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Simple Classifieds Website Required

Project description

Simple online classifieds website required, where users can sell their goods/services (registration required either via facebook or typed in by users)

Fields required in the registraion process will be :

a) Name
b) Address including postal code
c) Contact mobile 1 & 2
d) Contact landline 1 & 2
e) Other forms of contact such as Skype/AIM/ICQ/messengers/Mo-call

Users will have the option to type in or select do not display in ad and rather not say
Users will have account where they can keep track of ads, eg live/expired/deleted
Ads will be free (however please ad in functionality to chrage in the future)
Add in payment processor functionality (but disable it)

Website will be in black and white (with certain areas to be in shaded grey)
Users will search for goods/services in loctions within that country
In the case of the USA users wil for example search in California, but only be able to search towns, cities within that state (dont list counties) but only be able to search 3 max eg Santa-Monica,Hollywood,Beverly Hills .

So if a user want to search for a Ford Exporler (in the AUTOS section) they can select uptp 3 locations to serch for that item

Users can also post upto 3 locations, but NOT the state as a whole in other words if they live in Glendale in California, they must pick Glendale (and upto 2 more nearby locales as well), there can never be an option for users to only pick the state

The option to pick addional cities/towns wil be on the left hand side of the page, NOTE the headline location will be the state (for the USA)
Country for UK eg scotland, england, N Ireland, Wales, will discuss for other countries.

We will need to discuss the search function in depth as the state can never be an option to be selected , only cities/towns

Smaller countries will just have a list of cities or towns no need to worry about states there.

Ads will be dispalyed by date, and users will have the option to view ads with or without photo.
Also for autos there will be additonal function of dealer and private or both also the photo
For jobs there will be agency and employer direct
For property there will be a agency/priavte and with with out photo

Als will need feed in from other websites eg autotrader for the autos section, ebay for stuff, plus other website content for other listings and for the user to view listings with and wihout this content.

Ads themselves will have ad poster details , description, photos, map, if the ad is private or agency , date posted, price/cost,

No external ads to be posted at al on the site (however this function to be deactivated for later use)
No payment procesor as ads will be free (howver this feature to be deactiavted for later use)

I would need full admin rights to add in cities/towns/ countries
Ban or deleted users

Also require a report ad fucntion where users can report ads that violate the T&Cs , users will type in their name,email,tel no and a reason why they are reporting it.

Will buy the .com and .eu maybe .asia

There will be a forum (need to discuss that use, a free one )

Much more to discuss too, also no payment until i get the finished website and no using other peoples code

I will own the copyright to the site from day 1
I will also organise hosting

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I Want A Simple Forum Website.

I want someone to sell me a simple forum website script like stackoverflow site.
Please bid on if you have one.

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Simple 5 Page Website

I need a quote for simple website of 5 pages.

The 5 pages will include a home page, a contact us page with a contact form and the other 3 page are static content.

We will be providing the hosting and domain name to work and the server will be linux based which supports php & mysql. However, the 5 page websites should only be simple html static pages. Content for the website will be provided.

You will need to provide us the following
1. A template for the website. We prefer basic css template where the colors can be changed easily
2. You will need an image bank so that you can use the suitable pictures on the website. These pictures must not be violating any copyright
3. You must give us your time line needed to complete the basic website of 5 static pages.

In order for us to shortlist you, please provide us with the following information about you or your company for review:
1. Company website
2. Sample work done
3. Introduce yourself or company with the skills you are good at

This may be a long term project where we feed you with such projects consistently. However, it will depend on you work quality and efficiency. Please give us your best price.

Thank you.

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Simple To Navigate Website With Just 4 Key Pages

I am looking to update the current website to a content management type system. The site has key pages : Home, A-Z of Developments, Map, and Links …. Any building is listed in the same template page that will have to show the following info as seen here: I would like alot of social site interaction so that site updates can be shown through twitter and photo gallery is linked to flickr.

The main issues are fast data input which I will complete myself and easy to navigate pictures on the building pages.

Any questions just ask….

Please note that as this is a non commercial project and I am currently studying the project budget is important and to keep this low I will be undertaking all data input on the website template.

I am also keen to develop a logo which I will pay extra for

Thanks for taking the time to read my ad!!
Look forward to hearing from you!

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Change Website Images

I need someone that knows photoshop, i need a few images changed on website.Should be a Simple job.

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I Need A Simple Website For A Popular T.v. Show

I need someone to build me a website from a popular USA T.V. show thats airing now.
Let me know if you are interested ,then I will give you further details.

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Simple Website Asking People To Rephrase A Word Or Phrase

I would like a site called (I just purchased it off GoDaddy) thats kind of like, where I can share with friends, etc. There would be an open text box when you go to the home page/after youve logged in, that says:

Enter something (word, phrase, name of your pet) youd like to be euphemized.

Then you can click on "Share" so that you can share with your friends via email and allow people to post the answer on the website, as well as on facebook and/or twitter. (Much in the same style as Make the interface simple and easy to use, because there is just one place where someone has to enter the phrase to be euphemized, and a field where commenters can suggest euphemisms.

Use and as inspiration for simplicity and website design/interface.
There would be a mobile app (iPhone app) that would do the same.

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Simple WordPress Website

I need a simple WordPress site that contains:

Home page – some articles. top rated doctors, search form (name, city etc.)
Doctor`s page – doctors create account and have their own page with pictures and CV
– visitors can comment and rate them
Hospitals page – similar to doctor`s page

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Setup AS3 Viewer Using Vservu Scource Code

I need a new flash viewer setup that will work with our existing e-book structure. The new viewer will use:

Main site of source code:
Use commercial version to setup viewer :
Existing example of our viewer:

I need all standard features installed included in from source code
All features should be dynamically controlled by xml file if possible or other code that be changed with our modifying the fla.
viewer should be optimized for fast opening speed
Viewer and features need to work on both Linux and windows server
The new viewer needs to work within our existing e-book viewer file structure
Completed project would include my receiving finished fla (source code of the viewer)

Example structure of our e-book available but without source for it

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Simple Freelance Website

I would like a freelance web site coded and programmed where employers post projects and providers bid, once project completed employers and providers let reviews. I am looking for a simple and unique website, well coded with good features and graphics nice to see.

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Amazon API Remote Cart

We need a short script to transfer items from our WP shopping cart to Amazons remote cart.
All products has OfferListingId stored. All you need to do is change the action on Checkout button to a script which transfers the items in cart to Amazon. We are using WP Checkout plugin, a very simple shopping cart plugin.

This project requires Amazon API and WordPress experience. We need this ASAP.

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Simple Website Edit (Fonts, JPG & FLA)

We are looking for someone who can edit our website for us without messing it up.

We just basically want to change all the fonts of our website including the JPG tabs and FLA contents. We might also request for a couple of font style and size variations, depending on the outcome of the font change.

This is just a simple job so please bid accordingly.

Looking forward to working with you.

Techxron Team

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Simple Videography Website Needed

Two of us are starting a small videography company and are looking to launch a Web site soon. We want a very basic, clean and fast web site. We want it to look a bit new-age and edgy, yet elegant at the same time.

We have some design concepts already sketched out that we will talk about more in-depth with the selected designer.

We have the logo in the works and all of the content already written. We would need about 7-8 pages in total (home page, about us, contact, non-profit, commercial, wedding, photography) But the pages will visually look basically the same, just with different written content. Aside from some text and photos, we will mainly use the website for embedding HD videos from vimeo.

We prefer a CMS interface so its easy for us to update. Again, we dont need anything fancy, just a clean, spacious, edgy, elegant, fast-loading site. The site can even be a modified WP theme or something youve already used and have in the bag just updated and modified

Pay will be based on experience/talent/timeliness. Also, it will be base pay, not an hourly or by-page fee. We will want the site done within a few weeks, and you will receive half your payment up front and the other half upon completion. Im going to choose the designer who is the most talented/creative/affordable and who follows directions.

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Simple Drupal Website

Drupal 7 Website

I want a Drupal website developed with the following features. This should be an easy job for someone with Drupal experience.

1. Sections/Menu of the website
1.1 Insider – RSS feed aggregation
1.2 Radio – podcast RSS feed aggregation
1.3 Search – Google customized search
1.4 Jobs – RSS feed aggregation
1.5 Buzz – twitter aggregation
1.6 Universe – Single webpage containing links. Ill edit the content later.
1.7 Wiki – link to another site which opens in a new window
1.8 Projects – Feed based on embedded html/javascript which I will supply

2. Website layout.
Home page should have have three coumns. Each column should contain the latest 5 entries from 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4. There whould be a link in each column called "more…". When the user clicks on this link then they are taken to a full page which lists all the current feed entries.
One sidebar on left of page containing search box and a few other things

3. Theme
Undecided. Can you recommend something simple?

4. Other site features.
4.1 Site search entry box.
4.2 Website banner at top right of all pages.
4.3 Google adwords somewhere on each page
4.4 Contact us form – should just go to an email address.
4.5 Share widget – allows page to be shared on facebook, twitter etc.
4.6 Search-engine friendly urls
4.7 No user registration or login.

5. Optional
Are there any Drupal module which allows for aggregating YouTube videos?

Only apply if you have previous Drupal experience and provide links to some of your other Drupal websites if possible.

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Simple Roster Website

Need website [Removed by Admin] to be able to send submitted data to a database, and be able to retrieve data from the database. The display page for data must also be able to sort between different categories.

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Widget Like Simple Mini-website

Please look here for an example:
I need another widget that looks and does pretty much the same. The owner of the present widget does not want me to use it for another project.

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Simple Website Based On Http://

I would like a version of a website such as:

Its very simple…

It uses an iframe and an image overlay to create additional pages such as:

So, I would like this concept, but for the homepage, I would like it so people can follow a process:

1) Select an image to overlay (User can upload their own image, or, select from some default images)
2) Type in URL
3) Submit button
– This then creates the URL so the browser can share with friends.

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Simple E-commerce Website Needed – SEO Also Needed

I have a website idea in mind, that I have tried developing myself (through godaddy…first mistake), but I have never had any formal training in HTML, website design, or any of the similar. I already have the domain registered and a rough outline of what I want published, but I need you to come in and completely renovate it.

Here is what I need for my website:
I want a sleek, contemporary design. Simple, but refined. There is only about 4-5 pages needed.
Must have a shopping cart which will allow customers to purchase monthly subscriptions to my service.
Paypal is necessary for check-out, and credit cards would be preferable as well.
I already have email set up and running, so that isnt required.
I have an idea for a logo, but other than that there wouldnt need to be many other pictures. Any other pictures would be supplied by me.
All written content will be provided by me.
Lastly, the website must be viewable by the major search engines.

And other than that, that is pretty much it. I am just looking for a sleek and professional website with the above requirements.

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Simple 3 Page Website

I am looking to make a simple 3 page website for my small startup – selling office gift packages. I will need a main page (about), an order form and a page that lists our contact information.

I can share a mock-up of the type of site that I am looking to build.

Many thanks,

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Simple Portfolio Website

I am a graphic designer and have started to build my own wordpress portfolio site using a bought them called Themeology, which is a very basic template. However due to having very little spare time at the moment, the website is taking far longer than I anticipated.

I need a developer who is experienced in WordPress to help me structure the site, I can send you a site map of exactly what I need and all the graphics. The plan is to start promoting my company website in the new year/January. As a web designer I hope to be working on many websites for which I will need to work with developers, so hopefully I can offer yourself more work in the near future too.

Once the site is designed I want to duplicate the website, just adding a few new graphics, and attach the url, as then I will also be promoting myself as a freelance graphic designer and not just a company.

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Building A Simple And Useful Website

I want to do a simple project based on website building and designing according to skills I have.

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Simple WordPress Website

I am under process of building a content site in wordpress. I may need the following:
1. Use templatemonster 13971
2. main menu with 7 options.
3. Homepage with news scrolling
4. One page with youtube demos
5. One registratio page that will redirect to download page where the user must submit email address before he can view the download and email will be set to me with registration details

The right candidate may have good chances in the future too. So, keep a watch and be careful. (Will not wait for the bidding time to finish).


Happy Bidding!

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Need Website NOW – Go Daddy Website Tonight

We need someone to design a quick yet eye catching site quickly and on a small budget. We have a website tonight account thru Go Daddy, 5 pages. ….I have some images and verbiage. Just need someone that is familiar with this application and can get something up quickly. Must be available via skype chat and give me a timeline in your response. I need something simple yet good looking quickly!!!! use templates on go daddy… whatever is easiest and quickest, Want to hire today.

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Edit/Update Simple Changes On Our Website

we want to simply change a few headings, add our contact details on the last page, change a graphic on the home page etc…

simple stuff right?

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Simple Static Website Creation

We are looking to redesign our website, for an audio services company. The website will be static, not dynamic. Hence we are looking for someone who is very design-oriented.

We will provide all the content details, website hierarchy, and some layout suggestions. We would like the website to be mobile-friendly, so no Flash is necessary. However, in terms of embedded media, we would want to integrate some music and video examples.

In terms of design, we would like a web 2.0 look. For example, larger fonts, simple and clean, yet elegant. Here are some examples:

Finally, we would like to work with someone who can provide good communication throughout the project, whether through phone (USA) or skype.

If you are are interested in this job, please send us a private message with samples of your work. Also, include the word DESIGN as the first line in your message, so we know that you have read this proposal.

We would like to get this done asap, so please only bid if you are available to start immediately.

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Very Simple Task On Website

I need to add Privacy policy on my web site. Also i need 2 banner space which can be managed by admin page. Then it be possible myself to change banners with easy task. My website has admin page. I need a professional and skilled freelancer only. I can not accept more than 30 USD. I will give screenshots if you request more info.

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Cafe Website And E-commence

Need a website so we can offer online catering orders and sell some products from it. ( e-commence)

aslo should be able to order from the website and print on our printer.

need payment gateway as well

cafe is a corporate cafe and needs to be smart and simple.

Store location
contact us

I have some pictures also


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Simple But Awesome Website!

Dear Freelancer,

Im looking for someone or an angency who can create an affiliate website for me.
The aim of the website is to provide interested founder, professionals, investors and managers with informations. There is not a product nor a service to sale. The website ( exists already but I dont like it 🙂

The service provider should be also able to provide me a great logo and german content (approx. 500 words for each menu) which is appopriate to the website. The website has a contact part and five different menus where I can thereafter add content and affiliates without a developer as well. Lastly, the website should be also SEO – optimized.

Thanks for reading my requirements carefully.

Best Regards,

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Simple Insurance Website Development

Orange Consulting LTD needs to develop an Insurance website.
The project is very simple; I have attached a site map. We need only the basics:

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Simple Urgent Website – PhpJunkYard.Com

Build Best Website inspired by
Features to be discussed in PMB.
People with previous directory listing contact Asap

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Simple Urgent Website – PhpJunkYard.Com

Build Best Website inspired by
Features to be discussed in PMB.
People with previous directory listing contact Asap

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Web Developers

I need a project based web developer for 3-4 projects in the next 6-8mos. It will just be a simple static website plus maybe 1 dynamic.

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