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Article Submission

Hi guys,

I am looking for a person to assist me with article and press release submission.
This is an ongoing job.I would provide the articles and the directories they need to be submitted to,your job would only be to incorporate the links to my website where ever I need it and submit them.
I prefer somebody who already knows how it needs to be done…
Its a very easy job so would be selecting the lowest bidder .


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Bookmark Submit Script

I need an auto submit script for bookmarks on my site. Here is a step by step example of what needs to happen:

1. Look here:

2. See under the RED Header, on the right there is a button called BOOKMARK

3. Mouse over that and then click the show all (little down arrow).

4. Now you see all the bookmark sites listed here. So what this does is submit the article to all of these, but the problem is I must do it one by one.

5. What I want is a link I can click and submit any article to ALL my accounts with ALL the bookmark sites shown here.

6. Now, some of these sites require action (like choose thumb, or click submit), so maybe one way is to just open all of these on one big page and using frames I could see all of these on one page, so I could quickly go through all of the frames and choose thumb and submit.

7. I am totally open to other suggestions, what ever is the fastest and most efficient way to submit my articles to all book mark sites the fastest possible.

8. We have 10 new articles a day, so first we must get caught up with old ones then submit daily from then on.



1. Bid if you want to just manually submit each article to each bookmar site.

2. Bid if you want to build a frames type of multi view page, so can then see all listed on one page and then choose thumb and submit.

3. Bid if you have a better solution, to do this automtically (although I dont know how you would do that when I must choose a thumb on some of the sites).


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Social Bookmark Submit

Social bookmark for Jasonvishva.

To clarify what I need.


1. I will supply URL, Title and Story.
2. You will create many user names with different IP and each with GMail account. (So we can use again). Each one will have an image (any image) in profile.
3. You will add "top contributers as friends.
4. You will submit the story.
5. You will add many users who have also submitted stories. These stories must be low voted so that they do not become competition. You will then vote for their story and send message. I will supply message. Most of them will then vote for my story.
6. Go to and add all users who submitted the content as friends … vote for their story and ask them to vote for ours.
6. We will each comment a few times with different accounts, but not too much just a little. We dont want to be flagged as spam.
7. Relax get paid. Get great feedback.

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Social Bookmark Submit Story

I need an article/story/press release submitted to a social bookmark site and then voted to front page for 24 hours. See additional info for site.

I need you to go to site and add all Top Contributers as friends, invite them to vote and then also vote via your accounts which must be on separate IP.

24 hours work no more. Regular work for those that do well.

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250 Social Bookmarks + 200 Forum Posts

************** MAX BUDGET: $50 *************

We need 250 Social Bookmarks on the most popular social bookmarking sites, AND 200 permanent Forum Posts about our website.

Once you submit the bookmarks, you need to provide us with the report.

50% Payment will be made after 500 social bookmarking are posted & verified.
100% Payment will be made after 1000 social bookmarking are posted & verified.

************** MAX BUDGET: $50 *************

07/29/2010 at 2:18 EDT:

Correction: 50% Payment will be made after half of the project submissions are done.

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