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Content For Travel Website – Egypt


I need help to make about 20 posts about the travel resort Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.
Written in good English.

They could be about a restaurant, a diving centers, a hotel or activites. So some research on Google will be necessary.

Pic in post are approx 600×350, ( 2- 3 pic pr post) that also can be set as Featured image.

You will get username and login to a wordpress site.

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Content Writer For Our Website

I need someone to write technical content for a website. It must be unique and pass copyscape. Ours is a software development and consulting company and we need content for the following sections of our website :

Services : Business& IT Consulting, Project Management, Application Development, Managed Services, Implementation/Upgrade Packages

Solutions : Business Process Re-Engineering, Fit/Gap Analysis, Corporate Financial management, Human Resources Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management, Risk and Compliance, Audit and Disaster Recovery

Products : Peoplesoft Frameworks, SAP Tailored Needs,Oracle Custom ERP Solutions, Oracle SOA Suite Integrations, Siebel CRM Solutions, Web Applications, Microsoft SQL Server Technologies

Industries : Banking, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Health care, Retail, Insurance

Please send links to some sample portfolio when replying to this bid.

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Website Require For Adsense

I am looking for an adsense ready website to be created that makes $35-60/day.
You are responsible for writing the SEO optimized content, fully configuring and updating the website. I would prefer WordPress/Blogger, but am up to other suggestions.

-NO black hat
– Select any NICHE – But except pharma, gambling and adult.
– Contain unique content with 50 post/articles that are not published yet.
– Must be 100% within the Google TOS
– Must be Adsense Optimized
– Traffic driven must be 100% organic (no bots or paid traffic)
– Should be able to earn consistent for at least 12 months
– All Content MUST be original and SEO
– All Copyrights belong to me from day one

I will pay the amount of bid only after I see constant income in my adsense account. I will hold the payment for 45 days until we are sure. No partial payments done. When project gets finish, you will be paid in full.

we have many projects, we are looking for long term business.

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Content For Plumbing Website

I need 3-4 paragraphs of unique content for the following pages:

* Residential Plumbing
* Service & Repair
* Plumbing Problems
* Plumbing Leaks
o Leak Detection
* Drain & Pipe Cleaning (Clogged Drains)
o House Pipe Cleaning Package (HPCP)
* Fixture Installation
o Tub & Shower Valves (fix, add or replace)
o Garbage Disposals
* Water Heaters
o Tankless Water Heaters
* Re-Pipes
o Cast iron to ABS plastic
o Galvanized to copper or Aquapex
* Sewer Camera Inspection
* Sewer Main Replacement
* Water Main Replacement
* Gas Line Plumbing
o Gas Line Repair
o Gas Line Installation
* Home Remodel Plumbing Service
o Kitchen Remodel
o Bathroom Remodel
o Bathroom Addition
* New Construction Plumbing
* Commercial Plumbing
* FAQs

Let me know if you have any questions.



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TheLajProject WEBSITE

I operate a non-profit organization, called the LAJ Foundation
i have recently bought the domain name for ""
and i am interested in having a website built for the foundation.

I like the design and outlay of

and i would like something similar that is, a neat flash webite, with basic information
"About us" "Project" "Donate" "Contact" "Blog"

I can provide the information needed for "About us" and "Project." For Donate, i am assming we will have to work through Paypal, and i would like the "Contact Us" Form to be similar to the Contact Form on the Blind Project website. The "blog" should link to our current blog —> ""

We would not meed a media page as yet, because we do not have grahic desgns and such as yet. I would also like for it to be easily edible in terms of the text content so we can make updates to the Projects section.

This is a non-profit organization, and we currently still in the beginning stages so i am asking anyone who sees this to keep that in mind. We have a small budget right now, but you could possbly be helping the next organization to change someones life for the better.

Thanks for your consideration !
Warm Wishes For the Holiday Season !

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Rewrite Daily News Content For Home/garden Website

I require writer(s) to rewrite 2-3 news articles on the home/garden industry.

For example:

You will need to source and re-write news articles to generate unique content within 24 hours of the news being published.

The articles should demonstrate a high level of grammar, punctuation and spelling (UK English) in order to streamline the submission process for Google News.

As yet, I do not have my website ready for submitting to Google News and require 3 months (approximately 100 articles) worth of content before I submit it. A couple of weeks before I submit the site to Google News, if you are capable, I will request that fresh articles are written (not rewritten articles) to give the site fully fresh content. None of the rewritten articles should contain any duplicate content.

I need someone for a long period (minimum 2-3 months), the more content you add, the more we shall pay for the work.

You should be able to communicate by e-mail on a daily basis if I need to contact you. You must also be available to write/rewrite home/garden news articles Monday-Friday. Working at weekends is a bonus but is not necessary.

Your primary language MUST be English or you MUST have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the English language to provide high quality news content.

You will be required to rewrite the news articles and proof-read before sending them to me by e-mail on a daily basis. If deadlines are missed, I will look for another writer.

You are bidding for one weeks work – ie. 5 days, Monday to Friday, writing a minimum of 25 articles per week.

Legal Note: The writer acknowledges full exclusive rights to the re-written article/articles you have written to be transferred to myself. You must not duplicate, re-use, re-write or publish the articles in any media (internet, newspaper, book, reports, etc)

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Website Seo

I am looking for a person to help increase the visability of my website.
Need help with key words, content and any other items to increase the website rankings

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Profitable Website

Hi there,

I need to build websites that will earn around $20/day.

You are allowed to choose hosting/domain name options.
You also will decide about design and SEO of the website.
Please provide full details of what you can offer by PM

The site has to earn about 20 $/day and it should do it consistently!

Also it should meet the following requirements:
– It must be legal
– All copyright belongs to me.
– Nothing that will get me banned from google, yahoo or any other site.
– Unique and not stolen content which I will get in trouble for later.

Payment information:
I will only pay as soon as the project is completed. Completed means it must earn at least 10$ per day for 15 consecutive days, with the possibility for growth to 20$ per day.

Please send me your ideas for a project and the final price on completion.

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Content For Coaching Website

Want a test page for a Training and Coaching business called Oak

Look and feel like Tony Robbins perhaps as a guide (although we only will have training and coaching for small business and Executives

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Travelers Medical Guidebook

We have written a medical guidebook for travelers. The work needs to made ready for printing and selling. This includes the need for editing and proofreading, for design of content; organized to be efficient as a guidebook, and for website design to begin with promotion and selling. If you have any of these skills, please contact for samples.

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Volusion Website Designer

This project requires the following, please do NOT bid unless you meet these qualifications:

Set-up a trial on
Choose "Simple" Template

Change the following:
Text Color
Text Roll-over color
Border Color
Import Content Text
Import Images

I will give the Layout & Color Details to the winning bid.

Please reference any Volusion designs you have completed in the private message.

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CPanel Tutorial Writers

I need someone to write tutorials about every single function in cPanel. You will have to write it so that non technical people will understand.

But I need it to be thorough and complete, I dont mind if you replublish content from the cPanel website, as long as you modify it somewhat.

I will give you access as a Author to my blog in order to do this

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New XML Content Management SaaS Website

I need someone to develop a new XML content management website from scratch that:
– Has a user sign-in with password function
– Stores XML documents for use by end users
– Allows end users to import and store XML documents and/or select default documents to add to their personal library
– Allows the end user to create, add, delete and copy xml documents to his/her personal library – to organize as desired
– Allows end users to search all XML documents within their library by key word/phrase and have the search results displayed in a Google-like fashion – clicking on one of the results would open the appropriate document to the bookmarked location (may use Google mini app)
– Allows end users the ability to create NEW xml documents by combining information (text, pictures, video) from several xml documents within his library
– Has a windows-type workspace that allows the end user to select multiple segments of xml data from several different xml documents and drag (IMPORT) each segment into a NEW user-created document (This IMPORTED data must be read from the original xml document source and must include a method to reference what document the data came from – such as a footnote.)
– Allows the end user to add/create personal notes in the NEW user-created document
– Allows the end user to publish this new user-created document to the web – with limited formatting
– Allows the end user to share this new user-created document with other users in the community through an internal social network
– Allows the end user to customize his workspace
What I already have versus what the provider will deliver: This is a brand new site. I need a clean design that is very intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to customize. I have several pages of information describing the user interface and functionality that is required will be provided to the winning bidder only.

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Specific And General Content For Bookkeeping Website

I am having a new website built and need content to go in it.

The website is for a payroll and bookkeeping business so would someone to do the following: –

1) Research what payroll and bookkeeping is
2) Look at the website and do the following
– Write content for the various and relevant sections of the website
– The content should be written in an SEO way
– Content for the different sections should make the business sound and look professional, friendly and make them look competent in the services they provide.

The person who bids for this must have an EXCELLENT grasp of the English language and literacy, and to bear in mind this is a UK based business.

Turnaround for this project should be very quick.

Input will be given as needed.

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American Content Writer For Website

We have websites whose target market is USA, we need American born content writer who can write content for websites.

We dont need articles, press release. We need content for websites.

Our website is related to weight loss pills and other health sectors.

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Photography Website

I am looking for an experienced webdesigner in creating a html combination flash website for phtotgraphy. I would like the website to be in html with flash in the homepage for the intro and the gallery. I would like the homepage to have a flash intro slideshow embedded in homepage. I also would like the galleries to be a flash slideshow also. I would like the homepage and the other links to be html to contain the content in webpage.

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Band Viral

Indie band need

1.- Facebook app:

Give users a download link with image
User must share and put application in a Profile box (promo image of Album cover to support band)to access download link (or action generate a news feeds)

(when someone clicks in application´s profile box in a friends profile if possible request to be fan of our page before access download)

image and download links must allow edit

we own images/links/host


2.- Facebook music player with share button code


3. Viral Page we require the 3step FBML code for facebook.

This code must :
Step 1 – Make them like page to view step 2.
Step 2 – Make them Invite All friends, MUST use force add all friends code.
Step 3 – View content/iframe website.
(only if its agree TOS)


4.- South american fans for our page (colombia, peru, chile only)
up to 200 new fans for a day

valid users, more than 20 friends, must be fan after 15 days.
15-20 years old


Please tell us what can you do and time needed
how many fans can you add (up to 200/day)?

We will pay you upon full completion, and satisfactory live-testing of each tasks. You can also bid for one project.

Please message specifications of what you will do



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Looking For Content For New Website


I am interested in advertising and collecting articles for buyers and sellers.

The difference between and this website, is that the articles are already created.

Businesses and website professionals looking for articles, reviews or anything else, can simply submit a request. Freelancers write content that is interesting to you and submit it. Freelancers can either write what they want and place it for sale or they can write to requested titles or Ebooks. Please submit your ready made articles to We take 10% of the sell price. If you are looking to advertise your links, please contact us through the website, for free exposure.

Right now we are looking for a few key writers to join us in this exciting opportunity. Write, submit and get paid. Its that simple.

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I want to get content written for an Astrology Website.

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Add Content To Gaming Website

Im the admin of a gaming website, and i need someone to add content to it (copy and paste with sources walkthroughs, cheats, etc) the content need to be in portuguese Brazil (i can provide with the sources)…

Ill pay according to the number of articles, walkthroughs or cheats you post…

Make me a reasonable offer, im willing to hire more than one person to do the job…

Its a very simple but mechanical job, all you need to do is transfer content to a joomla website…

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WP Website For Nile

Website design & functionality build.

Customized, unique theme built in WP.

Optimised & content inserted from old site.

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Scrape Large Content Website – Deadline March 14, 2010

For this exciting project you will be scraping a large content website.

Will ideally accept bids starting from $30.

We will give you the address of a website with ~7,500 pages.

For all of the normal content pages, you will need to:
1) Scrape the content
2) Result should be presented as CSV or SQL.
3) Parse content and save the following fields: title, abstract, keywords, body, category (some fields may not be available for this particluar content)

The resulting content must be free of any images and html tags, but must maintain spaces and paragraph indicator. For instance bolded text shall come in as plain text.

We are aware of several website scraping tools (Velocityscape/web scraper plus, etc), and are happy if you want to use one of them.

We are looking to complete this project quickly

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