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IPhone Dating Application

LoveBuzz is a mobile phone application that uses GPS to find nearby users, then compare each users profile to gain a match percentage. If the percentage is above a user set threshold, that user will receive a notification that the matched user is nearby and show their profile.

To match two users a matching algortihm will compare like and dislike tags a user enters, what the user is looking for (Gender, Age, etc), and Facebook Likes (using Open Graph API). This will provide users with a accurate match. Matching and notifications will be automatic. The match processing should occur on the mobile device and not on the server.

The UI should have four buttons down at the bottom with Notifications, Map, Messages, and Options.
Notification should contain new matches. Upon clicking the match that matched users profile will appear. A users profile will contain a small picture with basic information underneath (Name, Age, Height/Weight, Likes/Dislikes, and % Match). The user will swipe the screen to get more information, another swipe a picture, and a final swipe to the map screen showing the location of the match (If that user is visible on map via options).
Map will show google map overlay with any matches on the screen.
Messages will contain messages from other users.
Options will contain options to edit profile, privacy settings.

This application has a lot of dependance on GPS and will require a good mathematics background to create the required algorithm to match users with each other. A server side database will contain all user information.

Contact me for more information.

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Beverly Maniago

Hi Bei,

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