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For Orginal Content Part V

I need 50 articles on business related topics.

50 articles for $75…

50 articles at 125 words each.

I will provide 50 differnet business related subjects. I will provide examples of what Im looking for. All articles must pass Copyscape, be SEO friendly, and NO plagarism allowed.

All articles must be written in GREAT fluent English, without ANY grammar and spelling errors

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I need someone to built me a website which is similar to this and to this

I will need you to sign off all intellectual property for the website, and you will not be able to use it in your portfolio.

The website has to look like the above bidrivals and contain all the same features.

Whoever wins this job must be capable and ready to dedicate as much time as necessary for this website to be built, we will be in constant communication. The job must be started later on this month and not now, I am flexible regarding when we start but once we do we must finish the job.

Thanks a lot please bid

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Writing Content For Website

I need articles written on different drugs. Such as statistics on Oxycontin pain pills being used by young males targetting major cities and provinces in Canada.

This would be an ongoing job.

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Tutorial Writing For Electronics Website

Hello Everyone,
I have an electronics website and im building a tutorials section dedicated to electronics.
I will be needing somebody to write me 50 tutorials related to electronics, such as interfacing LCD modules to microcontrollers,etc. I will need original work,complete with necessary pictures,diagrams tables,any piece of code required,etc.
You are free to choose your titles. I will need the tutorials in 3 distinct classes; Beginner,Intermediate and advanced levels.

Also,there should be a reasonable balance between analog electronics and digital electronics.
I would like to see much of interfacing tutorials,with good looking schematics and diagrams.
Should also include a few tutorials giving programming tips for microcontrollers like the PIC family, MSP430 family, the TI Stellaris family and the 8051 microcontrollers.

I will need the work to be written in excellent english, in a way to make it appealing to both professionals and hobbyists and make reasonable use of technical terms. Bidder should be in the engineering profession as I need accurate materials. If the work is good, i will provide more work! I will also consider giving work for making me electronics projects.

Happy Bidding!

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Copy Writing For Marketing Website

We are building a marketing website for a startup technology company. Our business model is unique and the marketing copy on the site needs to be smart and clear but not technical. The tone is approachable, clever and direct. We have some copy but it needs to be polished; this is both a writing and editing project.

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SEO, Link Building, Content Writing For Our Website

We need someone to do SEO for our website ( We want our website to be on first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for 40 keywords of our choice.

We have a dynamic website that generates the catalogue page from database and hence it populates Meta Titles and Keywords. We are looking for recommendations for On-Page SEO to improve:

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Acedemic Writing

Hello Freelancers,

I have got two different financial Academic report( word limit is 2000 for each of one) to be done within 1 week, is anyone there is good enough to do it.
No time waster plz, if you believe you can do it then hit the bid button.
My budget is £40 for (4000 word) for all together.

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Part Time Content Writer Wanted ASAP

Our company maintains a number of websites and we will be adding some more as we expand. Initially we are looking for a part-time content writer to produce articles for us on a daily basis. This is for an initial 6 month contract long-term position.

Here are the requirements and responsibilities as a writer:
Must know how to write original articles for internet publication.
Can submit a minimum of 5 to 8 articles per day (300 to 500 word articles)
Must have perfect English grammar and writes in a professional tone
Detail-oriented and submits on time.
Able to communicate via email and Skype (By Voice and Video would be nice but NOT required)
SEO background a plus

There will be an initial test period of two weeks, if you are successful; the contract then goes to 6 months. Payment will be on a per day basis, but paid weekly. You will be paid for the test period.

If you are interested, please email your CV/resume and attach 5 samples or links to articles you have written. Send articles of different topics/niches to show your flexibility as a writer. We will be screening and responding to qualified applicants.

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Want A Website Like Backpage Developed

I want to create an online classified site (Nationwide) similar to backpage

PM me the budget, requirements and time to develop.

Thank you.

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Earn $30-40 In A Day Time….writing 2-3 Line Survey….

Here is another oppurtunity for those who missed it…….now you can easily earn upto $30-40 a day…..believe me its true all you have to do is write CS passed surveys of just 2-3 lines…..thats it! you earn handsome money at the end of the day…..people from everywhere can bid because whoever bids gets a chance of earning a handsome amount…..
happy bidding!

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Writing Content For A Travel Website


We are a cultural tourism company in India. Since the writer must have knowledge about Indian culture, only Indian writers are invited to bid. First of all, a brief about our company…

The company was established with the vision of showcasing Indias culture to the world. We strongly believe that Indias true wealth lies in its culture and it can be a very good leverage point for the tourism sector in India. Therefore, we believe that India shouldnt be "seen", but "experienced". Also, by doing this we encourage tourists to engage in responsible tourism. Not to mention, this also contributes to the society by encouraging the people to keep their culture/art/traditions alive by turning these into a means of livelihood.

So basically, we would like to market our products (tours) as one which are very different from other tours as we let you experience the real Indian culture. Well be initially operating in Rajasthan, Punjab and Delhi region, and our target market will be foreign tourists visiting India.

Our requirement from the content writer is that he/she should be able to successfully (and subtly) differentiate our offerings from others. Also the language should be highly interest provoking. Our budget is around 100 Rs. ($2) per 500 words.

Other requisites:
(1) Speedy response, say 1 day per 500 words.
(2) People who write some travel blog should mention it.
(3) We may ask for revisions, if content is lacking purpose.

(1) If found suitable we will be propose a long-term contract with revised (upgraded, of course!) remuneration.
(2) We are also thinking of linking a blog to our website, so lots of work to be cashed on !!

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Regular Content Writer Needed

Article writer needed.

Regular work, must supply quality work on time.

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Copy An Existing Website Functionality.

H1i i need someone to build me a site exactly like or with all the same functionality the only difference will be cosmetic but it should work in exactly the same way.
Include in your PM how you will approach this project including your estimates in effort and time. Milestone payment 1.) working prototype and then 2.) full delivery including sources.

Thanks happy bidding.

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Website (sms Portal Like Way2sms Or 160by2)

I want to make a sms website.
which works like way2sms or 160by2.
deserving candidate please mail me
1) in how much time you will finish the work.
2) i want my own sms api. dont want want to purchase from any one.
3) the candidates who know how it works only can email me with there quotation.


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Blog Revolution

I need someone or a team who can build many blogs depending on my google adsense account which can generate 20 $ daily as a start in the first 2 months , then average of 150 – 200 $ a day , with fresh content and the revenue will be shared between me and you, 25 % of total revenue for you, this job depending on your efforts to generate income and you will get 25 % of this income , this is a long time job which will be increasing and i am ready for more cooperation with the person or the team who will apply

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Writing For Church Website

I need the content for a non-denominational church

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Website Redeign

Hello all, i have a website which is running well, however i would like to redesign the homepage, about us page and collection page, i have paypal set up. so only require 3 pages redisigning (templates), this is an easy process for me to do myself as Im experience in this field but do not have the time. ONLY LOOKING FOR LOW BIDS. as soon as completed -payment will be made.
it is a wedding site.
100% payment on completion.

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55 Articles For Website Content – Perfect English Only

You are bidding to write 55 articles to form the contents of web pages. These will be the main pages for a UK website, so perfect English is absolutely essential. I will pay up to $4 per article.

Do not bid if your writing is not as a UK native.

The pages are about car insurance and a few related subjects. You will need to do whatever research necessary, but there are only about 8 separate subjects, so many articles will be variations of the same themes.

Articles must be minimum 800 words, perfect conversational UK English, no errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation. Each one to be totally unique, and will be tested against Copyscape and similar. No repetition of phrases or sentences, even when covering identical subjects. You must find suitable angles for each article and the content must be informative and useful, not just waffle.

You will be given a keyword for each article, and this must be used to give a keyword density that I will specify.

I will transfer a milestone payment and pay for 10 articles at a time when they are completed to a satisfactory standard. I would prefer this to take no longer than two weeks. Confirm how long you need to write them.

Please provide several samples of your work as I want to see your writing style before making a decision. I will not consider you at all if you cannot provide samples.

Once paid for, all rights to the articles will be transferred to myself, so you may not resell, reuse, rewrite, give away or publish the articles anywhere else.

Plenty more similar work in future, so looking for long term reliable people to work with.

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Need A Website Like

I am looking for a programmer able to create a website like Please send me your quotes, portfolio and time frame for completion. The logo is already made.
Thank you,

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Website For Medi01 ONLY

Website project with different logos only open to Medi01 for the time being. Thanks.



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Reservation Website

Reservation / Queueing web site .

* Will have maximum 5 pages
* Some PHP/ Java based queuing alogrithm.
* Reporting ( Like how many were in queue and what time etc )

If you are interested then please send me your info , more details will be sent in private.


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Part Time Content Writer

-Need to be able to write minimum 25 articles per week
-Articles to be on any topic (not adult or XXX)
-Articles HAVE to be 100% unique
-Articles MUST be ezine quality and approve-able
-Articles will be either 400 or 500 words long
-I will pay $2 per 500 word article
-Articles MUST be delivered within 48 hours if only 1 article
-You must be online on either Skype, gChat, MSN 2 hours per day
-I will pay per article that you write.
-Preferred payment method is Paypal.

You need to be able to start this week at the latest.

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Ajax Content Slider – Adeelarshad

I need a simple – clean ajax content slider to insert my content into.

I should work and look like this one.

Sample 1 At

My content will come from a database query, and it will contain links.

I should be able to adjust the delay time.

I should also easily be able to adjust the size and styling.

Budget for this is $30.00 Max

Must be completed Today!

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Web Site Content Writing

S | Technical Writing

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Web Site Content Writing  

Web Site Content Writing is project number 661961
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Budget: $30-250
Created: 04/16/2010 at 1:03 EDT

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04/26/2010 at 1:03 EDT
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Redoing my whole website looking for someone to write for the different sections of the websites we repair computers iphones and laptops. I will give you a full list of all our service looking for someone who can put our services down in writing with a friendly salesy approach this is my first time posting a job like this. Thanks Aldo

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Need a Product Review Writer Who is Competent with HTML, PHP, & FTP

Im looking for a fluent English speaker/writer who can create HTML websites with PHP functionality(preferably with Dreamweaver), who also has excellent research capabilities.

What youll be doing is researching products and assessing their performance based on a pre-set method that Ive developed for determining accurate, unbiased conclusions.

Your research on each product will be summarized and professionally portrayed on a sort of

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Simple Website

The website is a simple website for a business. The site purpose would be to display the business information, products, career opportunities, and other items related to the company.

What you would use in the development would be php, action script, nice design is a must , and clean layout. Someone who could clone another website layout and apply to what I would need would be great.

I have a mid-size budget about $800 – $1350 so who ever can offer the best deal would be good.

I would like someone that could offer online communication during the process, and I would like someone that could produce the website in a deadline time of 5 hours.

Im new to this whole freelance thing so I dont want to use escrow or advance money. I would prefer someone that could work with me and after the first project down the line the use of escrow , and advance/milestones would be fine. Payment paid once the full working site without errors is delivered. I can use Pay Pal, I will pay the exchange fee for Pay Pal also.

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content writing for website

as discussed on mail. Plz bid

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Article Writers Needed @ $1.5/500words

Iam in need of 3 writers who can submit atleast 7-10 Fresh Articles everyday. Please note, that these are fresh articles only.

Iam willing to pay $1.5/500words and also would be interested in increasing the pay rate if the quality of the content provided is what i need.

I require only 100% copyscape passed content. I would prefer hiring people from UK, Canada or America. However, if you think your writing skills match the people from these countries, feel free to post.

Please attach a sample copy of your work in the PM. Also, iam not willing to pay more then $1.5/500words at the starting, so please dont waste my time. I will evaluate your performance after some time and only then will i increase the pay rate.

Please keep in mind that this is a long term project. I have various blogs of my own and also iam in the content writing business, so i need people regularly to outsource work to. So expect alot of work.

Happy Bidding.


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Content Writing (50 articles) for Webcont247365 Part II

I need more 50 more articles written on various subjects. The articles should be 500-700 words long including on topics covered in a private PM.

Ive worked with her and know the quality to be superior.

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Website content writer

I need a content writer in english for a real astate website.
i need 250 words for the index page and maybe 400 for the rest of the website. Please only contact me if you did content writing for the web before and know what seo is.

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