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Project For Maxfisher ONLY (others Will Be Ignored)

Same as:

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Web Development, Html, .net, Programming

Currently We are looking for some staffs for our company who can work from their home.
18-24 years old workers and trustworthy are preferred.
experience or without experience can apply.
Currently We are paying $3 per hour but it will increase later.
($3 hourly rate)
Interested candidate please dont hesitate to contact us on our skype.
Our skype id (anjanrai21)
Please do not bid if you dont follow our company rules and regulation and age more than 24.

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Deploy Existing Database And To Windows Azure

Prove of concept project.

I have an ASP.NET 4.0 website and sql server 2008 database and I want to deploy to Windows Azure and SQL Azure.
I want someone to help me to deploy my website and database to cloud, and prove that it can be running in the cloud

1. Modify my .net solution to be able to deploy my and create some sort of the package, so i can deploy my website and database to clould.
2. the process must be duplicatable, and be able to deploy as multiple websites and databases
3. Please prove me a simple readme.txt or simple installation instructions

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You must have good english.
Hi, I am a university student who requires a tutor, I cannot pay much. Maybe around $200 for help.
I am almost a newbie to programming.
What i need:
Someone who can tutor me to help me build an application that fills web forms, and it has to use the api to break captcha codes. You must understand i do not want anyone to build the application for me, i want to do it myself.
Basically it will be a profile creator and submitter of articles to websites.

There are other little bits but they will be discussed when the programmer has been chosen. You must be availiable via IM, skype or hotmail.

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VA Needed For Linking And Programming

Looking to hire a VA to handle automated link building tasks including blog commenting, forum posting, article distribution and some .NET programming. I am very experienced and need a competent VA.

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ASP.NET Programming

I have a program here and I need someone to change the code a bit to make it skip the first screen that shows and go right to the second screen.

It must pick up the sessionID in order to show the 2nd screen. Right now it has a button on the first screen that someone must click then it forwards that sessionID to the second screen so they can download a program.

So if someone knows how to just pick up that sessionID and just make the 2nd screen show with the run program button thats all I need done.

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