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Mask Of Windows

Please see project doc

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Primavera 6 Installation On Windows 7 Or Vista

I want assistance in installing Primavera P6 at Dubai or New Delhi

Also a follow-on project of Personalized Training in Primavera use.

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Betting Project For Our Tipster Service.

Description :

Software server side based that will include the following : Workers can place their picks on software and it save full stats of them.

the software will show ibc odds and our workers can click them they bets they want send us. each client will get to see history bets.

Yield of his picks , win or lose and etc. when the client will place to bet he will need to write show description and the amount small , medium or big.

the software will look like small book. and have to show ibc odds. the software will save the his bets and will show the worker his balance per pick means for 1 unit earn 200 euro if won 3 picks his balance = 600 euro.if lose then he will start on minus till we set to zero at start of each month.

the admin side should how us the bets from each clients historical odds of the games from the price he took till the game is no longer available.

add/remove/suspend workers. change amount profit per unit he made for us. all stats on each worker % of winning and all the bets he made on the software.

and option to let the know the client when bet place or not lets say he gave us 3 bets per day and we decide to hit only two we choose it on admin side and he can see it on client side.

Have to be web based the price will include setup on our servers.

Only experienced Developers with Betting experience with Asian sportbooks required.


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MS Adcenter Promo Code Research

Very simple project

Will pay 10% of cover value for a working MS Adcenter promo code that you can find.
NB Please check the expiration date!!

Will not pay for non working suggestions

Vouchers can be valid for new customers or existing

Will only pay once for an activation at our discretion

Good hunting

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C# Web Project – Custom CMS

Were looking to work on a long term project (potentially indefinite) involving our custom CMS which based around Microsoft technologies.

Please advise skill level in the following:

C# (web applications) (web applications)
AJAX / jQuery
Windows service programming
Telerik AJAX package (not required)

Please also advise availability (hours per week)

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C# Web Project – Custom CMS

Were looking to work on a long term project (potentially indefinite) involving our custom CMS which based around Microsoft technologies.

Please advise skill level in the following:

C# (web applications) (web applications)
AJAX / jQuery
Windows service programming
Telerik AJAX package (not required)

Please also advise availability (hours per week)

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Hello there,
I will explain to you firstly the costs of what I am looking at for these 2 items. Min- $20 Max – $65.
But remember I am looking for the cheapest price mixed with a good service.
Task 1 –
My description for this may be long, but it shouldnt be complicated at all, just quite hard to understand what I need, however when understood should be easy.
Firstly please look at : at the top there is a link to essentially another half of the site.
It links to a site which looks the same with a green background but the prices are for if the customer would like to sell their product to us or if they would like to exchange their product in for store credit.
Here is a link for what I would like my site to look like once two buttons have been added on the top of the site. These two buttons are called BUY and SELL as you can see.
Just like I would like them to be at the top but not just one buttons saying Sell To Us but two, One Saying BUY and the other SELL.
The BUY button will link to the homepage which is always BUY (on google etc and on On the BUY section of the site, there will be products in the menus categories with prices of which the customer can BUY. If clicking on buy the product there will be a normal checkout.

When the customer clicks on SELL. This will take the customer to the SELL section of the site. Like , the hompage of SELL looks the same apart from a few things. SELL, is essentially a page with the same coding as BUYs homepage including the SAME categories but inside SELLS categories there are products which have the prices of how much we will pay them if they SELL their product to us or how much exchange they will receive. When going through checkout the price is there but no money is passed through. Instead, once they have sent off their product to us, on their account dashboard, there will be an option to check product status, whether we have recieved it or whether we have checked it and we can pay them now.
Once clicked on pay them now, they can choose Paypal, Exchange Credit or Cheque.


2) Change Background! Nice and easy…

Please make your bid and PM me for further questions…


Kind regards,
Archie preston

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SEO Project For Limo Service Company

We need SEO for local limo company. We will provide the keywords. Only designated people bid please

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WxWidget and C++ Project [repost]

[Repost as the selected guy is medical emergency and cannot continue]

Important notes:
– This project requires knowledge in C++ and wxWidget. Please dont apply if you dont have experience in these areas.
– This project also require knowledge in MS Windows Operating System. However, I will provide you documents and guide during the work collaboration.


You will work together with me as a team. I am doing the main big modules and you will be given 2 small modules to help me finish the project on time.
Im currently using wxPack which contains wxFormBuilder to develop GUI and wxWidget (version 2.8.6) core to develop the application with Visual C++ 2005 Express.


– Module 1: Change Windows 7 logon screen. I provide you the method how to do it by changing Registry …. and you apply it by an application.
– Module 2: System Cleaner tool works like a wizard to guide user step by step clean messy Windows system to speed up its performance. I also provide methods and you apply.
This module includes 5 steps:
Step 1: Create restore point, backup Registry and Clean Registry
Step 2: List and remove unused application on the system
Step 3: Disable unused Windows services
Step 4: List and remove programs in start up
Step 5: Set virtual memory (Paging file)
Step 6: Clear "All Programs" in Start Menu
(any modification that makes this module better is welcomed)

Working and test tools:
– Virtual PC to install Windows 7 (free to download)
– Windows 7 RC or v7077 (I provide it if you dont have)
– Visual C++ Express with wxWidget + wxFormBuilder (free to download)

Any question please email me.

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Email to SMS


Create a windows service application written in .NET, that will check a Pop3 email account every 5 minutes (configurable in app.config).
On receipt of an email, in the format [number], then the service will call a webservice,

Using these parameters:

FromName: The From name in the email
FromNumber: Hard coded, as 00447834567890
ToNumber: The [number] in the email address
Message: The Body of the email, or subject line if no body. (Plain text)
locale: Derived from the prefix of the [number], 0044 is en-GB.
Full list of valid locales here:
This list must be configurable in the app.config

Any response from the web service, either error or success must be sent back to the sender via email.

Points to note:

* Should support unicode, if email body in unicode (i.e. Russian) then the message should be in unicode.
* The service must run without any user interaction, any errors should be logged, and ignored. The service should not stop in the event
of any failure, just try again in 5 minutes.
* I would prefer .NET 1.1 if possible.
* Help with setting up the catch-all email address, and help with installation on the server is necessary.

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Nav Bar Coding

We are looking for a quick nav bar coding project that when you highlight a category, it brings up a sub level. Similar to the Washington Post Nav bar. We need this project done quickly.

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Missed Call Monitor

Missed Call Monitor.

I need a SERVICE to run in windows 24/7 on a server (or a PC running XP that acts as a server) either XP, SBS 2000, SBS 2003 and ideally SBS 2008 in the future.

The application(service) will query a CSV file reguraly and check for a missed call. Once detected detials of this missed call will be passed to a webservice.

Application should be developed in VB.NET and all source code is required.

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