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(4) Different Facebook Campaigns Of 1,500 US Facebook Fans

I am looking for a professional freelancer or company to work on 4 separate 1,500 US Real Facebook Fan campaigns.

Here are the requirements:

– All 4 campaigns must be complete in 10 days or less
– Must have experience in this work and MUST have feedback
– I am a reseller so please bid accordingly. I have many projects on here and many more coming up so I always take care of the providers that take care of me.
– I dont offer milestone payments. When the work is complete, then Ill send full payment. I have + feedback.

Thanks for bidding.

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SE Social Engine Templates

Hello Programmers,

I am looking for someone that has a lot of experience with the Social Engine software.
I would like to apply a new template to the site. Preferably the one that looks like facebook.
Please provide links to the demo templates that you have available.

I would like to get this done asap!

If you have done templates for SocialEngine platform before, please do bid because I have several websites owners who need new templates, in addition to above project. Message me what other aspects of web developement you are competent for.



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JavaScript :)

I need JavaScript expert!!

Must have experience in JS.

There are numerous Projects.

Bid $80


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Project For Amdadhbd For 2.5 K Fan From Canada

As discussed and some already done projects with him.please bid for 115$ as discussed

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Need A Script

We need a script used in freshbooksdotcom. Only prorammers who have done similar projects please bid.

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Writers Who Want To Work On Long Term Projects Do Bid Here!!

Please read the complete description before bidding….Otherwise dont waste your time if you have concerns regarding any of the points…..

I am looking to hire multiple freelancers to work with me for my ongoing projects….While hiring Ill prefer natives…I can pay $1.10 per 500 words(non-negotiable)….I want writers who can provide at least 5-10 articles of 500 words each on daily basis…I want quality work that can pass copyscape and will not be ready to pay for any plagiarized content until the issue is fixed….Please bid with the sample of your work…Bids without sample wont be considered!!

I prefer to pay through GAF if you want immediate payments….Can also pay through other payment modes but in that case payments may get delayed but still you will be paid for sure!! So Bid with confidence…..

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Country Research

Research information about the following Pacific countries; Vanuatu Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands. write a summary of the following for each country History (max 1500 words) Society (max 600 words) Government (max 500 words) Geography including climate and environment (max 600 words) Economy (400) These word counts are an upper limit and less can be written if the style is succinct and the full word count is not required for that country.
I can provide suggested websites to review for research and I can clarify the type of information to the bid winner.
Writing style needs to be business writing. English standards must be excellent.
I need this writing completed by 5:00pm Wednesday 20th October 2010 Australian EST and would like to see the first country Vanuatu, completed by 5:00pm Monday October 2010 Australian EST to review and give feedback.

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Need Freelancers To Bid On Projects For Me


I am in need of freelancers who can bid on projects for me and do whatever is necessary to win the project. Each project that is won, once the project has been completed by my team, I will give you 5% of the cut. If our relationship is going well then within a few months itll go up to 10% and possibly higher depending how good you are. I will have a seperate account created just for you to bid with. I will give you all the necessary qualifications and project types I want once the winner is selected.

This is basically free money for people putting in very little time. You need to be able to give a good sales pitch to win the bid. In your PM please give me information how you feel you will be able to provide that for me.

Its a win win situation for both of us! Good luck!

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CMS Integration To Theme Joomla

Joomla experts please assist. I need help will lead to further work. PM me for details. Please only bid $30 for the projects I just have questions about joomla.

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PhpMyDirectory – Set-up And Monetize Directory


I need to set-up a directory, so considering the use of Php My Directory.
If you know however a better script for directories, please let me know.

The directory I want to launch is something like this:
www. f r a n c h i s e d i r e c t .c o m

So, your job will be too:
Implement the .psd design into a template of the script.
Configure the database in order to match what is done in the example above, so: new fields need to be added to the company profile, the company profile needs to have a form so that people interested in knowing more about the company, need to be able to send that form
Set-up the monetization part of the site, so help me out to configure everything properly, if you know back-office of PMD, it will be easier.
Import database from several sources (websites, excel, etc)

I have not yet bought the script, and they offer a 50% discount to a second license so if you have bought a first license, and are entitled to a second one, with 50% discount, let me know.

This should be a very straigh forward job if you know PMD, and that is the profile of freelancer I need.

Dont bid a high value to make this set-up because this is the type of work that should be done easily and fast if you know what you are doing.
The steady income for you will happen after the site is launched, when i need to permanently make improvements, changes etc.

If interested please let me know:
– the links of work you have done with phpmydirectory
– how many days you need (no more than 7 days from the start of the project till the end, would be good)
– how much you want

PS: I might need to connect it with phpBB forum

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3rd Private Project For Samdevildude

Continue blog commenting. Please keep bid at $250. $50 per week as previous projects.

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Changes to an existing website Urgent

We need to make several changes to an existing website. See project clarrification board for details.

There is some design work involved. We will need to see at least 3 design mockups to choose from. We will have the right to edit the designs until we are completely happy with the design.

This project is urgent and should be finished asap.

FTP details will be provided to the winner. Full payment will be escrowed.

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Vbulletin Forum- Need to Fix & Get it running!

I have a website forum which runs on VBULLETIN 3.8 version software.

The website forum at present needs the following fixes. Our website ran out of budget and we are stuck! Also we are tight on budget

Template: A new template is installed but doesnot work? The them can be found at : we need to fix it or reinstall this theme to our website

Mods: We have 2-3 mods which we need somebody to fix it and make it run? Might need some customization in terms of changing the settings Of VB Control Panel.

The task is pretty simple and requires no language coding. Its just playing with control panel of VBulletin.

Terms & Conditions:
–Bidder got an option: Either fix the errors on website or reinstall the theme & 2-3 mods. Which ever saves time

— Bidder must know what is Vbulletin. If you are not aware, have a demo VBuleting at the given website
– The project needs to be finished completly. No partial payment for partial work.
–Before the start of work, we would be discussing the complete scope via PM so we all are on same page

— we expect this task not to take more than 1 hour maximum time.

SO BID ACCORDINGLY! Again we are tight on budget

Work to be completed in 24 hours.

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Website Comps

Project is for the creation of
cri design
monavie design
five single pages

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Need SEO experts to promote our online shopsite

Hello, I need an experienced link builder and/or article writer-submitter or a SEO experts to provide PR3+ RELEVANT one way links to our website.

This Project is for English Link Building for our Online shop,to get more targeted traffic to our online shop,especialy the USA and UK regions.

English must be Perfect !

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Project For Mirod

Website project for Mirod

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Product for Adult Shopping Site

I need product for adult toys put onto my website. The products will come from Everything will be the same description and prices taken from there and put onto my website.

This project is urgent. I need it done a.s.a.p. my budget is very low. So I will be going most likely with lowest bid and lowest time needed. Dont have to do all products today. But need project completed soon.

The site you will be putting products on is I will choose someone today.

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Copy Website Database

I would like to get someone to get a copy of a database from 3 websites.

I require the contact details from within the database.

I will provide the website links once bids are confirmed.

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Easy Website Modification Project

Looking for an experienced web designer to do an easy copy and paste job for me that shouldnt take longer than an hour or so.

Please refer to the attached document for specific instructions.

The ideal person for this job would have excellent feedback from GAF and have demonstrated the ability to get projects done fast.

Im looking to get this done ASAP.

Any questions just PM me!


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Need Terms and Conditions

We require a person to design a "user agreement" and "terms and conditions" for our website.

Must have experience and know law very well.

we require to see your previous work.

Regards, Joey

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