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SEO – Maid Service Website Melbourne Australia

Top 5 google rank on selected keywords for
the site is 5 years old

home cleaner
cleaning services
maid service
home cleaning
end of lease cleaning

strictly white hat with quality backlinks

please only serious bidders with proven seo experience
please submit some of your latest work

payment only after results

thank you

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Adsense Website Project – Build A Website From Scratch

I am seeking someone who can assist me in creating Adsense website on any topic. My aim is to build up the website so it will eventually reach $20 per day…. I dont know if this is a difficult ask or not, but, I guess Ill soon see.

Your task will be to produce a website which complies with Google TOS and Adsense, and does not use black hat methods. To put it simply, everything must be above board.

The website could be on any topic (Whatever works really). Im pretty easy going, but want to see results before payment of total. I will pay a milestone payment once the accumulative amount reaches $50.

I will cover costs such as domain name, etc, and purchase that once details of the project are on hand.

In your bid, please include a brief outline and some details of your experiencing. Plus you get to work alongside a cool and easy going guy like me 🙂

Seeking an expert Adsense website optimizer to build website for maximum Adsense revenue per day. You will be responsible for the entire website setup, adding Adsense and bringing traffic to the website. You must be able to make use of Google Analytics to track traffic and website progress.

Im happy to pay a 50% milestone payment for the project and the rest once we accumulate $50.00 via adsense.

Successful service provider will be given more projects in the future.

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Website Required

We need a webiste for our company just open and click on the 1st banner,now which site has shown on your screen after the click we need same like this site for our company so please check budget is high for this project.

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Debug Weather Website


I posted a website project on Freelancer last year and got quite a bit of help putting it together. Unfortunately, after the project ended, I noticed there were a few bugs that made my website unusable. Im looking for someone to work out these kinks.

You can view my current site at The bugs I need help with are:

– Randomly, the output for certain zip codes is a broken icon and no current condition. Other times, the name of the city is missing in the header for the current condition output.

– The weather output is slightly off center in all browsers.

– A sample text is needed in the search form box. There is currently a hover text tag.

– Because of the way that the footer is stuck to the bottom of the page, the website layout breaks in Internet Explorer. Since it works in all other browsers, I need a Javascript addition to read what browser is being used and a separate stylesheet for Internet Explorer.

– Corners on the box outlines of the weather output headers should be rounded. This is not functioning in Google Chrome. Either another stylesheet needs to be made for this browser too, or a Chrome-specific line is needed in the current CSS.

These are all just tweaks to a functioning website. Im looking for someone who is confident enough with MySQL and PHP to be able to easily adjust the weather search software.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Real Estate Classified Website

I have just bought a real estate classified website. I want to develop it
I want someone who can

1 check if everything works as the way it supposes to be all the links.
2 I want to customize the template
3 I want to change the welcome message. and want to make it easy for me to change or write anything there. also make the website more easy to use
4 For payment option.
– paypal option (Already have)
– want to add credit card option and google check out
– want to have a culculation
For example, 1 property 1 month post = 1 $
so if its 1 property 2 month post = 2 $
5 Want to add forum or blog where people can discuss about various topic regarding real estate, foreclosure etc
6 Take the power by link off

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Classifieds Service Website

I need to create a Classifieds Website similar to, but for services. My site must be simple and easy to use. It must have:

Categories Area;
Search Engine;
Forum for each announce (where the costumers can make questions to the service provider);
Rating system (the service provider can be rated by the employer, and the employer can be rated too);
User Admin area (where the users can administrate theirs announces);
Backoffice Area (where I can administrate the website);
Payment system. (PayPal or cash)

User Area must have a schedule module for Ads, and it can be optional for them to use or not.
Ads must be confirmed first.
Service providers can put references of previous works.
Costumers can view previous works done of the service provider.
Some days after hiring the service provider, costumer will be asked if he liked the service or not (Rating).
Search engine can select if they need the cheaper or the best rated, or other.
I can sell feature Ads.
I can block ou ban a user.
User can filter ads.
Flexible ads, as some of them can set a fixed price, and others need to contact the service provider to set the price.

The site can be built in English, but I need a easy way to translate it to portuguese as I live in Brazil.

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$90-$180 A WEEK

I am in need of UAW article writers. I need excellent writers who can produce an original article and rewrite it 2 times.
You can make an excellent income every week if you are a good writer.

I pay every friday through paypal or if needed through another service.

Please all writers include a sample of your writing in your bids.

Also include how many articles you can produce each day.

*UAW articles are 1 original article + 2 rewrites = 1 finished UAW article*

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Website Design

Hello, I need a site with a similiar format to that will allow customers to upload there file(s) to a server and then get re-directed to paypal to make & complete there purchase. More details will be available in a PM. My budget is $200-$300.

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30 Unique Seo Articles

We need 30 unique articles in 7 days.
Articles will be on the following topics:
health, fitness, nutrition
We will provide a title/topic for every article.

We need 30 SEO unique articles please see below details and read carefully. We require the articles within 7 days. This is will also be a trial for a long term project and if you do quality work, more projects will be given on a regular basis.

Budget: US$2 per article (350-500 words) TOTAL BUDGET IS 60$ for all 30 articles.

* You must use perfect English. Articles shave to be free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.
* All Articles must be 100% original and unique.
* They must pass COPYSCAPE or any other similar service/website for duplicate content.
* You must know and understand SEO very well, know about keyword density and use the keywords wisely in articles without stuffing the article.
* We receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away or use these articles in any way.
* Articles must be 350-500 words each
* Article should be to the point and still maintaining the 350+ words requirement.
* Use the keywords in a logical manner in the article.
* You have to provide a 2-5 sentence summary to every article
* We will provide a title/topic for every article.

We receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away or use these articles in anyway.

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Social Booking Marking Service For My Website

Am looking for a Social Booking service which follows the below requirements of mine.

Each page which will be submitted into the Social Book marking sites will have to follow the guidelines below
a) Unique New Ids to be created in SB with Indian sounding names.
b) Different 4 line description for each article with tags given by us (Not posting of same content in all SB sites , different summaries , different tags)
c) Done over 30 days – 30 links to be submitted at frequency of 1 a day manually.
d) All links where submissions are made to reported on a weekly basis.
e) SB to be done with leading SB sites.(Top 200 SB sites)

The work will start with an escrow service . To test quality of submissions we would like to have a trial of 1 week where you need to submit articles into SB for two of our articles. If selected we can assure regular business of 3 to 5 pages / week.

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1000 Backlinks For Social Service Website.

Looking for quality link builders who provide permanent white hat 1 way links!

I prefer that you have your own, up-to-date list of Angela and Paul back-links.

*Web site DOMAIN MUST! be PR4 or higher
*All links must be DO FOLLOW with anchor text (will be defined)
*All profile pages must be publicly viewable in Google
* One link per domain will be counted
* rss submission and pinging of profiles

Excel report with all of the URLs for the profiles created, PR, User-name/Password, anchor text!

BAD LINKS or NOT PUBLIC PROFILES should be replaced by service provider immediately.

my budget is 50-60$

I will verify all links manually and check to make sure all the links are Do-follow and that the Anchor text is correct.
!!! PROJECT should be done in 120-150 days

Once i selected the winner I will put money into escrow, when the project completed send me the report I then verified the report to make sure everything correctly then I will release the money.

=========>>>> IMPORTANT !!!!! -====>>>>> If you have NOT done this work before, DO NOT BID. No beginners!If you have 0-feedback here on GAF – please dont bid

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Ereservation Form For Car Service Website

This is a reservation form that is almost completed, but has some minor tweaks that need to be added:

– not all the configurations of pick-up locations and destinations (Airport, NYC Outside NYC) are working.
– the review page should include additional airport info when it

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Holiday Website.

We are a holiday marketing company that specailses in whole sale holiday promotions. We have never been a web based company but are now looking at funding a small project to see if it is viable to move in this direction. I am not sure of what it would cost to complete a project like this so thought this would be the best place to start. Please note i am also open to suggestions to makeing the site better.

What i am looking for –

A fresh holiday design web site teplate with about 5 pages linked to the main page e.g( home – about us – how this works – etc.)
The page that will displays the resort only needs about 5 photos on it a short discription and the option to purchase a $30 holiday certificate for that resort from this page.
Once the sale is complete i would like a system where the customers holiday certificate is emiled to them in the form of a a templated PDF file that will have a unique holiday certifcate number on it (like a booking number) and a data base where this is stored (maybe through the notes on paypal)

I like the feel of for e.g

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Monetize A Website


We are looking to get into monetizing sites just like others at the moment. We know, and you know that monetizing wordpress sites is real big at the moment.

We have 2 wordpress sites that need to be monetized and make at least $20 per day.
One is a business site that is in the process of being built, and the other is a movie site that is also in the process of re uploading content.

We need both of them monetized to make at least $20 per day.
Why $20 because you need to make $10/day for every day that it makes $20/day
Payment is weekly after the initial 10 days that it is making that type of money/day.

Okay, who cares about how it makes money. Who cares as long as the thing does. I hate affiliates that do not deal with PayPal or moneybookers.

The business site could be changed to an adult site if that is better.

Let me know, bid for the month at $20/day (for both sites)

I also have almost every plug in for everything from ads to memberships to paypal buttons to pop ups and everything you can think of, and if I do not I can get it quite fast.

Also I am looking to do this quite fast.

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Virtuemart Setup And Paypal Form Add

So I need some work done on a Joomla site of mine here: there are a couple of requirements:

Basically the virtuemart component is setup, you can see it here: but I need to have a few more things done to set it up so it is ready to go.

– Need to make sure the checkout / my basket modules are displaying in the store on the site
– Need to sort out the way it is pricing each of the products. Its seems to be adding 10% right now which we dont want it to do. No tax should be added, the tax is included in the total cost currently set for each product.
– If possible, need to add custom shipping amounts for each product, eg. shirts will attract a $5 postage fee. If not possible, need to have it setup to automatically add a n appropriate shipping fee.
– The category images used to represent categories need to be changed
– there seems to be a layout issue on the games equip. category page here:

I think thats basically it. Just want it ready to go – ie ready to tell public to come to the store!

Also, this needs to be done:
I would like the standard paypal button added to the website. This will add a Pay Now button for clients to pay their accounts via credit card. I would like this button added just on the home page under the main body of text. Paypal staff aslo provided this link to display a PayPal logo with credit cards:

Thats it.

I need this done ASAP!

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Need Represenatives for website to sell hosting services. Great oppurtunity and earnings!

We need Independent Representatives to sell domain names and hosting services.
A very good product and easy to sell given todays needs of people to be in the internet.

Excellent opportunity to generate UNLIMITED cash and residual income FOR LIFE.

The company pays 40% each month for every sale. If you make one sale, you keep receiving commisions every month for that sale!

Excellent BONUS are also available. For each 20 sales per week, the company pays a $100 BONUS
So, if you make 80 sales one week, you receive $400 CASH as a BONUS. Theres NO LIMIT in the amount you can earn here.

Also, if you are rocking and make 1,000 sales in one month, you get paid a $1,000 BONUS. (besides the $100 weekly bonus and all the monthly income of that sales)

Its an incredible and unlimited earnings potential for residual income.

If you are interested in working with us as an independent representative, please go to:
Or ask here if you have any doubts.

We pay monthly through PayPal, check, or AlertPay!

By the way, its FREE to join the company, we will even give you your first $1 upon sign up!

I hope we can start working together!

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