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We are a digital marketing agency that specialises is brand management. We are currently looking for a reliable and experienced person to upload regular content to Wikipedia.

– All content is notable and worthy of Wikipedia
– All copy is written by professional writers within the Wiki guidelines
– Links will be supplied for verifying notability


– be experienced, regularly uploading content to Wikipedia
– be good communicators
– have fast delivery
– have lasting results
– be professional

I have 2 articles to upload as a start and that is what this bid is for. On going work and bonuses available for the right partner.

Happy bidding!

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SEO Link Building From #2 To #1 (beat Wikipedia)

I have a site that ranks #2 for a semi-competitive term on (~11.2 million results on Google). Wikipedia is in front of me as #1. I need to climb to #1. I can PM the website when you request it.

Payment will be made once the site reaches #1 and stays there for 1 week. This is a results-based project – no payment will be made prior to reaching #1. Thank you for bidding. You can use white hat techniques only.

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Java – Proof Of Concept Project

Need a small java application that checks the default search engine of the web browser – confirms it is set to a specific provider (for the test we will use and when confirmed the application will copy files from the user computer from one location to another.

If the default browser is not set to then the user will be provided an alert message stating the copy can not be performed and given the option of resetting the default search engine to Wikipedia or not. If they do not change the search back to Wikipedia, then the copy function will not commence.

That is pretty much it. Source code will need to be provided when completed and the project will be completed when the above proof of concept can be installed on a users system and perform as described above.

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Experienced Wikipedia Writer

We need an experienced writer to publish an article about our company – Must be able to use external links to prove the facts. The article must get published and stay on Wiki.

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Write Plant Articles For Blog

Very small budget project:

I need a freelancer to write a series of articles on my blog. Basically my blog is designed to be about cooking and gardening (that is cooking with things from the garden).

What i want the freelancer to do is a series of articles which consist of:

Title / Name of plant
Plant Family, Species, Genus etc
Open Source / GPL Image
Description of Plant
When to Plant seeds / plant in Australia (Which months for which states)
How long it normally takes to grow, when it can harvested.
How to grow these plants,
Which parts can be eaten and which are poisions
Description of the taste of the plant, what sorts of foods it can be used with for cooking.

The plants should be focused on eatible / kitchen based plants that can be used for cooking. All writing needs to be origional, so there are no copyright issues,

an example of the plants i am curious / interested in are:

The blog is a blogspot blog. and would also need labels to assist in SEO through the blog thing.

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Experianced Wikipedia Writer

We need an experienced Wikipedia writer to write an article/profile on our company. Must be able to use reference links to be included in the article etc.

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Italian Wikipedia Editor Needed

Our client is looking for an Italian Wikipedia Editor who could edit their logo (update from old one to the new one) in the Wikipedia entry.
This project is urgent.

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Need Links From Wikipedia Pages

We need links from related wikipedia pages that will not be removed. I will provide the websites that we need links for, and you can link from different wiki pages to different pages on the website. This job will be rewarded according to the number of links you can provide.

If we need to develop content for a website, in order to get a link, then is your job to develop this content and provide it to us.

Also need you to support a newly developed wiki page of a large company. Consultation and support from you will be rewarded.

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Wikipedia Link Builder

Wanted Wikipedia link building expert. Im wanting a bunch of different links coming from Wikipedia for traffic and back-links.

Heres a video that will give you Ideas on how this can be achieved:

I would need as a detailed report and these links need to stick and not deleted

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Wikipediate Editor Needed

I have the content to be written in the article and substaintiated sources, but need the skill and know how with wikipedia to effectively get new content justly inserted in a contented wikipedia article.

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Wiki Assist Two

I need 45 pages created for a wiki. Not wikipedia. Another wiki.

Each needs to give a small description 50-100 words, of a specific gadget or concept that I will give you.

The writing needs to be good academic-style wikipedia-style writing, neutral point of view, inline citation, with academic sources, no blogs etc, with references formatted pretty decently etc.

Please attach the text of an article you have written, with inline citations, preferably one that is on wikipedia.

02/21/2011 at 18:15 EST:

The deadline is 10 days.

You can also use any Creative Commons licensed or public domain text in your articles, as long as it is inline-cited and well referenced, and you copy those citations and references as well, and properly credit the original author if it is a Creative Commons Share-Alike license.

Thank you.

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Wiki Assist 2

I need 50 pages created for a wiki.

Each needs to give a small description 50-100 words, of a specific gadget or concept that I will give you.

The writing needs to be good academic-style wikipedia-style writing, neutral point of view, inline citation, with academic sources, no blogs etc, with references formatted pretty decently etc. This is –not– an advertising job and its not plugging a product or company.

Please attach the text of an article you have written, with inline citations, preferably one that is on wikipedia.

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Data Entry Operators Needed….

I need freelancers for different works related to data entry. Right know the work is copy paste the data to wiki site.

Preference will be give to Indians, and who has knowledge in wikis. (if you dont know what a wiki is, is a wiki site.)

You need to copy/paste data from the sources I said. And also you should format the text in a good manner like wikipedia.

I am looking for freelancers who are willing to work at low prices. By this work, you can earn 10-15 dollars a day. If you are a good working person, this will be on going task for you. Its an opportunity for new lancers to get their first positive feedback.

Make your bid for 100 hours of work and also sent a private message regarding your capability in this project. I am looking for about 10 freelancers to get my work done.

Spammer check. Please add "HAGSO" in your reply so that I know you read the full description.

Happy Bidding.

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Double Eliminations And Other Mods For Tournament Site

Okay, I am posting this yet again…lol

1.> I need someone that can create a double elimination option for my tournament website (currently I can only have single elimination tournaments)


Here is a wikipedia article on double eliminations and how they work. The script MUST function like this:

2.> Create a Round Robin tournament option. (

3.> Create a Youtube video room. Where members can view and add videos. This video room should have the ability to add categories, videos and be moderated via current admin panel.

4.> Credits based system to enter ladder/tournament. Currently, the site allows me to set an entry fee (via Paypal) to enter tournaments/ladders. I would like to modify this so that members purchase credits and then use those credits to enter tournaments/ladders. Each member must have their own account and be able to withdraw funds through Paypal. Their accounts will need to keep track of how many credits they have and require that they have a set amount to enter tournament/ladder.

Please DO NOT bid if you can not complete ALL of this project. Your bid is for the COMPLETION of ALL of this project.

When I select the winning bid I will place 50% of the bid amount into escrow (DO NOT ASK FOR MORE) Once you inform me that the ENTIRE project is complete I will place the 2nd 50% of the bid amount into escrow. At that time I expect to have full access to a working project. I will take 3 days to sufficiently test the script. If all goes well during the test I will release full payment.

I will allow only 30 days for completion of this project. If you can not show me progress that is sufficient enough to extend that time period then I will cancel the project. If you are near completion and can show me the progress then I will extend the deadline.

If I must cancel the project after 30 days (because you can not show enough progress) then I will receive 100 percent of the escrow.

Please do not waste my time or yours by bidding if you can not deliver. (Which has happened on this project before)

When bidding please describe, in detail, your methods for accomplishing this project.

I also require daily communications from you – just an update on the project is fine.

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Joomla Scrap Page To Wikipedia (it, En)

I have to make a site with joomla drupal wordpress or with the contents of extrapolated.

I need a component that allows automatic importing of text from wikipedia, youtube videos, maps from Google or MSN or yahoo, photos from Flickr or Picasa or Panoramio automatically (from a list of keywords will have to create the pages automatically type yacg)

I know a similar plugin for wordpress but you can not copy from wikipedia but it offers only a link (however laudable)
Wikipedia has everything that you could use the database – or – and perhaps

devo realizzare un sito con joomla drupal o wordpress con i contenuti estrapolati di

Mi serve un componente che permetta di importare automaticamente i testi da wikipedia, i video da youtube, le mappe da google o msn o yahoo, le foto da flikr o da picasa o panoramio in modo automatico (da una lista di parole chiavi dovra creare le pagine automaticamente tipo yacg)

Conosco un plugin simile per wordpress ma non permette di copiare da wikipedia ma offre solo un link (lodevole comunque)
Wikipedia offre tutto il database che si potrebbe usare – oppure – e forse anche

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DE Wikipedia Artikel

Hallo Freelancer,

ich suche jemanden, der erfolgreich einen Wikipedia Artikel über unser Unternehmen veröffentlichen kann. Wir haben es schon zwei Mal versucht, doch vergeblich wurde es immer wieder abgelehnt.

Sie müssen nicht einen Komplett neuen Artikel schreiben. Ihre Aufgabe ist es, den vorgegebenen Artikel so zu verändern / umschreiben, dass es für Wikipedia in Ordnung ist.

Im Anhang befindet sich der vorgegebene Artikel und der Löschgrund von Wikipedia.

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Wiki Upload

I need an entry to uploaded onto Wikipedia. The post is already written with the relevant formatting and links but that now needs to be translated into the technique Wikipedia requires for upload. Needs to be uploaded and working as soon as possible in February.

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Wiki Poster With Long Standing Account, Link Building Skills

I have a website that is heavy on content. It has more than 300 pages of content on a specific subject. It covers many years of history. Nearly every page on my website has a corresponding page on wikipedia.

I would like links in the external links section from the wikipedia page to my page. So if there is a wikipedia page for "Some Thing" then my page on "Some Thing" needs to be linked to in the external links section on that page.

This will require you to go through every page on my site, one at a time, and then visit wikipedia and find the relevant page. Once on the page, place my link. I would like the link to contain the proper title from my page as the link text.

I am willing to pay $1 per link that stays live for 48 hours. So do the work, tell me its done 48 hours after your done, we can verify the links and then you get paid. This job could go up to $320 if every link sticks.

Specific information about the website will be given to the winner.

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Submit To Wikipedia

We need to someone to write/submit about my site in wikipedia. We will look at all bids.
I need to see example work, prefreably other wikipedia posts.
We may need this service for other clients of ours.
plase contact me at nossa

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Wikipedia Articles

Hi. I have some articles that have to be put into US Wikipedia. I know there are some rules but I prefer to order it to someone else. Can you do it?

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Website Scraping/Data Mining

I have a site that uses PHPProBid and I would like to add a new feature for customers.

I would like to have data scraped from Wikipedia and give customers the option of adding the information to their listings. (Similar to eBays Add Additional Information)

When a customer is creating a listing they should be prompted to enter the name of their item.

For example:

A customer enters a DVD title: As Good as it Gets
then selects the DVD category.

They should be asked if they would like to include additional information. If they click yes, then the information would be extracted from wikipedia and added to their listing.

The scraper should remove all links contained in the wikipedia page. Also, some information will be left off from the original wikipedia page. Scraper should also add a movie or game rating logo (if a game is rated mature – them it would display the Mature rating logo)

Scraper will also need to automatically add the product image from wikipedia into the image upload URL area.

When the information is displayed to potential buyers is should include 1 link back to wikipedia by displaying this text at the bottom: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also, I would like to add a new drop-down when customers are creating a new listing.
The drop-down would be Item Condition. Customers would be able to select the items condition from the list. This should be configurable within the PHPProBid admin area.

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Wikipedia Assistance

I am interesting hiring someone who understands how to add content and images to wikipedia. The information will strictly be available from experts in the topic of interest. We simply need someone who understands the rules and regulations of wikipedia and can correctly upload the information,

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Online Multiplayer, Browser Based Card And Board Games Site

We want to develop custom casual /skill /card games.
We need game portal and need games with source codes.
Most important point is graphics of the games.They must be smart and unique.

And we also need multiplayer games like backgamoon , hearts and exc.
Example Games:
1. Backgammon:
2. okey:
3. Dominoes:
4. exc.


We also need Site design, Site coding and games coding (server side services and the player interface)

User membership system should be.

Background images in games are updated on a admin panel.
Rating system, the tournament infrastructure, logging ..

Please indicate the languages you use the software.

If you have already games pls send the links of playable demos.


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Online Multiplayer Card And Board Games Site

Online multiplayer card and board games site

1. Backgammon:
2. okey:
3. Dominoes:


Site design, coding and games coding (server side services and the player interface)

User membership system should be.

Background images in games are updated on a admin panel.
Rating system, the tournament infrastructure, logging ..

Please indicate the languages you use the software.

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Wikipedia Seasoned Writer -Freelance Work

I am looking for someone who has a proven track record on researching and writing articles on wikipedia. Two entries need to be written.

Candidate will be selected based on experience on wikipedia, number of successfully placed articles, and authority and duration as a wiki contributor.

Please send your bid range for this project.

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Wikipedia Writer Needed For Small Project

I need a Wikipedia savvy writer or editor to finish a page I started, and get a picture up on it..

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Essay Writing – 10 Page English

An academical paper is needed.
Fluent English is required

Oil crisis in 1970s and its RELATION with keynesian economy

Fonts should be 12 punto

Deadline 5 days

Please do not bid more than its worth

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Wiki Website

I am wanting a wesite to be developed similar to that of Wikipedia, where someone can add information to a topic header very easily, and I also want it anonymously for the person uploading the information. I would like a search function on the website that people could search for topics or any keywords that might have been posted by someone else. Pretty much a carbon copy of what you can do on wikipedia. If possible the ability to post pictures, like a profile picture of a person, or place would be fantastic.

Please let me know what you come up with.


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I am a Digital Artist & Painter and would like to have my profile on Wikipedia. Bio + 1 picture + link to web

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Company Wikipedia Page Needed

We have a client who needs a Wikipedia page created for their company, similar to these company pages.

Ideal Freelancer will be an expert in creating Wikipedia pages and can write the content for the same. We are looking for someone who has a proven track record on posting on Wikipedia. Examples of pages you

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Wiki Clone Job With Some Modifications

Looking for someone to install the latest version of MediaWiki on a shared Linux server (with CPanels).
With the whole English Wikipedia data dumps. Youll make website search engine friendly, disable main pages from editing, set administrative privileges to top administrator and make it flexible to add some modifications such as integrating Adsense, and any JavaScript plugs in order to monetize site.

1 – install MediaWiki (using cPanel/PHPMyAdmin) with the current English content of Wikipedia

2 – every page has a dynamic title and a clear url like …./List-of-sovereign-states.
change the "_" (underscore) into a "-" (dash) in the urls.

3 – A copyright notice should be embedded to all pages directing to the original article at Wikipedia and a reference link to the authors.

4 – Add a sitemap for google and yahoo for indexing.

5 – Optimize site for good ranking in Google

Cost: approx $100 depending what you offer additionally.
If you do very correctly this job, Ill do the rest of the language sites (not all languages required) with you.

Please only bid if you are proficient with MediaWiki, Wikipedia and accept the cost.

Please do not forget to type "MWIKI" in your Bid/PMB (that way I know you have read all the project details and are not a generic bot). Otherwise I will delete the bid straightaway. Thank you.

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Wikipedia Seasoned Writer 2


I am looking for someone who has a proven track record on writing articles on wikipedia.

Please advise your price on a per article basis. You can scope by no of words it is fine.

Candidate will be selected based on

Experience on wikipedia and authority and duration as a wiki contributor

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