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Illustration For The Background Image Of A Website

We are currently designing a website for ESL students. We want to do a site similar to (namely ) and and would need you to do the illustration of the background image. Since the site will be targeted towards ESL students, the main theme should only incorporate prominent landmarks of English-speaking countries. These should include:

– Mount Rushmore (at the top)
– Big Ben
– Stonehenge
– Sydney Opera House
– London Bridge
– double-decker bus(es)
– red telephone booth(s)
– The London Eye
– Statue of Liberty
– Hollywood sign

Other notable landmarks that you can include depending on whether you believe it fits into your composition:

– The White House
– Golden Gate Bridge
– Washington National Monument
– of course, your own ideas are welcome too

The width of the complete background should be 1600px; the height should be around 1600px; the contents of the page will have a width of 900px (background is centered on screen, like That means that you will place the landmarks around this area (similar to the mentioned sites).
We need you to provide us with the original files you used (.ai or .psd or .svg).

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Digital Illustration For Corporate Website

I am looking for a digital illustrator who has incredible skill in rendering a photorealistic landscape in a pseudo 3D way. An example of the type of illustration I would be looking for is like the footer of, though far more realistic and engaging. See also:

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