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New Property Management And Maintenance Website

I have a Property Maintenance business in Christchurch, New Zealand and am interested in developing a simple professional website.

Initially I am looking for several pages:

Home, Property Management, Renovations & Construction, Maintenance, Contact Us

I like the design of the website as they offer a similar range of services to ourselves.

Over time I would like to be expand the property management pages significantly or possibly have a separate website linking through from this website.

I have several ideas about layout and content that I would like to include. We also have an existing logo we would like to use.

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Permanent Job Offer For Bangladeshi Teams

Hi there,
I want to hire a data entry firm ( or any kinds of firms ) from Bangladesh,

Ill need 5 workers will work for 8 hours and 3 shift everyday means 15 workers totally.


1) Ill pay 3000tk ( 46.5$) per workers per month fixed ( for 30 days duty ). that means 45,000tk( 675$ ) for 15 workers per month fixed.

2) 5000tk internet bill for 5 computers per month

3) 2000tk( 30$ ) + 3000tk( 46.5$ ) office rent per month.

4) 15,000tk ( 225$ ) for owner of the firm per month

5) that means Ill pay total 70,000tk ( 1050$ ) fixed per month.
All of my salary is fixed for 30 working days, no holidays for my work.

Youll have to have:

1) 24 hours good communication with me

2) 24/7 working capacity ( with electricity backup + internet backup )

3) very good management

payment options: Advance payments daily, payments per hours, payments for every 12 hours , daily payments, weekly payments. ** Advance, per hours, 12 hours payments will be sent via, weekly payments can sent locally.

***Ill not put much pressure on your workers, all workers will work in relax mode.

Teams from other countries are also welcome if youre ready with those requirements.

*** This is a captcha entry works, more details via PM

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Need 50 Forum Postings In A Wedding Forum


I will need 1 Forum posters for Wedding/Bride related forum. I will need 50 posts (10 new threads + 40 Replies) in 1 wedding related forum. Its an urgent requirement and I will consider first come first basis.


Fixed pay: $0.10 per post.
Word count: Each post should be a minimum of 30 words with proper English and no grammatical mistakes.
Posting period: I will need a total of 50 posts per user to be done within 10 days. (15 new threads and 35 replies)
Payment Method: Paypal:

Reply only if you are interested. Also PM me your previous forum posting work experience. I will close this offer after I receive 1 forum posters.

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Im looking to have a new website designed for one of my companies, the current website is at, Im wanting this site to be search engine friendly with the correct tags and descriptions placed into each page,there will be 15 Main pages to this site, with 35 sub pages inside of those main pages, I will have an employment page to upload files to and a contact us page. I want each page to have the same main tabs at the top for the 15 main pages.
Then I want the 35 additional pages to fall in a side menu bar of certain main pages, I will want a contact us box on each page to link to the contact us form,I also want a 24/7 chat box on the site for the customers convenience.
I will send you all of the writing to go onto each page in the body. I want all bots to be able to index the pages I want Google analytics links on the pages,I also want a small spot on the bottom for Google ad sense,The contact pages will need to be set to the proper email address.
I am looking for this site to be 100% SEO ready when its launched,I currently have designed websites and write some code so I will be looking through the site before final payment just to confirm everything is done and optimized.
I want all photos named and accessible that are on the site,and last of all I want to use the same colors and button style as .The store page on the apple site will give you a good idea of how I want it to look,this should be a simple project without much hard coding, I will want a link to us page with some different size banner ads placed on it along with the code.
I currently have a psd file of some of the colors and designs to help you along if need be.

I will also send you a layout of what pages and links will be on what pages through the site.

I have approx ten different websites so if this one goes good I will be using you for my others as well.
I want to have this project completed asap.

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Website Incl. Logo, Design, User Management + Payment Option

Professional design and logo for job website is required.

Platform should work like this:


– Clients send their job offer via online form
(required fields and complete sites is in the language German – you will get all text which is required for the site)
Clients should get login details to watch their actual client info and job offers.
Job offer activation via email required. First job offer activation = account activation.
For all following jobs the activation via email for each job is always required.

– Contractors can also register via a form
Contractors should get login info to watch and change their personal info.
Account activation via email required.
Contracts have to choose requirements at the registration process, which job offer they want to get via Email, like – City, sex, skills ect…

If Clients send a job, all Contractors which chose the requirements form the job in their profile, should get the job information automatically via email.
But not the contact information from the client.
In this email should be a link over which user can pay a fee to get whole information about the job incl. contact information.
Over the payment gateway
, its possible to make secure payments immediately.
After payment is done successful, contractor should get the information incl. contact details of the job via email.
And also client should get contact of the contractor.

If another contractor click on the link after the first contractor paid the fee and got the job information, the other contractors should get the message: "Another contractor still get this job." if they click on the payment link.

Their should be a intern fee table.
If client offer a job with a hourly rate of 15 EUR for example, the contractor have to pay 5,- EUR if he click on the link in the email, to get the clients contact information.
If client offer a job with a hourly rate of 20 EUR, the contractor have to pay 8 EUR via the link in the email to get the client information.
And so on….

Admin should be able to make this fee settings in admin area.
Currency settings required. It should be possible to add, and delete currency in admin area.
Also it should be possible to add languages simply.
List of all jobs should be available in admin area with search function (by user, date… ect.)
Webmaster should be able to send messages to all clients and contractors, only all client, only all contractor or specific contractors and clients.

If contractor paid fee successful and got the job, he should see the job in the job archive in his account.

1 day after he job was dated, the client should get an email with a link to give up rating incl. short comment for the contractor which did the job for him.
The contractor will see the rating for each job under point "My Ratings" in his account.
Ts intern rating is very important for us for a high quality standard.
New contractors, Contractors with 5 and 4 star ratings should get the most jobs offer via Email.
3 star contractors should get only a few job offers. And 1 and 2 star contractors should get no job offers.
This intern system should work automatically.

Admin area required, where we can have all overview and can make settings and changes – incl. statistics ect.

On frontend user should see the newest jobs.
There are also a list with a few categories (category management required in admin area).
If user click on the category, he should only see the newest jobs of the category.

If there are any further question, dont hesitate to contact me before you bid.

You get paid after the job is done completely.

You should be available on gtalk or skype once a day.


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Quality Website Design

We require an experienced and reliable website designer to design and develop a website in the image and style of an existing website. The deadline for this project is 14 days from the selection. The original website content and product will be used on the style of our chosen website. Colors and graphics might change. It is also important to have an admin site in order to do a lot of content management. Payment will be made after completion through GAF or any vendor required. Please we do not want agent to bid on this site. You must be a developer to bid and ready. Thanks

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Website With Cam, Video, Payment System

I Need a website that has similar functionalities to a link I will provide. I dont want to copy, I need a better design and programming. This project is for a professional. Please ask for the link and I will provide. The website is adult content so if you are uncomfortable then please do not bid.

This is not what i want but is an example of the type of pay per cam website feature I want. Basically the user will buy tokens to view cam but would also have his/her own profile account they can log into:

****I DONT want it copied exactly****

Thank you

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Promote A New Website

I want someone to promote this new site, in any effective way, for example, a viral campaign, PPC (I have banners, press release, etc), or anything else. The site is

The price to quote is for the first 500 authentic posts made by real US users on the site. Payment will be made when this amount of posts are on the site. If this amount of posts are not reached within 1 month, payment will not be made.

Please specify how you plan to promote the site. You may also specify your own terms.

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Promote New Website

I want someone to promote this new site, in any effective way, for example, a viral campaign, PPC (I have banners, press release, etc), or anything else. The site is

The price to quote is for the first 500 authentic posts made by real US users on the site. Payment will be made when this amount of posts are on the site. If this amount of posts are not reached within 1 month, payment will not be made.

Please specify how you plan to promote the site. You may also specify your own terms.

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City Sameday Website

Rebuild and design City Same Day Couriers present Joomla based website.

Make the website less clustered and more funky.

Adding to the website a book online system which will intergrate into our booking system, with a pay online payment section.

Work on SEO to build page rankings.

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Get My Website To Pagerank 5

Currently my website is PR3 and with Alexa ranking of around 180000

Can someone get my website to page rank 5 with all genuine work or links? Let me know if you have done it before for any website and how much payment you would ask.

I will pay you once I see page rank 4 and then page rank 5

No black had techniques will be allowed.

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Web Template Modifications

Apartment finder website located in the United States in search of web designer to assist in completing website using an existing template. Will need changes to be done to the template, both minor and major.

The major changes are creating an extensive and easy to use backend support page that allows us the capability to add and manage 1000s of listings, and manage payments

Ecommerce capability

Visual changes to the template we would like (ie. pictures, colors, and font).

Would also like for apartment seekers to have the ability to create an account and save their favorite listings.

Below is a template that we are considering. If we do not choose this one, it will be one that is close.

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