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Bluetooth Runtime Enumeration For Delphi/Windows/XP/W7

My company develops hardware and software for education/emergency medical/law enforcement applications. We have a product that communicates by Bluetooth to a PC using SPP (Virtual Com Port) profile. We need to find a way to determine the numbers of the outgoing and incoming serial port numbers assigned to a paired Bluetooth device. These numbers can be found in the Bluetooth Control Panel in both XP and Vista, but Windows 7 shows only the outgoing port number. Wed like to automate the process of assigning the correct incoming port number, in our software, which is written in Delphi 5. Possible solutions would include methods of accessing Windows APIs that can return the desired information…. I believe I can access an ordinary DLL (my programming skills are limited). We do not use COM or .NET.

A good solution might be directing us to the appropriate DLL or API call that can take the assigned name of the paired device, and return two parameters: the outgoing port, and the incoming port. The solution needs to work for XP, Vista, and W7.

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C++ Bluetooth Stack Program

Seeking a competent C/C++ programmer to write a demo/pilot proof of concept program that interfaces with a wireless beacon and collects RSSI data. The program will run on a windows platform and modify
the Widcom Bluetooth stack to perform the above task.
The test scenario is windows workstation running the program
that will communicate wireless with upto 3 bluetooth beacons.

In addition to RSSI data the script will perform a calculation based on this data to determine location of bluetooth devices.

We are budgetting two worths of programming to achieve this task.
please bid accordingly and confirm this timescale is achieveable
for you.

IMPORTANT: Also confirm if you have any experience of modifiying the bluetooth stack or similar projects. Or tell us what skills you have that will allow you to achieve this.

Thank you.

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