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Website Development

We have a client who needs a custom website developed with a CMS (preferably WordPress) so they can edit the website content and images.

Quick Summary: They sell and install mobile electronics for car dealerships. They DO NOT sell directly to customers online,etc.

They want to create a website that allows their dealer clients to view product offerings, learn about the products and find answers to their customers questions, and allow them to schedule an appointment/order products directly from the website.They just want a function in which the dealer customer can select a product then it all goes into a basic shopping cart, then that form gets submitted and emailed to client. It DOES NOT need e-commerce/payment gateway integration.

We need home page design mockup within 3 days of selecting you. Website must be complete and live by (by 4/22). It must be 100% tested/bug-free and work on all web browsers.

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Phobook Website

We are looking to create a photo-books website where the user is able to log on, upload his photos, drop them into already set photobook themes, and order it for printing.

Website functionality requirements:

Step 1: Choose between themes, templates, size of books and types of binding

Step 2: Making the book:
a. upload and store photos in user account
b. Option to autofill theme with photos
c. ability to switch themes on the fly
d. drag & drop photos into pages
e. add remove pages Â

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Concierge Website

This is a basic description of what we are looking for in our website to be used for quoting purposes in which everything is subject to change. We plan to start as a small website with further expansion in the future.
As you come onto the website, we want you to see a homepage with some information about the company and our services along with any specials we may be offering at the time. On the side of the webpage, there will be approximately ten tabs for ten different categories (snorkeling, sunset cruises, jet skiing, etc.). Each category will consist of a list of the premiere companies offering your desired attraction with a link to a copy of their website.
There will also need to be a shopping cart section with date specific information for each company and category along with payment capabilities. After the check out process is complete, there will have to be a printable voucher to be presented upon arrival. There also must be a confirmation email sent to both the customer and company providing the service.
Thank you,

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Shopping Cart For Laptop Website

I will need a simply shopping cart for my laptop sales company. any cart will do just as long as it will be functional, look good, can customize header and footer and can intergrate the following payment options:

1. form for offline credit card payments
2. Bank/wire transfer
3. Western union

There should be a add to cart and view cart system and ultimately a checkout system

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Website Design For Online Shop

Im looking a designer to build a custom design for an online shop site.
The site will be focused in ANIME, JAPANESE CULTURE and COSPLAY related products, so it should have a look and feel that represent those topics.
Only PSD files are required, for the four main pages: Homepage, Product Listing, Product Details, and Shopping Cart.

Please PM me with links to sites youve done, and if you have any further questions, let me know.


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Auction Website Like Etsy An Fiver

Im looking to have an auction site built for informational products and services that is very simple, something similar to etsy and fiverr. I would like it to have simple accounts and I want it to hide the sellers information until after the bid and purchase is finished. I would also like it to have an instant messenger that activates between the buyer and the seller after the auction is finished. i would also like it to have a shopping cart feature obviously that corresponds to the items mentioned above and an auto responder for the email in the simple account setup page.

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Finish Sunglass Website

I need someone to finish my website. I have 3 collections that need to be finished. Approximatively 45 products need to be added. Each product has 3 to 4 pictures. I have about 5 products that shows as out of stock. I need that to be changed. I need for the items to stay in-stock until the customer completes payment. I also need someone to correct the paypal error.Sometimes when customers are directed to paypal an error shows up that a value of more than $1 needs to be added to cart.The name of my website is it is built using mengento 1.4. All bids must be under $150

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Shopping Cart ECommerce Website

Id like to set up a website where different businesses are able to load their products for sale and offer to the public. They will need to have easy access, we need to track all products being sold. People need to be a member before being able to purchase, allowing us to collate information and use for later correspondence (newsletters etc.). It will need to have shopping carts, ability for us to invoice to the businesses for a % of sales, each business should be able to track their total sales, and an area for member management where the person buying can track their purchase, personal details, referrals etc.It needs to cater for unlimited businesses joining. Bulk emailing, secure payment section for members and businesses, a fast, secure, professional website. It also needs to be linked to facebook and other websites for more member traffic. There should be different levels of access to the site. so that we can access everything and the business can only view their site and add their products but not be able to view the customers personal details etc.

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Shopping Cart For My Website

I need someone to make a shopping cart for my website.

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Create Ecommerce Website

To create an ecommerce website for skincare products and integrate shopping cart and processor.

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Website Programming

Hi, I am looking to hire someone to program my new website. I have put together the entire site design in pds files, a small version can be downloaded here;, the larger editable version can be downloaded at

My current website is, I have based the design for my new site on however I want my site to be made in HTML so that I can optimize it for search engines.

I have added a ecommerce aspect to the site, for purchasing "prints", when the user clicks the "BUY" button they will be directed to a website which will handle all of this for me However the "original" paintings can not be sold through this site, so if an ecommerce shopping cart is easy enough i would like to do that but if its not feaseable or cost effective I thought to direct the viewer to send me an email, I would like the programmer to help me decide which is the best course of action for this. I would like to begin programming asap, please send me your lowest bid, time frame and work experience. I would like flat rate bids because I need to know what the entire cost is before getting started.

Thank you!

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Website Design On Word Press

Need a website design for a project called Live Pure Now.

The focus of the website is living healthy, healthy diet, healthy activities… so needs to have a clean healthy feeling. I want it on a word press theme that looks like traditional website, but will have one page that is the blog.. so it will be seamless into the design so they dont have to leave the site to go the blog section.

We would like a shopping cart on it as well, we will probably use paypal to begin with.

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Recreate Website

I need my website recreated with some flash. It is a fashion website, and it has a small shopping cart with just a few items.

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Need Shopping Cart Integrated Into My Website

I am looking for a shopping cart to integrate into my website
I sell digital goods and this cart must be integrated into JAM software as well.

This will replace my current cart on my website as it is not compatible with JAM.
I want it to work the same way as my current cart e-junkie but the only difference is that it will be compatible with JAM.

Zen Cart, OScommerce or Magento will work for this.

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Need a shopping cart type page

Our company needs a page for information where a user inputs their information such as address and so on. This page needs to include all of their information and a specialized type of javascript that we will disclose to the winner. Our budget is up to (no more than) $100 since this is a single page and we want it to be specialized for us. We need this page immediately. Please bid with the knowledge that you can use javascript to do anything at all. The user must be able to input their information and the website use it the way it is supposed to.

we already had a person from another site try to mess up our site so please have experience. We are also sure this should only take a few days to do since there are no real graphics for this project.

We also pay only after it works on our servers.

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Website Redesign

I am looking for a website designer who can revamp an existing website. I am looking for a more professional look. The website is currently in Dreamweaver CS3 and I need to be able to update the new website myself using Dreamweaver CS3. Please note that I am using a shopping cart service and the website needs to communicate properly with this service. The product content will be the same, but I am looking to add simple "About Us" and "Contact Us" pages. You can view the existing site at

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Maplewood Fingerboards

I have a website online now. I am in need of someone to help me simply put a user registration and validation, blog, a flash intro, contact form, and paypal shopping cart on my website. The person that helps me with this i want to be able to manage the site and add new products myself. So i want it to be as simple as possible.

The user registration should work both for their shopping cart and the blog. You can look at the website at This website is basically for people to buy small skateboards that you use your fingers to ride. Their is not alot of money to be spent for the project. I just want to be up front about that before getting bids.

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