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Project For Maxfisher ONLY (others Will Be Ignored)

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ReWrite Windows C# App For Mac OS

This is a stand-alone application which runs on Windows XP and was written in C#. It will be rewritten for the Mac OS platform in native mode. We dont want to use any interpreters or windows emulators as there is concern that it will limit access to hardware drivers.

The package comes with a lot of media files (video and audio clips) so it is initially installed from a DVD (too big to d/l). Patch updates can be downloaded over the internet via a standard "check for updates" feature.

The program is fairly simple although it does play 1 video clip and 2 audio clips simultaneously. One of the audio clips is music, which plays on the standard speakers (or headset). The other audio clip plays on a USB audio device (it is not music). This device has already been tested on the Mac and it works fine. The drivers are already bundled into the OS.

To be considered for this project you should have excellent English skills, along with both Mac and Windows programming experience. You MUST have existing positive reviews on GAF.

If you are interested in the project, Im happy to answer any questions and I can provide you with a video clip which demonstrates all the major features of the program. thank you.

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