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Custom Barcode Quality Control System:

Step 1: Job is created

A manager should login to the Quality Control System and manually key in and update information for each new job. The manager is responsible to login and enter the following data fields:

Job Number:
Flange Style:
Test Pressure:
Design Pressure:
Number of Units

Once the data has been entered it should populate a spreadsheet style form that is sortable by column. The data should also be printed out and formatted to a label. This label will be affixed to the job/part and travel with the job/part throughout the entirety of the manufacturing process. This label should also contain a barcode which will be used to track data from quality control tests detailed in step 2 and step 3.

(number of units = each job can contain multiple units. For example if manager opens job A1234 and that job has

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Shipping Module to be re-done on current Os Commerce Site

I need an expert who can solve my shipping problems. I currently have flat rates set up for three different zones (Ireland, UK & Rest of EU). I need the shipping set up so that Ireland receives a flat rate of

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Windows HTTP Analyser/ Blocker with MySQL backend.

Hello, I need a small program that will connect into a remote MySQL database and download list of websites to allow/ block.

Software should work on Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, but older operating systems are also welocome. If possible it shouldnt be detected by firewalls/av.

Program shoud work with two policies: Allow websites from list or Disallow websites from list.

Addresses will be stored in table in a format allowing wildcards, so when I enter *pink*, it should block websites like etc

When you bid, please tell me how are you going to complete the project, what technologies to use etc, and provide timeline.
I will not read bids or PMBS that are not started with HFAG and ds gg dfg ffff respectively.

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