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Website Edits

We have got a website developed in joomla in which the front elements were implemented in Jooml. At the time of development it was realized that the predefined Joomla environment does not help in some of the features of site. The site (Admin part) was custom coded.
The codes for both is uploaded here.
Please send PM to us for password for the file.
We want the following done.
1. The front end has to be coded. We do NOT need the Joomla framework.
2. The front end requires a drop down menu system, manageable via admin.
3. The content in the menu linked to simple cms like tiny mce, manageable via admin.
4. The front page layout can be copied from joomla site.
5. Newsletter publishing to be managed via admin
6. Fetch feed from different sites.
7. Other activities.
Our estimate is a weeks work maximum for a talented programmer. Possibly lesser.
This leads to two more of our projects, that need to be coded from scratch.

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Website Hosting Transfer

I want to transfer my website into new hosting.
all you need to do is set up the Mysql for the contact.php and payment page.
these are the only two php pages in my website need to be transfered to new hosting by php developer.
I will do the rest of job.

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WordPress Homepage

Hi there,

Needing a developer to Customise a wordpress template to a predesigned layout, which we will provide. One page only, on an exsiting website. All images are provided.

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Dating Website

I would like to have an own dating website. Where singles people can match.
I would like the next things to be possible:
Message sending
Searching on various keys like ,hair color, age, place ect ect
a good profile page, wich can be customised by user
user login
user pay system
if need any examples look at:

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Final Touches To Our Website – Quick Job, Easy Cash

Our website needs work. We have a blog built on wordpress, a forum from simple machines forum and a custom coded of petition. All three functions are connected through the main site.

Work To be done:

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Search Page For A Products Website

Hello you all

I need you to enable an already designed webpage to lookup on the database and retrieve some products. I need the search to look onto several database fields, and need to provide filters (based in those fields) when the search is done so the user can go further specifiyng his needs. I need this done in codeigniter. Every keyword searched must be stored at this database, too.

Please just bid if you have the time to accomplish it this week. Probably will choose the bidder tomorrow.

Please dont bid more than $80. Less than this will be very welcome 😉

Thanks very much!

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Website Copy And Theme Modification

1. Copy existing site to new site (theme, settings and plugins- NO DATA)

2. Theme modification on site front page

3. Confirm URLs and links point to new url

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Quick, Small 3 Page Website (Very Easy)

Very simple website but would like it built so it has high search engine visibility (either some link building or something, however this shouldnt be expensive) It is a site for Free Automobile Towing in the Victoria, British Columbia area.

(I will require mock designs to send client)

Main Page:
– this pages just lists the phone number and services offered. You can pull the services offered content from the site samples below.

You can pull similar site content from these sites if need be. (stock images are fine)

Parts Request Form Page:

should look like this form

Contact Us Page
Should have same functions as this one

This is the competitors site, this is the site the client would like their site (the one you are building) to outperform.

I am looking for someone who can build a site that will allow for high visibility for a free auto towing company in the Victoria British Columbia area.

* Stock images is ok.

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Need 2000 To 3000 Backlinks For 44 Page Website NON U.S

I need about 2000 to 3000 backlinks for a 44 page website. The website is a witch / wicca website please check the website FIRST and then consider doing this job. I need each and every page to show in search engine BING and other main search engines. These backlinks should come from high page ranked websites or search engines, some can come from United States but most must come these other countries/continents; United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, kuwait, India, Australia, Canada, Saudia Arabia, Singapore, Estonia, Philippines, Germany, France so this is to 2000 to 3000 unique different websites. These are the main places that I would like these pages to be submitted to. I will give the person 3 to 5 keywords linking back to EACH specific page or url. Please contact me should you have any questions and for answers to any questions you might have.

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One Page Standalone Website – Customisable

Design and build a basic but customisable webpage to be used for advertising a house for sale. The Page would have the ability to slideshow some images and have links to three or four external websites.

I want to be able to customise things like the photos shown, background and text colours etc so I guess I am looking for a template that I can manipulate and then publish.

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Link Building

Looking for links, oneoffs or on an ongoing basis.
For scratchcard sites, also gambling.

scratch cards
online scratch cards
– skraplotter

Please bid only under our requirements:

1. Links must be "dofollow

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5 Page Portfolio Website


Im looking for someone that can build me a 5 page portfolio website.
Pages needed.

Home –
Fairly obvious, The welcome page

About Me / Us –
once again obvious

Portfolio –
Need to have a clean easy way of browsing through all my designs / images ( logos )

Contact –
Basic contact detail page.

Checkout –
This page needs to be fully functional. a page where people can purchase a logo design, and pay for it.
Text fields for them to add as must detail as possible.

Colour Schemes / Black,White,Pink
A Few inspirational websites – – Simplicity is good – general layout – notice the very long galley, My website portfolio needs to be able to to go and on.

Also each image in the gallery needs to have either "Sold" or "Buy" (Buy – would be linking you to the checkout for that product)

Thank you

*Listed else where

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Increase Page Rank For Website

I want to increase pagerank and Traffic for this website

If you can increase the traffic or increase page rank ,place your bid

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Website Copywriting For Coconut Based Food Products

I require several articles written for a website that will sell food products based on Coconut.

Approx 300 words on each of the following

1). Why Coconut oil is great for your health.
2). Why Cononut flour is great for your health.
3). Why Coconut sugar is great for your health.
4). Why Coconut water is great for your health.
5). Why Coconut milk is great for your health.

The articles must be written in a simple but persuasive sales style, with reference to scientific published papers/studies subsantiating the claims. We also need front page text that is a summary of the above encouraging visitors to read on and buy.

Applicants should have an excellent standard of English and prior experience writing sales articles.

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Craigslist Unique Ad Writer

S | Publishing

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Craigslist Unique Ad Writer  

Craigslist Unique Ad Writer is project number 773277
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 08/20/2010 at 15:50 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

08/25/2010 at 15:50 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



We need a person to write unique ads for our Craigslist postings. We are doing postings for the NFL.

We have 28 teams we are doing, and we want to get 3 Titles and Ads per Home Game for each team.

The all have 8 home games so that would be a total of 24 ads and titles per Team and 28 teams

We have a list of each team and a link to the teams page on our website. This way you can see each teams home games.

A lot of the ads and titles you can reuse for each team and games, all you have to do is switch the team names.

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Website Development For Video Communication

We are seeking experienced web developers capable of creating a website to be used as a portal for video communication.

What We Need:
-ability to recognize connected webcams and display the user

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Sms Website 5 Pages Ymsweb Only

Website for sms as emailed in word doc emailer 250 dollers for 5 page site.

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Website Required Urgently

Website required, homepage will be similar to in that advertising space will be sold in the form of pixels! Aim of site is to coincide with a PR campaign showing a Start Up company getting financed by an unconventional manner where banks have failed – company being a Real Estate firm. Everyone that buys advertising will also get a % of profits company makes, we aim to repay 1.3 million in total showing a 30% profit for all our backers.
As well as Homepage, there will be a page detailing what the theory behind project is. Page detailing the Company Partners backgrounds. Online Agreement Form which can be initialed. Possibly one or 2 more pages. Need a fast turn around, there will be plenty of on-going work after this project so bid accordingly.

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Need Drawing/referral Page For Website Done In ASP

I think the easiest way to describe this project is to show an example of something close to what I want done. There is a few extra things I want added to mine in addition. Please register to the site so you can view their referral section. Once youre registered and signed in, click on "rewards" and then "earn"

This is a good example of what I want. I want them to earn one point for every referral that has actually registered for my site. Customers/Registered members can view their accumulated points when logging into thier account. They will have the same opportunity to refer people and earn points once signed up themselves. Points can then be used for all drawings for extra chances to win and toward merchandise available on the site. Im thinking a point toward merchandise will have a numberic/dollar value of 5 to 10 cents each. There must be a place during or before checkout to calculate this so the customer can see.

I as the administator will have access to all the details and referrals in the back end of the site.

There will always be two drawings. A frequent one (maybe weekly or biweekly) and a grand prize drawing (maybe yearly or every half a year). Ill need to set them up in the back with a description, pictures, video and countdown timer for each. Ill also want the system to choose the winner or winnners at a designated time that I can set up in my adim.

My site is and we can discuss more detail if Im interested in your experience, bid etc.

Im looking for someone that I can easily communicate with, that works quickly, does great work and to possibly do many other additions and updates if this works out.

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SEO For Single Page Software Website

We require real and targtted traffic to one of our newly established website
using link building strategy with one or combination of the following:

– Directory submission
– Forum Posting
– Link Placement
– Article Submission
– Social Bookmarking

Budget: $40

The website markets a karaoke track making guide(mp3 vocal remover)

Please tell us exactly what service is included in your bid.

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New Website ReDesign Needed

I need a website redesign.

Please send me Private message.

Im looking for a simple sleek website. Nothing to flashy, and nothing cluttered.

Must be professional, if you can not provide professional samples please do not waste mine and your time.

I will not pay more than 300 dollars. If more, then post will be deleted. Possibly monthly updates need where I will pay you more monthly.

I need the site to have a variety of items, simple flash, simple graphics, seo friendly, expandable.

My current website is 30 pages, but most of the pages are targeted towards specific areas so the page format can pretty much stay the same.

The website must be able to be expanded. I plan on expanding another 10-20 pages over the next year.

I use dreamweaver, so teh site must be able to be modified in dreamweaver.

Here are example sites so you can get a visual of what i am looking to get.

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Need A Small 5 Page Website With Photo Gallery With Nice

I need a 5 page website with a nice photo gallery with some cool features. Something simple but nice. Please give me your best price! Also include some samples of similar 5 page sites you have done for the same price.

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Restaurant Website

The main idea of this website is for people to go there and download a menu from their favorite take away shop or restaurant

Im after a website where take away shops and restaurants can post their details and add their menu and have it their for people to print download or email it easily.
Restaurant Details to include google map.

Id also like it to be a social network site so people can login, rate and comment, upload photos of their favorite restaurant or shop.Save their favorite menus.

The main page would have featured restaurants/shops and latest reviews, google ads
Search for restaurants by state, city, postcode, name

I would like a clean, fresh look like this template….

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