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Joomla Webdesigner For Regular Small Edits/tweeks To Website

We are a UK-based coffee company with an existing Joomla website. We regularly need to tweak it a little bit, so are looking for someone to do little bits and pieces. Most of these take only a few minutes to take care of.

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Virtuemart Fixing Small Bugs And Administer Website

I have a site to be launched within two months selling tshirts. I have a few small bugs but mostly would like to find an affordable knowledgable company who works with Virtuemart and all aspects of ecommerce. Templating, SSL certificates, Joomla, design work, and custom scripts for it. Please provide hourly rate. I expect it will start at about 5 hours per week. You will start with fixing all small bugs, then customizing the final layout, then you will add products to inventory, and finally test, test, and test orders to make sure everything works smoothly before I launch my advertising campaign. After that it will be adding products, installing SSL certificate, and administering the site as I will have EVERYTHING done by you. You will be administering the site completely.

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Need Just A Few Small Items Done On My Website

I have just a few small items I need taken care of on my website. I need someone to complete these items right away and they must be done in the time frame you bid with. Communication is a necessity and I will expect updates and I am available for any questions whenever necessary. Please write the word "zebra" in your bid so I know you read my entire description below and if you would like to know the url of my website, I will provide it via the PMB.

1. Users have the ability to upload a profile picture (whether a photo or graphic). Right now, some look really warped/distorted. I need this fixed.

2 We have 4 membership icons that are supposed to show next to a persons usernames in their profile pop up and in the message center when they are leaving messages. They did used to show but do not now.

3. I need an adjustment to the index page. There is a section that highlights completed jobs that I want removed and replaced with job description text. Each description will have an icon (which I will provide) and should be expandable/collapsible if a user clicks on a link. If a user clicks on the link to open the description, the area that opens will contain a graphic along with a block of text. This must be done well so website design experience is a must. A similar set up is needed on another page but this area does not need to be expandable/collapsible at that location. They will each need a tick box or select button nearby however. This part of the job MUST be thoroughly tested BEFORE being applied to the live site.

4. I added Paypal API as a skill but actually, I do not want the API even touched. We are already set up. The only thing I require is for our merchant contact information (merchant signature) to be edited so that the receipts users get from their Paypal transaction will reflect the correct information.

5. Finally, in the message center, users are defined as one of two types. At present, our system is labeling them the same ( for example "programmer and programmer" instead of "programmer and Project owner" so one must be edited.

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Small Change In Website


Right now i have a website in PHP, OS commerce based.

I want to have an extra layer added in my menutree.
So A, AA, AAA instead of A, AA.

Should be not more than 1 hour of work for an PHP expert.

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Fix A Hacked OsCMax Website

Recently my website (oscommerce based) has been attacked and somehow a script has been installed by hackers to send phishing mail imitating a Paypal page.
The website was still working but my hoster has suspended my account. I made a full backup of the website and database.
You will have to find and delete this virus and find how to protect the website from similar attacks.
I will ask you to provide me a complete report on this attack and how you will protect it for the future..


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Need Small Fix On Website

I have an ecommerce website and it suddenly will not let me add new products. I can enter info onto the new product page but i just cannot update onto the live site. what does happen is that a blank entry is added to the dropdown on the homepage so every attempt I have made to add a product leads to what looks like a gap in the products list… please help.

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Redesing Small Sharepoint WebSite Wss 3.0

Redisign a small sharepoint wss 3.0 webiste to a more friendly stylish view.
The webiste ( is just basic sharepoint design and should be given a bit more user friendly look.
The deadline for this project is friday 5 of november. (48 H)

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Volusion Experts Needed For Small 7-item Doll Website

Have you done work with Volusion before? If so, we are looking for someone who is very familiar and has experience working with Volusion.

Our wordpress site is complete, but just need someone to basically do a basic setup of Volusion. Our volusion site does not have to match exactly that of our WordPress site, just need basic colors to match and maybe graphics. Very simple.

Our website is and we will simply add "Buy Me" buttons to the 7 items we have to direct to our Volusion shopping cart. You will just need to create/set-up the shopping cart for the 7 individual dolls and make sure the Volusion site has an eye-pleasing design.

Please only bid if youve worked with Volusion before. Upon approval, we will provide access to our account.

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SEO For Small Niche Website

We require an experienced SEO expert with proven results to help us achieve top #5 rankings for at least a dozen keywords on one website.

In your PM – please tell me what methods you use and explain how long the rankings will last for.

The website is

The keywords we want to rank in the top #5 for are:

"how to make diaper cakes"
"make a diaper cake"
"making diaper cakes"

and so on…

We are looking for white hat methods only. And will work with you long term on a retainer to maintain good rankings.

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211010 – Fix Small Bugs In Payment Modul


I run a creloaded pro 6.3 shop, and i need you to fix to small problems in my paymentmodul.

1: When the customer finalize the payment, the orderid is missing from the checkout_success.php page, and therefor the customer cannot us the "print order" function

2: the order confirmation email is missing the transaction id

Please ask questions before bidding.

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Customize 20-40 Images/icons.

Need some images edited for a brandable backup software that I have purchased. Nothing special or fancy, just colors and logos that match my website.

All images are relatively small, and most of them can just be duplicates of each other. Ill give you more details if you win the project.

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Fix Some Small Bugs In My Coupon Website


We need the experieced expert to fix some small bugs in my coupon website.

The buget is no more $30. If you can complete the task, we will give you more work in future.

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Fix Some Small Bugs In My Coupon Website


We need the experieced expert to fix some small bugs in my coupon website.

The buget is no more $30. If you can complete the task, we will give you more work in future.

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Fix A Small Error In My Website

A small error needs to be fixed, budget is 15$

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Fix Bugs On Oscommerse Website

We have had a oscommerse website built by a company this has been not good to deal with. They have left bugs in it that we now have to ask someone else to fix.

We are looking for someone we can really trust. We do not want to be burnt again.

Bugs that need fixing:
-Adverts missing from home page
-Log in note with persons name missing when logged in
-Welcome note missing from home page
-Product Index words are out of line on home page and all others.
-Columns sabotaged. No longer like other pages.
-When pages are loading, they are stretched out of shape untill all is loaded.
-Constantly emailed Critcal Error from website.
-Broken link on Songs By Categories link near the top of the Alphabetical songlist page.
And same for Alphabetical Song List; link on Gategory page.
-Some pages take too long to load.

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Fix Bugs On Oscommerse Website And Make Improvements

We have had a oscommerse website built by a company this has been not good to deal with. They have left bugs in it that we now have to ask someone else to fix.

We are looking for someone we can really trust. We do not want to be burnt again.

We require:
1. Bugs fixed
2. Improve display and delay problems
3. Sell mp3s on our site
4. Instant download after purchase
5. Setup for instant payment
6. Add radio buttons to Song Search to allow for song lyrics search
7. Check website for valnerability to sabotage
8. Improve look of part of the home page
9. Improve forums
10. Add logo for USA customers

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Fix A 3D Image For Me – New Side Panels

Ive got a requirement for a new 3D box to be put together for me from a PSD.

Quick turnaround needed – 72 & 300 dpi, lid open and lid closed, both sides visible.

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Tiny Facebook Task

This task should only take minutes for any Facebook developer as it is very likely that you have already written this.

I have a Flash game (.SWF) already built and have a Facebook PHP canvas file. However, the PHP code is outdated, so I need two things:

1. Update the code to the new API (Graph API). If you built Facebook apps you should have this code already written. There are a few tiny Javascript methods that Im using to return the current user ID and a list of Friends that I need them to be working after you update the code, but you can modify them if you want as long as their interface remains the same.

2. Add a javacript function that allows posting of messages to users/friends/groups/pages stream that contain a title, some text, and a small image. I need this to allow people to invite others to use the game.

While I am currently using Javascript to call the functions, I am open to alternatives as long as they work with my game with no significant drawbacks.

I will provide you with the current PHP code and Javascripts I was using earlier (including the HTML code to embed the object) so you can see what is needed.

Please provide adequate comments on the code that you change/add so that I can update it if needed. This is mainly an experimental game, so the main objective is to have a template I can use for other games.

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Web Developper Needed To Fix Small Issues In Sport Website

I need a very talented web developper to fix some small issues in my existing website.

Website is:

It is a mix of wordpress and php.

Check good the website then give your idea.

Things that has to be fix are:

1- In every pages There is Fixtures and Results to be implemented
The implementation will be done with respect to the link I will send only to those who post a PM to explain their idea on how they want to do that

2- League table to be implemented with respect to the link that will be sent

3- Statistic to be implemented with respect to the same link

4- News pages have to be redefined

5- News Archives to be set up so that old news can be fined there

6- Check the whole website and give your idea on what can be done better

IMPORTANT: I need a Guy with a great sense of creativity, able to find good ideas, a guy who is able to work fast because he have to finish before the world cup.

No escrow and milestone before completion of project.

More detail will be given when project is awarded.

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Design For Website Selling Branded Perfumes


We would like to design a website selling branded perfumes and cosmetics. The intended look and feel of the website should be high-end and classy. In all we need about 8 to 10 pages designed – Home Page, Product Listing Page, Product More info page, Search Results page, Cart page, Checkout page(s) and template for static page.

The use of flash would be minimal. Flash would primarily be on the home page as a center splash image and maybe some small flash images as icons through the site.

We like the design concept of

Note: No programming is involved, only the front-end design.

Please bid only if you can provide examples of similar work done.

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Menu Using Scriptaculous – Needs A VERY SMALL Fix/Mod

Hi there,

I have a menu from one of our sites which needs a very small fix/mod. Our usual Ajax programmer is on vacation and therefore, we need someone whos able to fix this for us. The code is using Scriptaculous and Prototype libraries.
I will explain how the menu works, in order to provide better insights in whats missing.
The menu consist on a list of categories and, when someone clicks on any of those, sub categories appear in a form of a drop down box. This is all working as expected, all is OK.

The problem comes when someone clicks on the name of the category instead on the space around it.
Somehow, the drop down script doesn

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Website Fix – Small Project

Need a security analysis & cleanup for my web site that was compromised.

Started noticing some days ago that some servers reported e-mails with links to one of my sites as SPAM, after which I have looked at google analytics. There, it was seen that something was suspsicious, however, not critical.

Now it is confirmed that the website has been compromised – sites are taken offline and I have to get it cleaned up.

I am specifically looking for the following elements:
1) Clean up everything on my server (4 websites in total)
3) Develop state of the art protection for main site, three will remain offline.

Estimated time is 2-4 hours of work.

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Facebook Fix Bugs On Invite A Friends And Other Small Fix

Really quick fixes on existing facebook application ” Invite a friends” module.

Prior experience needed.

5 hours works.

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One Small Fix For Phpprobid

For my auction site there is a problem with the edit item page. Basically there are 4 container boxs that hold the category for the item to be listed. Example Category > Subcategory > Subcategory > Subcategory(or another way to see it is Electronics > Phones > Nokia > 6000 series). So the user will first click "electronics" in box 1, then select "phones" from box 2 etc… On this particular edit item page the selection is preloaded, so a user editing their listing it will already have the category preselected. NOW heres the problem, it loads the preselections fine in firefox and in IE8 but in IE8 if the user decides they want to change the category by clicking other categories in other boxes, the contents of box 2, 3 and 4 dissapear thus making it impossible for the user to change the category – however this problem does not appear in firefox, it works perfectly in firefox.

So either the above problem has to be fixed on the edit item page or another solution would be to use the "sell similar" page as a reference. The sell similar page performs the exact same functions as "edit item" by prefilling the relevent fields of the selected auction listing except that "sell similar" creates a new auction ID and stores all relevant information as a new entry in the database. If I could get the sell similar page to edit the entries relevant to the current auction ID instead of creating a new one then that will be a solution to. Oh and the sell similar page works properly in both IE and FF that is why i suggested it as a solution. I know this is a long description but this should be a simple fix for the right programmer. No bids over $50 will be considered.

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Small Task Needed

Just need something small fixed on my site.

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