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Internet Marketing/ Blogging /Increase Website Traffic

I have a new website and I would like someone with skills in Marketing to help get the word out about it. I would like to increase Facebook "likers", extensive blogging, place banners and generally direct more traffic to the site. Only qualified Freelancers apply with proven background in such projects.

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Increase In Website Traffic Needed – Long Term Relationship


I am looking to increase the traffic to my website substantially.

I currently have 2000

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Increase Traffic And Make Our Website More Popular!

Over the last couple years our popularity/links, etc. has become somewhat stale and we would like and update. Search engines show old info that may be hurting us and we need a new boost.

We would really like to see the following:
Link building/SEO
Popularity/traffic increase
Advertising avenues like Facebook/Twitter utilized better or differently to monetize our services.

All methods need to be legitimate, legal and within fair practice.

This project is to test the waters and can/will be on-going if the freelancer legitimately proves that they are a competent marketer.

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Increase Traffic To My Blog

I run a blog about African Trade Beads. The purpose is 2-fold: First, to provide a resource for people wanting to learn about African beads – About Specific Types of Beads, the cultures and the history. Second, as a resource for my customers shopping on my e-commerce store. Most of the traffic to the blog are my customers clicking on "For more information about this product" type links.

I am working on making my blog the ultimate resource for my subject matter. 2-3 blogs are added per week.

I am looking for someone to generate more organic traffic to the blog which will, in turn, drive more traffic to my store.

Include in your proposal how you plan to do this: SEO, Article/link building, Keyword optimization, article optimization, etc. This is a word-press blog.

Preview the blog here: Thanks.

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Increase Traffic To German Website

We have a German website promoting cheap Chinese tractors (see different URL below pointing all to the same website).

Those tractors are aimed to be sold in Germany first.

1. What would you do to increase traffic?
2. What can you guarantee?

Look forward to reading your reply.



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Increase Traffic To Website

I am looking for an individual or company who can help us increase traffic to our website. The website allows businesses and individuals to advertise their services, products, companies and also post ads for selling products.

The solution may include SEM, Social marketing, Viral, Video, email marketing, etc., however, in your proposals provide separate bids for each category of service.

I expect candidates to actively promote the site on an ongoing basis.Candidates must be able to provide measurable results and monthly reports about the activities and what they did to promote the site.

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More Traffic

We are a real estate company and want to increase traffic to our three websites

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SEO, 500 Backlinks, Increase Traffic, And Website Design

I am an affiliate for online poker sites. My website is a online poker rankings and reviews site Its a WordPress site. I need someone to do a 2 part project for me:

Part 1: Design
1. Make a better design for my website and fix any designing errors that i have through WordPress
2. Design my site to make it SEO friendly
3. Make it look similar to

Part 2: SEO
1. Analyze my site and do SEO
2. Create 500 quality backlinks PR3-5
3. Build quality link to increase my SEO and traffic
4. Increase my traffic with various methods
5. As an SEO expert, analyze my site and fix errors associated with SEO
6. Write 10-15 articles associated with poker and add them to my site to get more traffic
7. Find targeted keyword for this topic that will convert to sign-ups

Please contact me only if you are an expert and have knowledge in the field.

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Optimize Website And Increase Traffic

Just need someone who knows their SEO to increase the traffic to a hobby site of mine. It gets almost no traffic and Ive tried a few "services" with no results. The site is "". If you think you can increase traffic by a substantial amount at a reasonable cost, Id be happy to pay for the results etc.

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Increase In Traffic And Leads

We need to increase immediate traffic and leads on our site. We would like to get the traffic and leads from Australia, UK, US and other countries (except India).

We do not want to invest 4-5 months for SEO traffic, but need immediate results within a period of 1 month.

Bidders, please also mention your techniques which you will follow along with committed targets of unique visitors and leads.

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Increase In Traffic And Leads

We need to increase immediate traffic and leads on the site We would like to get the traffic and leads from Australia, UK, US and other countries (except India).

We do not want to invest 4-5 months for SEO traffic, but need immediate results within a period of 1 month.

Bidders, please also mention your techniques which you will follow along with committed targets of unique visitors and leads.

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Increase Traffic, Targetted Visitors


Needed someone experienced in increasing website traffic, software product and its website needs to be promoted, only white hat and real good not fake technicues, more details on request.

ps. it has now about ~1000 pageviews daily, would be good to achive at least 5000

Please show me your best skills and previous experience in similar task

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Project For Gimit

We nneeds off site SEO to be done to achieve top positions for specified keywords and increase traffic from US, UK, AU regions.

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Increase Traffic To Mobile Phone Deals Website


I am looking for an experienced online marketeer who can help me increase traffic to a mobile phone deals website – through organic search results.

The type of keywords Ill be targeting would be "mobile phone deals, contract deals, cheap mobile deals, pay as you go deals" that type of thing.

I do not want any adwords solutions please.

Work is underway to better optimize on-page SEO, so really looking for off-page SEO such as link-building, appropriate content submissions to other sites and spreading the word via social media.

You should have good copy writing skills and have in mind how to target keywords successfully.

If you think youre upto the job, get in touch with a high level strategy of how you are going to go about increasing traffic within the context of and if you can show examples of previous work thatll be an advantage.

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Increase Traffic To A News Site

I have a news website with currently 100k pages and it will be at 250 million by end of June and continue to grow monthly.

I need a REAL Traffic expert to get this up.

I do not need to be #1 in ranking, but I need ALL pages (or almost all) indexed by google and other search engines. Evidently the ultimate goal here is to increase the traffic to the site, you can do it as better think:
.-article submitter
.-social content

Site is on wordpress
Top keywords has 200k searches months, and only are 3 competitors

If you are a REAL expert at stuff like this and know how to get this done, please submit a bid that explains how you plan to do this and gives some assurances. You do not need to give away your trade secrets but you need to propose something serious that I can evaluate and determine if I think it will work.

I will not disclose the web site URL until I have selected a provider.

Serious bids only please.
Thank you for your time.

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Increase My Traffic

For $100 per month (on going) – please tell me what you will do to increase traffic to my website — The only bid to be considered will have in them — I understand you are offering $100 per month — . My target audience are professional people (worldwide) whose first language is not English – but are fairly good English speakers but need improvement.

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Increase Traffic And Posts On Law Forum

It is very simple what I want,

increase traffic to a law forum website, increase relevant posting.
This is for LAW STUDENTS ONLY, so it needs to be very specifically targeted.


We kindly ask for a 1 time solutions, no monthly deals or ongoing support needed. You do this once, tell us how and that is it.

Very small budget.

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Increase Rankings On Website

I require a person on to increase the ranking of Jane Howlett in Lyons to number 1 in the Lyons group – currently she is at number 3. Preferably I would like someone to use proxies to make it look like the voting is coming from within Tasmania, Australia. There are approximately 400 votes required.
The aim of this is to test the integrity of the site.

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Website Marketing – Need To Increase Traffic

We are a new social network and review site based around drinking (bars, pubs, brands of liquor, etc). We are still in beta, but we already have a couple thousand members. We are looking for ways to increase our traffic and membership by an order of magnitude.

The site is called DrinkedIn ( and I would appreciate proposals on how to best achieve our goals.

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