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Several Mods Needed For An OSCmax Ecommerce Website

1. Add dropdown menus for sorting by sizes, date added and prices to product listing page (index_products.tpl.php). Sorting by sizes has to be independent of other sorting methods and available size selections may not be the same depending on the categories selected.

2. Show total price amount and numbers of items added to the cart next to the My Cart navigation bar on the top right hand side of the website, i.e. My Cart(1) $20.00.

3. Need a crawler to keep my inventory in sync with the vendors. Each product of different colors and sizes from vendors website has its own unique attribute sku_id listed along with its price and quantity that we can extract and input to a csv file and then upload to the database where the existing table products_stock is used to control product quantity info of different attributes. I notice there are some web crawlers out in the market available for download, so I dont need anything more complicated than those. Any other better idea is also welcome.

4. Add option of view 80 per page to product listing page, currently only one option is allowed and is set to 20 via admin control panel.

5. Change the way search result is displayed. Current setting is one product per row, and I like to change it to 4 products per row just like the way products displayed on other pages.

6. Change the way color and size dropdown menu of product info page is displayed. Current setting will display i.e. "red" and "small" upon entry of the page and like it to be changed to "red" and "size", so customers will be forced to pick the right selection. Also, the available size selection should change accordingly with the color selected.

Some existing contributions might be helpful for this project:

Sort Products By Dropdown-

Quantity for Product Attributes Mod- – Since the total summary quantity does not automatically sync with the sum of attribute quanities, might need a way to reset the total quanitty, so no errors show from QTPro or Stock Report of admin control panel.

What I need for all the Mods except Mod #3 can be found from as reference.

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10 Articles Needed For New Website


I need an expert writer preferably native speaking, to write 10 quality articles for a new website.

Your article writing must be impeccable and of high quality standard, with no mistakes in grammar and spellings.

Articles will be for the blog on the site,

The website will be disclosed to the winning writer, with topic suggestions

You must show me sample articles you written before.

Articles will be roughly 450-500 words

Only freelancers with positive feedback will be considered…

Budget is $3 per article total $30

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Sellers Needed To Help Our Website

Need sellers to promote our website in various ways. Will give $100 for each sale over $1500 or 11% for each sale generated on jewelry and 2% on diamonds. Our exquisite jewelry pieces range from $300 – $2000. In your private message, I want to know how you will promote our site and expand our customer base.

Do not just say we will do it or some other generic reply.

Give a detailed explanation of how you will expand our sales and customer base.

We will give everything you need to succeed in selling our items.

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Webdesign Needed For Social Website

We need webdesign for the website
Right now you can see the site "as is" – but its ready to go, so it should be retty simple to do it as you can already see what pages there are and which windows open on click and so on. Generally, you can see the structure already.

Almost everything is there, except couple of features that are being developed right now (ill tell about them in PM, so that ionce you start you can add them)

Need that done within 5 days. Its really creative and not really hard project for high-quolity designer.
Thank you.

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Website Development

I need one shopping cart website to fixed. It has one bug in it. Its in Oscommerce. experienced developer needed no need to bid if you havnt any experience in oscommerce.

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Blogger Needed For Retail Website

I need someone with excellent writing skills to out out blog content over the course of one month. We have a retail site, which sells handcrafted unique fair traded items from all over the world. I want someone who can blog about subjects that are of interest to our audience. I can give more details in PM however this person will need to be able to take a look at our site, and come up with ideas on their own that they can pitch to us before writing the blog. For the month on February, we would expect to need about 20 blog posts, so please bid based on that.

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Creative Writing Reviews Needed For A Website In GERMAN

Ich suche jemand der Webseiten anschaut und darauf hin eine Bewertung (Reviews) fuer ein Produkt oder ueber sein Einkaufserlebnis schreiben kann.
Jede Bewertung muss auf Deutsch geschrieben und zwischen 150-250 Woerter lang sein. Gute
Deutschkenntnisse und kreatives Schreiben sind notwendige Voraussetzungen.

Bitte geben Sie in Ihrem Gebot an wieviele Bewertungen sie fuer den $-Betrag schreiben.(z.B. 5 Bewertungen fuer $50)

Payment over freelancer escrow, no exceptions!

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Dutch Member Signups Needed For A Care Related Website


Hi all,

I have a website similar to and Im working on getting new members. The website is about connecting careseekers to careproviders in a safe environment.

Im currently looking for DUTCH sitters, tutors, nannies, special needs sitters and tutors, home careproviders for injured or disabled adults, seniors careproviders, dog walkers, pet sitters, housesitters and housekeepers to sign up to the website. I just started building the network this week and I get an average of 4-5 signups per day. I need to increase this number drastically. To be more specific Im looking for 5000 signups to start with. However I am realistic and know these things take time. So if youre interested let me know how much time youll need and what your price is for 5000 signups. Also let me know how you plan on getting the members.

I have Dutch articles, Dutch job adds, a promo video and about 40.000 Dutch email addressess available.

Im currently doing the following to get members to sign up:

– I have 4 adds on a website similar to craigslist (Im getting most traffic from these adds)
– I have a corporate facebook page (however im not really active, merely uploaded a picture, discription and promo video)
– I have a twitter page. (Im not active)
– I have a youtube page, but no videos on it yet. will upload my promo video shortly
– I have hired an SEO team who will be working on my backlinks
– I will start a google adwords campaign within two weeks.

This is what I need:

– Im looking for Dutch people to signup to my website for free and fill out their profile.
– you have to be willing to give full insight in your techniques. I need to know what youll do, how, when and where.
well work closely together.
– All members must be real people…NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
– All members must be from the Netherlands/Holland
– no adult photos allowed!
– one photo or more per profile + a description
– All members should at least be 17 years old.

If you wish to work with me on building the network and do a good job, youll be working with me for months and months to come. I need you to come up with a solid plan to get me the 5000 members and we can work together on realizing it. I can assist you in getting things such as articles, videos, job adds etc.

There are more stages in this project. Getting the first 5000 members is merely step 1.

Payment will be milestone based per 1000 verified members. Place a bid for 5000 members!

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Signup Needed / Users Needed For Our Website Reall Users

We are looking for 200 eBay Sellers to be register on our eBay products selling website. And willing to sell our products on their accounts we will pay them 10 to 15% of each sales we will provide you full details that you can provide to customer before they sign up. Sellers should be From Europe only , Germany , France , Spain , Italy ,Poland , Austria, Switzerland , Ireland , Portugal Excluding UK that we already have working with us. We will pay $1 to $5 each eBay seller sign up depending upon his feedback score. The more feedback you will get more .You will get $5 if the eBay seller has very good positive feedback and willing to sale our products. The less feedback you will get less for that signup.

Requirements for Sign Ups:
* Unique IPs

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Banner Images Needed For Our New Website

Hi all,

We are just about to launch our new website, although happy with the content and layout of the site, we are not happy with the banners and need to work with a designer to create a consistent flow of images that depict the sections correctly.

In time we want to develop some animation on the site, but to get this project live we need to move quickly and get some professional and consistent images uploaded onto the site.

We are a cloud services business providing a portfolio of hosted communication and application services.

For those that feel they would be able to support this urgent requirement please email me directly and I will give you access to the site.

We need to get this project completed this week, sorry for the short notice..

Best Regards,

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Developer Needed For Ringtone Website

-embedded audio (to mp3)/ video (to flash and .3gp)/ image (dimension restrictions to fit in frame) converter needed
-familiar with dedicated server
-input validation
-database modifications
-syntax modifications
-familiarity with paypal api
-familiarity with sms gateway

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Three Book Cover Mock Ups

Photo shop expert wanted to help create 3 book cover designs. It means illustrating with images sent and whatever you can do. Little money, but great experience. They will be used as templates to go to self publishing runs, and on a website, but something professional needed, showing an image for front, spine and back. Someone flexible, creative and imaginative wanted who loves to show off their skill

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Creative Redesign Needed For Small Website


I have a completed website that needs a face lift. Website is a small, about 4 pages, and Im looking for the look to match the content. Right now it has bad vector art on it, but would prefer something customized (or royalty free). I have a video production website but I want to brand it more in an agency way. I would like the site to feel like an Ad Agency website. Google them to get a feel of what direction id like to go.

Must be able to make the website feel/look modern, fresh and current. Previous work is important.

If you have a good work, up for the challenge and can work fast, this is the project for you!

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Drupal Expert Needed Urgently Today For Website

Need Drupal expert to modify existing modulein mine website.
Please check attachment document for detail.
Need to modify Calendar module, Panel Module, Need Custom view[display] module.

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Highly Qualified English Speaking Copywriter Needed

Highly qualified english speaking writer needed for a web site about dating. This web site is with poor English translation now.

The job we offer include:

1. Re-write previously written texts. They must be re-written with perfect English.
2. Write in English new unique texts for our web site: About, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Copyright Policy

All texts that must be re-written are in one .doc file, approx. 80 000 characters (not words), 12 Times New Roman font.

Do not bid if English isnt your native language.

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Writters Needed For A Depression Website

Please read the project description thoroughly before bidding.

Hello, I current own the website and I need some help writing content for it.

Its a website targeted towards depressed users, where they are invited to write about their problems, and explain why they are feeling sad.

Currently I need 1 very creative person, who will write around 200 complaints for me on the website. Ideally, I want each complaint to be anywhere between, 50 to 200 words (its up to you), and they must all be unique and very sad.

Please see complaint examples on the website to get an idea of what you need to write.

Also, the ideal person should be very depressed, and who went threw a lot of negative things in their life, as I want the complaints to be very sad.

My current price is 0.15, to 0.25cents per complaint (depending on quality ), and as I mentioned above, each complaint should be between 50 to 200 words.

Thank You

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Writters Needed For A Depression Website

Please read the project description thoroughly before bidding.

Hello, I current own the website and I need some help writing content for it.

Its a website targeted towards depressed users, where they are invited to write about their problems, and explain why they are feeling sad.

Currently I need 1 very creative person, who will write around 200 complaints for me on the website. Ideally, I want each complaint to be anywhere between, 50 to 200 words (its up to you), and they must all be unique and very sad.

Please see complaint examples on the website to get an idea of what you need to write.

Also, the ideal person should be very depressed, and who went threw a lot of negative things in their life, as I want the complaints to be very sad.

My current price is 0.15, to 0.25cents per complaint (depending on quality ), and as I mentioned above, each complaint should be between 50 to 200 words.

Thank You

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20 Articles Needed For Niche Website!

1. 10 Articles written for a Gaming Niche website

This will be a job for somebody that has preferably experience in writing about or on gaming topics.

Articles will need to be 350- 500 words written with SEO in mind. (keywords will be provided)

Written in grammatically correct English

Some research by you will be required to write these articles

2. 10 Articles written for a MLM business

Fairly easy project

350-500 words per article with SEO in mind (keywords will be provided)

Topics will be provided

100% Grammatically correct English

3. Conditions:

I will retain copyright after payment

I will provide an article checklist to help you make sure that you have written content to specs.

Must pass copyscape, otherwise you will not get paid

Articles will be reviewed and will have to be rewritten if not up to standard.

Please submit an article written by you when bidding.

Type "I want to write your articles" in your PM so i know that you are paying attention.

Details will follow in PM about the topics and niche.

Happy bidding

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1000 US Facebook Fans Needed For Our Website Page

Requirements for the fans:

1) All fans must be real people located in the USA
2) All fans must have at least 50 friends or more and 4 photos or more
4) All fans must be aged 18 and above.
5) All fans must be active – have real status updates.

1) You will be paid after 10 days after project delivery
2) you will be paid only for those fans that remain active after 10 days.
3) Any fans that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for.
4) You must not acquire these members in a way that will get the page banned or suspended.

When bidding please include:

* Price
* Accurate date of delivery
* URLS with examples of previous Facebook fan page work (required, explanation of how it will be accomplished, no trade secrets, but general information)


The project has the possibility to expand.

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Slick Internet

– add drop down text box to 3 pages
– add 10 pictures to site (images are provided)

.aspx needed!

view website: [Removed by admin]


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Expert Needed To Fix My Website

Here is my website ((
I need to fix some issues to make it look better and faster.
I must warn you, the coding structure is so stupid and complex.
It is DB driven, has an Entry Form (Control Panel).

Make sure to visit the website before you bid.

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Expert Needed To Fix My Website

Here is my website ((
I need to fix some issues to make it look better and faster.
I must warn you, the coding structure is so stupid and complex.
It is DB driven, has an Entry Form (Control Panel).

Make sure to visit the website before you bid.

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Ad Needed For Lingerie Website

I need a creative some one to come up with a clever and innovative advertising image for my lingerie website.
I need an image that I can use as an advertisement for my site on digital media (other websites) and in print (newsletters, newspapers)

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Copywriter Needed

I have written articles about sex. The images will be like an art project, the language being in parts I think? The language being waved away from the gross to some balance for the reader because of the art direction! It took my ages to get something down on paper that was covering the subject, it being character based with the bold ego jazz male! being allowed in the dark night! the language again being in the shadow moving through (in the 2nd/last part)

I hope the 1st part is sexy and its a story about what goes on? even through its not my taste. With the images of rubber, dusty highway etc; the emotional unknown.

I hope to do this with a French girl who has written a book before, we decided to do this subject as it could be something really artistic!

Theirs things that are gonna be expected in the language, so Ive had to write fuck etc Im glad its over. Once I have something created on paper after the edits etc then it can be arranged with the visual forms! Its a challenge to create horniness from sleaze. Im not even sure I know how best to tell the story so far, I hope its fab and shocking after the rewrite etc. Then the pics can begin with the characters!

When you read it I hope youll have a sense of humor! I hope the work at the end will be very creative! classy, story like. This is how I see things for the characters. The whole thing is a good draft; order, headings etc, I have no ideas how to make it classy! Their will be poems added, the real love! Can all this be art? with the sexy, drama, rough and smooth… It might not need a lot?


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Magento Theme Needed For A New Website

Were looking for a professional Graphic Designer/Coder/Magento expert to create a design for a new electronics store. The design will include logo, a flash banner and full graphic customization of the shopping cart. The theme needs to be distinctive, include rounded corners and done with great attention to detail. All aspects of the site from the front page to the checkout page must be customized. We should be able to load the new theme on the stock installation of the latest Magento release. You will have to provide a mockup of the front page in order to be awarded the project.

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Writer Needed For Travel Website

Im looking for a reliable writer for a new travel website & blog. I will need 1-2 fresh articles every week. Quality is more important than quantity. I prefer about 500 words per article. If you are an avid traveler and writer, then please contact us. Grammatically correct English is a requirement. All articles must be original work, or rewrites of other work. No copies, I will be checking with copyscape.

Lets start with 5 articles, one for each of the following topics:
All Inclusive Resorts
Vacation Packages (Flight + Hotel + Car)
Last minute travel deals

$5 per article.

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Community Website For A Housing Society

BASIC BRIEF (Provider should help to fine tune):

1. The website should be a Simple website with basic functionality of

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Marketing/Sales Needed For Live Website

We have a live internet product for the hospitality industry which needs pushing for the Christmas period and beyond. For this project we are looking for someone to initially sell the product to 10 businesses as a proof of ability. After this we are happy to work on a profit share basis where every business signed up will achieve a 50% royalty on the first months if this project goes well.
The product was aimed at the British B&B market but is applicable to larger establishments and the English speaking world, at this point wed just like to get some sales so suggestions are welcome!
More details are available on request

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Modify Website

Modifications to website needed

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Copywriter For Forex Project

I am looking for an experienced copywriter to write copy for a Forex product. The candidate must MUST have samples of work to show.

The Forex product consists of an automated robot (EA) and signaling software. You will be provided with the necessary trades and account snapshots that product has achieved.

Also you need to keep in mind that the sales letter needs to cater to both a forex audience: those who may know a little about trading or even be total experts, but also to those that have never traded forex. Basically total newbie

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Female Blogger Needed For Niche Website

S | Reviews

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Female Blogger Needed for Niche Website  

Female Blogger Needed for Niche Website is project number 780050
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 08/28/2010 at 0:58 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

09/11/2010 at 0:58 EDT
(13d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



Wanted: Fashion blogger needed to write content for a female luxury shoe blog. I need you to write about the latest shoe trends, shoes that celebrities have worn, and/or discuss your thoughts on luxury shoe products from brands such as Louboutin, Manolo, Jimmy Choo,etc (if these brands are not familiar with you, please do not apply).

Each blog post will be a minimum of 250 words and must include a minimum of one of two pictures of the shoe in question. We will provide the keyword topics you can write on. Keyword needs to be used once in the title and at least once in the body.

Please only apply if you think you can meet the following criteria:
-You are familiar with luxury shoe brands like Louboutin, Manolo, Jimmy Choo, Brian Atwood
-You can write the blog post from scratch in your own words
-Blog post will be written once and never be used by you again
-Blog post must pass Copyscape Premium
-English is your mother-tongue and your use of the language is excellent
-All articles and entries must be sent already copy edited and perfect in Style and grammar
-Are proficient in navigating the WordPress admin
-Are able to submit 15 unique posts per week x 4 weeks = 60 Blog Posts (can arrange for more if work is satisfactory)

Please provide at least two samples of your writing and delivery time. Bid monthly as you will be paid for each month of work performed. There is potential for long term writing.

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