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SEO For Website


* Ill provide all articles, press releases, necessary texts.
* You may need to create new account/s. You will have to create all account using one email id and transfer email details to me.
* All submissions should be made on daily basis.
* Youll have to provide a detailed excel file containing daily submission reports. Use one excel file and update that daily and submit a copy to me daily.

I need you to Copy the provided article/press releases/text and paste it to those websites where you have submitted articles/press releases/text in your past work.

Submissions must be done by a human, no automated software. The article must stay on the directory and not be deleted.

You will need to do 30 submissions daily:
Directory submission- 10
Press release submission- 10
Social bookmarking- 10
Total- 30
Total (30×30) =900 submission in a month.
I can pay you every 2nd day for your every 2 days submission.


In your bid:
Please mention the quote for total 1500 submission.

I will hire in the future if quality job done on this project !!

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Social Network Icon For Website

Design icon for my website QSLogBook

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Social Network Site Like Facebook But With Adult Content

Hello, i want to own a social network site like facebook but for adult. The site will be like an social network site for adult all over the world to find love, meet swinger and other people also share pictures and video of their home sextape etc but i want it to be full with advertisement and run freely without too much hard work in fixing or correcting problems. I want the site to be colourful and it should be red, yellow, blue and grey.

I will be expecting your reply so i can tell you more of what i what from the site.

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Find Websites According To Specifications

The work involve searching the web according to specifications (the specifications change according to different tasks).
The search process is as follow:
1. You get specific task search terms or subject.
2. Search the web and identify suitable websites (I will specify limitations such as alexa rank, google page rank).
3. Check if website already in our database
4. If not add it (you will have admin access)
5. I will review and approve or deny.

You will get paid per approved websites.
Please give offer for 200 approved websites.


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Small Competition Website

A small 5 page competition website will need to be created which

will allow users to fulfil the following tasks:

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I am looking for an experienced, trustworthy and professional phpfox developer to work on ongoing features and customization on my social networking site. The developer must have experience with phpfox.

I would like to work with a team or individual who can work fast, has integrity can deliver sections on a daily basis until completion.

I want to fully customize the site, all pages, sitewide theme (css/graphics)
Custom heater and footer
Custom homepage layouts and design
Friends import..from fb, myspace, yahoo, and other social site.
member can choose profile skin: myspce like
Music page design, (mp3) like
Job posting and Recruiting. Able to charge
Appartment rental listing with capability to charge
Forum page redesign with member pictures when posting.
live stream tv capability. with different chanel. Just like a tv network with shows and all
Games, Location favorite place like
I am not looking for a template, please do not bid on this project if you are not able to get the work done, do not waste time.
Please bid right,…..
Please also provide references of previous work as well as your company/professional website with clear contact information about yourselves. We do not want any contact from agents, but direct contact with the programmers or the technical companies.

Please understand no payment or deposit will be made until work is completed.

you must have a phpfox licence.

This is initially a one time job although may become ongoing depending on the sites activity.

Thank you for your interest.

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Social Communication

Find out 250 social site friends

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Wordrpess Website Back Office Management Site With Template

I am looking to have a website built for me I have a mac computer and would like to fully edit
the site once it has been created "Back office management"
Self managed site with
sign up for Newsletter options,
I want to add videos and blogs and
links for events,and change the pictures and text at my leasure.

ftp wordpress required -or is dreamweaver better?
no sound or flash required
.I like the design on template monster 7768
some help with branding and logo design thx

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MySql Membership Database For Website

Looking for someone to set up a simple mysql database with member registration through our website and add a site search feature.

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Poker Rooms For Social Networking Website As FB

Hello guys i need poker texas hold em rooms game on real money if there is ready made is good as well i need the script for website like face book only for serious people design not required

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Oscommerc Website Fix

-my sites products were cloned form another 1 of my sites and some images are broken on the copied products catalog so i need it fixed

-i need seo url and seo header tags installed

-i need a section added to my index page so i can type text and news in a box ( i must have option to edit from my admin)

– after submit item to cart and press checkout i need it to go to checkout>create account>shipping page and so on (it must go in this checkout direction)

-edit all items on site to 58.99 except 2 categories

-edit shipping to 8.98

-edit contact us page contents to text i provide

I need all this done at $30 to $50

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Im looking for someone to build me a fully functioning style site

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Automotive Social Network/Database Driven Website

I am looking to create a social type site within the automotive niche. The project involves users registering and then uploading details about their car(s) including but not limited to pictures, modifications they have performed, times that they have achieved at various racing circuits and a personal blog. This information to be stored in a database must be accompanied by a powerful search tool for users to find what they are looking. On the social side users can follow other users and receive updates when the user updates something about their car, for example adds a new modification or adds new pictures. The ultimate aim is for users to be able to browse through this database to help them make decisions on the best way to modify their own cars.

The project can be built from scratch or may utilize an existing CMS e.g. Drupal or be built off an existing social networking script such is phpfox, social engine etc. If you choose the last option be aware that the script would require a lot of customization however it might be useful as features such as user registration are already standard. Please let me know which option your bid entails.

I have written out a much more lengthy document detailing the features the site will include and have included numerous screen shots to make things easy to work out. If you possibly interested in the project please send me a message and I will send it to you. Please DO NOT BID if you have not read the document, I dont know how you could possibly make an accurate bid with the little information I have provided you with here.

I envisage the project to be built from PHP/Mysql technologies however Im open to using other technologies just let me know what you intend with your bid.

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Data Collection From Website – On Going Works

Need to collect and extract data from websites
i will provide details.

budget is $40.00 per site

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Some Graphics On My Website

My website is . I need some advertisements ( or graphics ) 300 x 250 , 370 x 120 , 231 x 90 . I want these to match with the colors of my website. These are part of my website and will be instructions or highlights located on the front page.The one on my site says "get seen online" is something like i want but i want glossy standout eyecatching , you know.

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Custom Ecommerce & Community Network Site

An ecommerce site which allows other users to register & sell their own work.
Along with this, a separate social network building system, similar to Ning Pro (or using Ning Pro) seamlessly designed & combined with the main site.

More details to be discussed.

Specific, invited provider: PerCre

Thank you!

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Interactive Job Ad Employment Website

We are looking for a job website that will allow job seekers to signup for free, post a resume and profile, pictures etc… and also an area where Employers can sign up but will have to pay via ccbill for access to the contact info of the job seekers.

For examples of what I want visit sites such as and – I want our site to work just like that only look better.

Please check those websites over so you can see all the different features/aspects of the sites.

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Website -Online Education For Kids ( K12 Education)

Looking for Online Education portal for school kids from 6 to 12 th Grade. I am looking for any one who has already created a online education portal along with and type online teaching to students as well. Site should be professional and atractive. Ready to use content providers arr also well come for the kids online site.

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Oscommerc Website

I need the following template( cl0ned and setup on a new oscommerce store and after i will give access to another site i have so you can take all products from here and setup on this store…

$30 – $40

Anyone skilled?

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Website And Content Management System

The business is an agency who find "holiday homes" for dogs when their owners go on holiday themselves. the idea is that the dog gets to stay with another family during this time and lives in the other families house, so it gets attention, care, walks etc. It is meant to be an alternative to putting the dog in a kennels.

The website should be up to 10 pages max, and have a landing page with information about the service offered and then sub pages ( tabs / click throughs ) to various sections that will show dogs in other peoples homes etc , pages that will details specifics about the service etc. We also want it to have a message board page, a blog page and a chat forum. In addition it needs to have a form whereby a potential customer can fill out their details / request online and submit it to us for an enquiry.Ideally that enquiry will come to our email address and if necessary on to a blackberry.

The basics of the site should be straight forward and mainly centre around creativity and ease of use.

The second stage, which can be done from day one if the successful bidder can do everything, is to have a content management tool built in whereby we can capture all the information on the owners, their dog etc and then export this information to enable us to produce management reports. Ideally this would link into a calendar type function that would automatically place a booking in the calendar with the dog sitting families name along with details of their payments etc and any balances due.

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Redoing A Website

I need somebody who is knowledgable and knows how to use html5 and css3 ,I will post a link to visit some of the file that this web site has and perhaps you will get an idea what is this all about.
Thank you


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Template Site Required

I need a site designed along the lines of

All templates will be free to download so no on-line purchase function is required at this stage although at a later date I may add a premium templates section for which a subscription may be required). I need the site to host approx 2500 templates initially (I already have the templates) which must be categorised according to business type. I would like the site to display to the users how many times a template has been downloaded and a page created for the top 50 most popular templates.

Simple administration and a clean, up to date look and feel to the site are important. I am very much open to suggestions as to how to best layout the site for the best possible user experience.

Please provide details of sites you have created (URLs) in your bid if you wish to be considered for this project. On-going support is also required.

I hope to have this site up and running within 2 weeks.

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Social Group Buying Website..similar To Groupon

Require services of a professional web developer to develop a social group buying website in PHP that will function similar to other sites such as Functionality and technology would need to be inspired by Groupon meaning selling daily coupons/vouchers for local businesses – but only after min. number of coupons is sold.

Budget $1500-$3000 in 20 days completed.

Development of this project must be very fast & require developers with similar experience who already have completed group buying website projects.

1) Ability to post new deals with following info: deal info, end date/time, min/max order, discount
2) Option to share the deal on Facebook, Twitter or per email

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Knowledge Based Architecture

Certified database architect that can design the complete structure of a Social Network.

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Modify Template For Govind99

Modify template of site so title of videos of all download pages in:
– Products – 3D digitizing systems
– Products – photogrammetry
– Products – Polyworks

Are set using module hswvideos.

Titles must be set in different languages.


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Social Network. Need To Build A Web Site And Design Site .

Will need to create a website. Social network.
You get all the technical parts of this site.
I thoroughly everlasting what I need.
Examples of sites Ill show you.

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Consumer Searching For Businesses Database/website

I want someone who can create a consumer-to-business website with many of the same user functionalities as Dexknows or – essentially a database of businesses with basic information and links to sites, maps, user ratings, video capable, etc. I dont know the specific programs required.

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Swinging Website

Am looking for a website designer who can as far as possible emulate all the features found in the website
There must be a facility to amend which features a "free" user gains access to and again which features a "paid" user gains.
There must be the facility to upload pics and videos and for video chat, there must also be the ability for the site owner to give certain users "operative" status which would allow a certain amount of extra privalidges especially in the chat rooms.
Users must also have the ability to create chat rooms which can be password protected

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A Website For An Eduational Institute

Developed an website for a private class.It gives detail of various courses offered,prices etc.It wa moreover an informatory site.

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SEO And Social Media For A Video Website

I am looking for somebody to improve the SEO of my website. It is a 3 year old video website and here is what youll have to do:

1. Download videos from our website (I will tell you which ones) and upload them to YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo with our link in the description. Do this for around 15 videos.
2. Create Questions and answers on Yahoo! Answers and Facebook Answers, youll have to do this by using different ids. Create around 10 different questions/answers.
3. Create 10 free blogs on sites like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. I will provide you with the topics and youll have to create posts with some text (60-80 words) and links to videos. Each blog will have at least 3-4 posts.
4. Submit at least 20 videos from our site to social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg and Mixx.
5. Post comments on relevant blogs and discussion forums with our link. Do at least 20 of these.
6. Promote us on Facebook and Twitter by retweeting and sharing our links.
7. QA the internal links of the website and improve them as necessary. Identify what other spellings users use to search for the most popular videos and tweak them.

I am definitely also open to suggestions as to what else you can do within your bid price to improve the SE ranking of my website.

I am looking for somebody to complete this within 15 days of awarding the project. If all goes well and we get the results we desire, we may hire you for long term to do similar projects every month.

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