My Webiste On The Indian Market

I need promote my webiste on the indian market. Only real traffic and user signups.

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Egpiste Photography Webiste

I have a current website.
I need to update the website and change the design to reflect a more modern, classy image.

Flash is not important unless i can be convinced otherwise.

I have new images to upload.
the copy will remain the same.

Minimalism is key and so is lots of space and white colour.

some examples are but not limited to:

I am not sure what information you require. is it best I wait for your recommendations and price guide before progressing?



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Redesing Small Sharepoint WebSite Wss 3.0

Redisign a small sharepoint wss 3.0 webiste to a more friendly stylish view.
The webiste ( is just basic sharepoint design and should be given a bit more user friendly look.
The deadline for this project is friday 5 of november. (48 H)

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Webiste Changes

Small changes to website

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Flash/Xml Webiste For An Artist

Hi Everyone.

I would like a Flash/Xml web site built to look and work like this one:

I will provide all of the content (also graphics and photos), but the site you build should look like one mentioned above, maybe using new graphic ideas but taking inspiration from it.

Please write PM for further discussion.
Thanks a lot for your attention.

Best regards, Andrea.

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Bookstore Webiste Design

I am looking for a website designer to design a bookstore website within 2 days , the bookstore will be used to sell books and thesis "PHD , Master " the website users will be academic person so we are looking to elegant and professional design , the design wil be used for two language "arabic and english".

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Webiste Design Expert To Design One Frontpage!

I need to someone to create one good looking frontpage for my website.I need this done asap and i need an expertto do it. Please do not bid if you don;t have a good portfolio or good reviews.Thank you!

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Redesign / Refresh Adobe Flash Webiste

We would like our website (created in 2006) re-designed and refreshed. 2 New links will need to be added on our home page along with some custom artwork. Provider should be proficient in Adobe Flash and be able to edit our template based site with custom artwork to make it look more unique. We would also like the form pages redesigned to eliminate some unnecessary fields. We prefer U.S. based providers that speak fluent English if phone conversations are necessary to convey our re-design ideas. We would like the project to begin within 48 hours of selecting the winning bidder. Please link to any portfolio sites that showcase your work within your bid.

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Flash Customization And Integrate Into My Webiste

I have a flash 3d Box build trough XML and fully editable, and I want to integrate into my website, and I cant manage to do this, I am not an flash expert, but for a person with flash experience it will be an easy task!
The flash 3d Box is this one:
And my website is this one:

And I want to put it on the laptop screen, I already made there a <div>!

I have everything that I need, just to load the swf and make it work on my website!

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Simple Webiste Needed.

I need a site similar to or Snorgtees. I want the exact functionality, similar design and I need it quick.

I prefer to buy it from someone that has already created a similar project.

I will pay a premium to someone that has it already done.

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Website Category Checker

Id like to have a website created where a user can input the address of a website and several filter will return the category of the website or ip inputed. An example would be something similar to this webiste

However, instead of just going through one filter, it should go through multiple ones at the same time and output the results in a neat and organized fashion. Id like to use filters that are widely used at schools and workplace in America and Europe such as Websense, Baracuda, lightspeed, K9. If you know a few more, thatd be even better.


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Creating A Incented Points Webiste And Backend Mgmt Tool

I need a unique similar script/website the website

I am looking for someone who presently has a working online backend management tool for a webiste such as this.

Please review and contact me with your experience and previous work. More information will be provided to serious inquiries.

Previous experience with incorporating sites with affiliate software such as Direct Track, Link Trust, Hitpath or Affplanet is a must.

NOW – if you are not available NOW, do not bid. If you are not willing to communicate with me via IM DAILY with status updates, do not bid. If you are not willing to spend the 5 minutes to look at at and understand what I need, and come up with a general idea of how to do it, do not bid. If you are a middleman who thinks you are just going to throw out a bid and then stall me while you try to find a coder who will do the actual coding for you while u middle a profit, GUESS AGAIN I have been thru that a bunch of times already and dont want my time wasted any longer. PRINCIPALS/CODERS ONLY. If you cant speak good english, do not bid. If you think I will pay you upfront, do not bid.

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Adult Oriented Webiste

I need an adult website for celebrities fake with ccbill incorporated.

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Webiste With Video Redirect And Social Bookmarks

I need a script for my website that redirects my videos to another page. I also need to add social bookmarks to the site. I then need source guardian added to my web host.

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Load And Install JSP On Webiste

Looking for someone to load and install JSP on website


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