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Joomla Webdesigner For Regular Small Edits/tweeks To Website

We are a UK-based coffee company with an existing Joomla website. We regularly need to tweak it a little bit, so are looking for someone to do little bits and pieces. Most of these take only a few minutes to take care of.

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Virtuemart Fixing Small Bugs And Administer Website

I have a site to be launched within two months selling tshirts. I have a few small bugs but mostly would like to find an affordable knowledgable company who works with Virtuemart and all aspects of ecommerce. Templating, SSL certificates, Joomla, design work, and custom scripts for it. Please provide hourly rate. I expect it will start at about 5 hours per week. You will start with fixing all small bugs, then customizing the final layout, then you will add products to inventory, and finally test, test, and test orders to make sure everything works smoothly before I launch my advertising campaign. After that it will be adding products, installing SSL certificate, and administering the site as I will have EVERYTHING done by you. You will be administering the site completely.

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Need Just A Few Small Items Done On My Website

I have just a few small items I need taken care of on my website. I need someone to complete these items right away and they must be done in the time frame you bid with. Communication is a necessity and I will expect updates and I am available for any questions whenever necessary. Please write the word "zebra" in your bid so I know you read my entire description below and if you would like to know the url of my website, I will provide it via the PMB.

1. Users have the ability to upload a profile picture (whether a photo or graphic). Right now, some look really warped/distorted. I need this fixed.

2 We have 4 membership icons that are supposed to show next to a persons usernames in their profile pop up and in the message center when they are leaving messages. They did used to show but do not now.

3. I need an adjustment to the index page. There is a section that highlights completed jobs that I want removed and replaced with job description text. Each description will have an icon (which I will provide) and should be expandable/collapsible if a user clicks on a link. If a user clicks on the link to open the description, the area that opens will contain a graphic along with a block of text. This must be done well so website design experience is a must. A similar set up is needed on another page but this area does not need to be expandable/collapsible at that location. They will each need a tick box or select button nearby however. This part of the job MUST be thoroughly tested BEFORE being applied to the live site.

4. I added Paypal API as a skill but actually, I do not want the API even touched. We are already set up. The only thing I require is for our merchant contact information (merchant signature) to be edited so that the receipts users get from their Paypal transaction will reflect the correct information.

5. Finally, in the message center, users are defined as one of two types. At present, our system is labeling them the same ( for example "programmer and programmer" instead of "programmer and Project owner" so one must be edited.

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Need A Few Specific Small Jobs Done On My Website

I have a few small projects for now and ultimately, I would like to find a new webmaster as ours is no longer doing independent work. If this works out, there is more work to come. I am looking for someone to begin immediately. You must be able to take our site to your own test server and all work must be thoroughly checked. All work must be done in the agreed upon time frame and communication is of the utmost importance. Please include the word "zebra" in your bid details so I know you have read my projects guidelines. I will expect a daily progress email as well and if you would like the url of my website in order to make an educated bid, let me know. Below is the list of what I need done….

1. Someone just recently signed up to our website and I can find no record of it in the admin. This has happened a couple of times now. I need the sign up retrieved and activated and I also need the problem tracked down and fixed so it does not happen again.

2. I have one link that needs to be pointed in another internal direction within users accounts. It is currently going to the wrong page.

3. I would like a pop up created for a particular action in order to verify if the user wants to continue.

4. You can sign up as either 1 of 2 membership types on my website. Once a member, If someone were to click on your username, an informative pop up will appear. Right now, this pop up appears for either membership type. I want it to appear for 1 type only.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Redesing Small Sharepoint WebSite Wss 3.0

Redisign a small sharepoint wss 3.0 webiste to a more friendly stylish view.
The webiste ( is just basic sharepoint design and should be given a bit more user friendly look.
The deadline for this project is friday 5 of november. (48 H)

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SEO For Small Niche Website

We require an experienced SEO expert with proven results to help us achieve top #5 rankings for at least a dozen keywords on one website.

In your PM – please tell me what methods you use and explain how long the rankings will last for.

The website is

The keywords we want to rank in the top #5 for are:

"how to make diaper cakes"
"make a diaper cake"
"making diaper cakes"

and so on…

We are looking for white hat methods only. And will work with you long term on a retainer to maintain good rankings.

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Customize 20-40 Images/icons.

Need some images edited for a brandable backup software that I have purchased. Nothing special or fancy, just colors and logos that match my website.

All images are relatively small, and most of them can just be duplicates of each other. Ill give you more details if you win the project.

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Small Business Website Needed

I require a programmer / designer to build a website for my small translation business.

The website should be made up of the following pages:

Home (Introduction Page)
Services 1 (Page on which we describe and offer our services)
Service 2(Page on which we describe and offer our services)
References (Page on which we want to list or previous work – Ideally have thumbnails with links to websites we have translated)
Get a quote (Where people can upload their text or files to be send to us by email)
Jobs (Small Jobs section)
Contact (Contact details and contact form)

The website should be in English, German and Russian.

I would like to be able to update the website myself in the backend i.e. add new references, change jobs etc. I would like the programmer / designer to tell / show me how to do it. I think Joomla is pretty good for that.

If you could please show me some websites that you have build before it would be a big plus. Also if you are able to it would be good if you could create the logo too.

I have registered the domain and hosting with an Irish hosting company.

Please note that I will not release payment until website is ready to go live which means fully finished.

Many thanks and happy bidding!

AR Consult

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Small Programming Job in PHP/MySQL

My Dolphin from Boonex website needs the following:
1. Improve the appearance/layout of the search results page
2. Add translator (Google or other tool)
3. Fix picture insert so that any size photo in any browser can be attached

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commision sales project

I have launched a website selling a product aimed at people who are interested in tabacco related products.

I am looking for professionals who can bring in sales for my website. I need 100 sales within 2 weeks. For each aditional sale after I will pay $5 extra per sale.

I will not pay in advance so please dont ask.


All customers must be 18 or older.

I dont care how you get the sales as long as its legal.

My product is sold wholesale minimum order is $125 per sale

My offer for you is for every sale up you will get 50% of the total bill. So %50 of each sale (minimum of $125 per sale) you do the math. The amount of money that can be made is great.

Along with my website link which you will use to divert traffic to my website, I will give you a personal login where you can check your stats 24/7 and see yourself how many sales is been made (customers that you divert to my site for sale).

Commission will be paid by bank transfer. I will only pay commision on sales made, I will not pay per hour so I dont need to know this. I will not pay in advance so please dont ask. I will pay when the job is complete.

All sales should have unique IP address

No spamming or robotic entry will be allowed as my system will easily catchup

PM me if you are interested in making income as a joint venture partner with me. I have more than one website like this, so if you do a good job on this project there will definately be more in store for you, I will gaurantee it.

I am more than happy to award this project to every one who can get the job done. I prefer someone who has experience in some kind of sales, but I will give anyone a try. This market is huge so selling these type of products should not be a problem.

Before i accept your offer, I would like to clearly know as to how you are going to get sales to my website.

PLEASE NOTE : I dont want you to promote my site to any harvested list. STRICTLY NO.

If you are interested, please bid just $1 for this project. As mentioned above, for every signup that you bring i will share my 50% revenue with you.

Awaiting your bids

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