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Sport Website With Phpfox


i want to build social sport website, we have phpfox script and already installed .

i want to have in my website these parts:
1- champions
2- teams
3- matches
4- players – coachs – managers
5- articles
6- stores
5- video/pics

i already designed whole website with details and convert it to xhtml

i need some one to implement design with script and make sure that all parts connected together.

please provide me with your bid and milestone and duration and what you need from me.

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Design Website Header

Looking for a designer who can make a header for a sleeping bag site. The dimensions are 1000 x 165. My budget is $5-$10. Who ever creates the best looking header will be paid for the header he submits in a message to me and a long term relationship to create headers weekly.

Let the competition begin!

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Homepage Design For Nursing Home Website

[Removed by Admin], a division of Bottom Line Marketing Group, produces informational websites for small businesses. We have an immediate need for experienced graphic designer to design a creative, professional custom homepage design in Photoshop for a nursing and rehab facility. No programming required.

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Image Library Website

We require a simple site to be built to hold and administer an image library.
The main functions are:

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Header For Website

I would like a banner for my website by using our logo in the banner. ( in attachment )
the banner size should be 750 x 200 pixels.

the banner is for the website, and the website is about gaming, and therefore i need someone with experiance withing that grener.

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Design The Same Website Just Like This One

Hello. i am looking for an experienced website designer who can make a website just like this one.

after that, you have to tell me how to add new pages and photos.i have my own hosting and domain name.just need you to copy the layout and add my own photo to it.

anyone can start to design now i can send all the pix to you.send me the sample work.

my budget is $100.and you have to finish this project in 2 days.

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Design Job For Upcoming Website

Dear freelancers,

We need a new design for our nightclub event site www_gastlistan_se. (The guest list in english)

We need the whole website completely redesigned except for the logo.

If you feel that you have some ideas for our website, please make a bid.

No HTML/CSS coding, only design.

Further info:

*Web 2.0 design (simple, clean and fresh)
*Only design, no coding
*We require all rights of the design
*We require delivery in .psd and ready cut .png files
*Please give us reference of previous design jobs

Please send a PM with your ideas and thoughts, or if you have any questions!

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Basic Design For Multi-blog Website

Need 3 designs for a multi-blog website to use as different themes users can select.

Will need to basically produce 3 web pages showing the design. Ill be able to extract the necessary things to make into templates/skins.

Will be provided with business branding policies to work with, and the brand logo.

Need designs by 21st February.

Please provide with application some examples of pages you have designed.

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Image Design For Website

Hi Joel

Please find you project here as discussed.

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Image Streaming For Website

To create some code or lift from somewhere else, a widget to stream our images from flickr into our website. Its a regular html tabular style website built with dreamweaver.

id like the images to appear larger, formatted better and when clicked on, enlarged in some manner – but not to link back to flickr.

Not to include any logos of third party suppliers

A widget i can feed different images dependant on tags or something similar

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Design A Groupon Style Website

We are planning to launch a site that behaves similar to, and

Therefore please check out their site before applying, to get a better understanding of the functionalities and the appearance they have implemented, because our site will be very similar to that one.

The site should be based on the CMS Drupal or maybe you have a better recommendation (Joomla? WordPress?). We need to be able to control the site through an interface, with a secure login, so that an administrator can login. Please see for more details. Pls only bid on the project, when only if you can fulfill it.:

The website has to be SEO friendly and with Full Optimised CMS and functionalities.

Please send demos you may have.
Please send Portfolio.
If we are satisfied with the prototype, we can arrange a longer relationship for maintenance and additional features
No copyright laws or intellectual property rights will be broken by your development.

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WordPress Template 2011-01 – For [creativesignup]

Design one wordpress template + one variation of template for subdomains based on the existing design of the website.

Plus an <IF><ELSE> statement in the template code to allow multiple URLs to load separate css and header images

This project is by invitation only

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Affiliate Website

I own a website currently that refers members to another website i then get 30% commision from there spending for life

im looking to have a proffessional 1 page design , which will alow me to affiliate many other websites wiritng up a review about them a rating and linking to them.

i also will need the site to be in the top 5 search results on google and other search engines for the relevant keywords

currently im listing on 2nd or 3rd page of results and need this imrpoving



i look forward to working with you

good luck

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Design & Programing Website For Yahoo Group

i have a group in yahoo at this link :

i want design a special website smiler to this website:

from the website i want a special feature like accessing and fetching the emails from yahoo website. also, i want a design for the website and the emails design.
and calculation for members subject, members numbers, last subjects, most popular subjects, multimedia section in the website, and photos section.

there is any programmer can do this for me ? and how much cost and duration ?

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Nonprofit Community Based Veterans Organization

The Veterans Center in need of updating its pages with on overall body design. We have hosting and a domain, we also have the header for the website. We would just like for the body to be designed and to add additional pages.

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Website For BPOS (Microsoft Online Services)

I have a website created in Joomla which i want to create as a professional website for Microsoft Online services(BPOS). I want to have designed my website, create pictures, banners, videos and any thing needs related to design.

I also will be a part of the project to help with design and testing. Great if you also are familier with Online Services too, but nor required.

Design like these website will be great

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Think Networks Website

I would like to receive a proposal to renovate and update the Think Networks website

We are an IT services company based in Northern Ireland

We will create the website copy. Although I would prefer English is your native language.

I want the information that this there presented in a more attractive manner
I want to be able to update the pages and text myself – so perhaps wordpress is the best option?

I would like some graphical design work.

Currently I am using Mr – so if you feel that we can modify whats there .. thats ok too.

I like the existing logo.
I feel there is too much text on certain pages….although that is necessary to inform people.

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Re-design A Stock Market Website

I have a website that needs to be Redesigned completely.. Its a Stock Market related website so it should be designed accordingly.
I will give website URL in the PM so ask for it via PM..

Show me SOME of your previous work via PM!

BUT Before you PM Me.. have a look at following websites as a sample and grab ideas:

and more sites like these..!

I need a mixture of all these websites. Nice elegant and clean design.. WEB2.0 Standard Websites. If you think adding a gloss can attract customers.. do it, BUT I want what should be an appealing which makes my customers SIGN UP at once..

NOTE: PSD designer will be responsible for converting the site to XHTML/CSS proper W3C valid DIV based HTML. I will validate with W3C. both HTML and CSS. The site needs to be cross-browser compatible!

I am developer myself and I know how to code so I wont be hearing any excuses. I am over-burdened with work so I am giving this opportunity to you!

I also want a mock up.. a rough one before I can award a project to some one.. Propose ideas, colors that youll be using so that I can get an idea what you are doing. I dont want to waste your energy and my time on low quality designs!

I also require actual and factual bids.. no fake and out of reach bids!.. I know this project can be done under $150 so keep the amount in mind. If I find some one capable of delivering the content which I am looking for.. Ill select him/her and put some escrow so that you can complete the design..

Along with main page design.. I also want the designer to propose a proper inner site pages and log in/form fields so that they all can match the design..

I also dont want lots and lots of images loading (unless its necessary) which makes site very heavy (multiple requests to server) .. if some one can use Splicing for complete site….. that will be a huge PLUS!

ALSO.. the designer needs to be artistic so s/he can propose ideas.. This needs to be done before XMAS!

Any questions? Shoot them in PM!..

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Video & Image Hosting Website

1. Its is normally a private hosting website.
2. Only registered users can upload videos & Images in the site.
3. Its has both paid as well as (limited functionality) free service so a payment option needs to be integrated in the registration page.
4. Videos & Images uploaded by a registered user is visible only to him unless he shares to his list of friends.
5. A registered user can share his videos/Images to his friends or relatives by their id
6. Any format of video can be uploaded but it need to be converted at the backend using some decoders.
7. Uploaded videos can be of any duration up to 10 hours.
9. Its is basically like youtube but a private hosting website having
a. Unlimited video length,
b. Different categories of uploaded videos
c. mainly for home videos,personal videos and photo Albums.
10 Site should be in joomla with a very impressive appearance and latest technology stuffs like Ajax, and easing effects.
11. Recently uploaded videos should be shown to the user when he logs in to his account
12. Different search criterias are also required.(such as search by date, Name, Duration, Location).
13. Commenting to the videos & Images and writing descriptions are also required.
14. 60% Youtube can be taken as a sample Site.
15. Can invite known people to watch / download video and photos.

It is very Urgent!!

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Need Photoshop Expert

This is a simple graphic designing project. Please bid if youve good experience in graphic/ image design.


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Drupal Website Need To Complete In 7 Days

Please check attachment. And let me know. Initally you need to work on free theme. I will provide you design by monday.
The deadline is 27 Novemember. I will need day to day progress too.

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Design A Unique/visual Website

Hi Guys

I am need someone who can design a Comparison website.

I already have the comparison script, I just need someone who can design a great website.

I am using a script,which is installed on joomla/wordpress. The website needs to be different and unique and classy.

When you msg me please only send your best websites/I need someone who good a choosing images and can make the website/images come to life.

I dont want another typical website please send me your creative stuff.

Kind regards


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Website Update

Hi there,

We currently run an online store, (We will tell the website address to winning freelancer) and we are wanting to find new ways of keeping traffic on our website for longer periods of time and promote them to make a call or purchase from us.

One of the things we have been thinking is having drop down banners that pop onto the page automatically with some form of advertisement, it only needs to be a Jpeg image that can be linked to a particular page. I need to be able to have the drop down ads to be placed on any page with different pages being able to have a different ad if possible.

The plug or something similar.

Thank you very much.

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Modify My Website

This is my website-

Notice how 100% of this entire webpage is a set of images?

I need somebody to convert this into a site that contains text, graphic images, a video player with my real video that plays, etc.

I have never seen a site thats 100% images like the link above, I need somebody to keep the exact design elements but bring me back to normalcy with text, images, etc.

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Design Great Corporate Website

We are looking to have the following site designed using standard compliant php/css/html.

Please read specifications document closely (including section on outputs)

When you bid – please provide your best three design samples only (the ones that best represent what we are asking for)

Please ask any questions.

10/24/2010 at 21:35 EDT:

For some reason – it will not let me post specifications as addition to main project. Ive posted on project clarification board – please read carefully.

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Image Edits For Website

Need numerous simple edits done on web images in this product category on my website:

I want all the backgrounds removed, and made pure white, and the canvas sizes resized so that the original image on the product detail page is made a square in dimensions so all the items display evenly on the category page above. For example for item detail page the image native size is 209 x 400 px. This would be changed to canvas size 400 x 400, and the background cleaned up, and then resaved as a jpeg with exactly the same name as the original file. The finished canvas size is not that important as long as it is a square in dimension. Just make them match the largest dimension of the acutal image not the background.

I want to be able to upload all the revised images to my site and have them simply replace the existing images and not have to edit all the individual products so all the file names need to be exactly the same as the original. The file should be saved in a resolution good for clear display on the web and fast loading of the page. I want the page to load quicker but still look good.

The image dimensions should be made so that actual image is as big as possible in the square canvas. Some of the images will need some of the background removed to make this happen. This product is an example of one that will need the background made smaller to accomplish this:

Not all the images on the page need to be edited. Some are already good like all the letters on the top of the page. For example: The native image size is square (420 x 420) and the backround is already removed. That is how I want them all to look.

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