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Reviewer’s Application

What I need or require:

There are two main objectives included in this project:

1.Create a script / program to load the data into the necessary database tables. Called Database Program (See section 2)
2.Create an application to allow Reviewers to remove or add usages in a given zone. Called Reviewers Application (See section 3)

Here is a list of general requirements (not detailed) describing the scope of the project. Those requirements are further explained and detailed in the next sections, explaining the work to be done.

1.This project consists of an application using 3 simple database tables with less than 10 columns each.
2.The tables are linked together by a simple key consisting of one column.
3.The project must include a way to load the initial data into those 3 tables from 3 files
4.(2 tables are straight from a file, the 3rd one requires little associations described later).
5.The application will allow the user to modify one of those 3 tables (the main table), the other ones being used as read only.
6.There will be 4 relatively simple windows involved in this solution.
7.There will be a maximum of 6 users simultaneously working, but each one on their own part of the data (one column of the main table will be used to separate the data).
8.The application must allow exporting the data to an external text file.
9.The application and the data will be in French (this only affects labels of the interface, but documentation and translation will be provided to the programmer so it does not implicate more work).
10.All documentation and comments provided by the programmer will be in English.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Knowledge of C# (.net) and MS SQL Server 2005

Timeframe for delivery:
1 week

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Bluetooth Runtime Enumeration For Delphi/Windows/XP/W7

My company develops hardware and software for education/emergency medical/law enforcement applications. We have a product that communicates by Bluetooth to a PC using SPP (Virtual Com Port) profile. We need to find a way to determine the numbers of the outgoing and incoming serial port numbers assigned to a paired Bluetooth device. These numbers can be found in the Bluetooth Control Panel in both XP and Vista, but Windows 7 shows only the outgoing port number. Wed like to automate the process of assigning the correct incoming port number, in our software, which is written in Delphi 5. Possible solutions would include methods of accessing Windows APIs that can return the desired information…. I believe I can access an ordinary DLL (my programming skills are limited). We do not use COM or .NET.

A good solution might be directing us to the appropriate DLL or API call that can take the assigned name of the paired device, and return two parameters: the outgoing port, and the incoming port. The solution needs to work for XP, Vista, and W7.

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