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Wine Interview

Transcribe an interview one hour and ten minutes in length from .mp3 files

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Wine Website Research And Data Entry

Our wine website requires a person who can keep the inventory file up to date. This will require liaising with suppliers by phone and email, updating the Excel inventory file, and uploading it to the website. The role will also require research of wines to establish an optimal retail price, and to find positive wine reviews on the web and add those to the website.

In addition, we may ask you to be trained by the website developer to make ongoing changes to the website. Therefore, knowledge of CMS systems will be a plus.

As some work will be by phone, you MUST be based in Australia. A good knowledge of wine is strongly preferred. A more detailed job description will be sent to shortlisted candidates.

This is a permanent part time role; the work will take up to one day each week – weekends are fine.

The successful applicant will be commercially minded – this is NOT a technical role. You must have an eye for detail, commercial common sense and some wine knowledge.

Please do not apply if you do not meet all the above criteria – especially, living in Australia.

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JQuery Interactive Banner

Were a large design agency that often has overflow work to be outsourced and are constantly on the lookout for self-starting, motivated individuals that dont need to be micromanaged. If you feel youre a fit, read on!

We currently have a project in which we need to develop an interactive banner (See attached mock up file) which we want you to do. The banner has a couple features that require the magic of JQuery:
— The content of the banner must slide in ON TOP of the previous slide, similar to jquery cycles "cover" effect.
— Theres a callback menu with wine labels of each wine displayed. When clicked, it should slide in the respective wine.
— The callback menu will also scroll (with arrows, left/right).
— When a wine label is clicked it should rise up and have the little arrow showing which item is selected and being shown

The basic HTML/CSS markup is complete, although you may have to make additions/changes depending on how you go about this.

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I need a website that sell wine like ,but it will have auction feature. I need the site to be able to compare price with original and our price. The site can be search by price range, country, years and brand. I need the site to have retail and wholesale price. The site need to have 2 language which is Chinese and english. The site will have the following

About US
Products – red wine, white wine, green wine, wine from 3 – 100, 100 – 1000, 1000, 20000, accessories.
Hard to find wine
Wine and food pairing
How to send wine overseas
Collectible wine
How to select a wine
Knowledge about wine
Best restaurant
Wine tours
Wine tasting location
price comparison
Corporate Gifts
We ship all over the world
Best Selling
Wine Club
Gift basket
Gift card
Our dealer
Rating source
Where is the best wine
facebook, twitter
import contact
rss feed
investor relations
Live chat
Terms & condition
Payment gateway
contact us

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Os Commerce Wine Store

We require a Wine store website creating in os commerce. We require also an additional information page, where information regarding the wine can be put. We require a complete admin area so the products can be changed and edited and new ones added. Text will be provided.

Please only bid if you are an expert in os commerce and are contactable on skype as here we can discuss format and any other queries. We require this website in 48hrs.

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WIne Store In Os Commerce

We require a Wine store website creating in os commerce. We require also an additional information page, where information regarding the wine can be put. We require a complete admin area so the products can be changed and edited and new ones added. Text will be provided.

Please only bid if you are an expert in os commerce and are contactable on skype as here we can discuss format and any other queries. We require this website in 48hrs.

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Research: Wine Industry Mergers & Acquisition

I need someone to research the mergers and acquisition activity in the U.S. Wine industry that took place over the previous five years. As part of my selection process, I would like those interested to submit a listing of information they will provide.

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Electronic Wine List

Looking to create a program on I Pad or Android tablets
Needs to be a spread sheet like horizontal view of a virtual electronic wine list for a Restaurant in touch screen version
The list should show Bin # Name of wine vintage and price and once the selection is highlighted a short description of the wine will be visible.
The wine list should be categorized under red wines, white wines,dessert wines and sparklings and searchable by grape name, nationality, region, vintage, wine maker and price range.
Needs to allow me to make changes on wine types, vintages, descriptions, substitute, change or update new entries
I need to load 6 portable electronic units, functional and ready by the restaurants opening date June 1st 2011

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Magento Wine Site Work

I need magento site done. Ill provide you the html/css designs. 2 are made now. Really you will base the other pages on them, if its too hard for you to base the other pages on them Ill have the client make those.

I need this work done in 2 weeks time Ill pay $150-200 for the work.

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New Wine Label

We are a small artisan winery looking for a designer to create a Wow! label for a new brand of ours at an economical price. If successful this project will lead to others.

The current project is to create a new wine label using our new brand. The project starts with concepting as is finished with artwork delivered to the printer. We need off the charts creativity!

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Online Wine Label Generator (AJAX/PHP/MySQL)

Need to create a wine label generator with the following functions:

1) Browse through a catalogue of designs.
2) Create user account for personalization.
3) Select design and personalize it (basically text, fonts, colours).
4) Generate real-time WYSIWYG of label design.
5) Personalized label should be draggable on bottle image (ideally slightly warped).
6) Save created label in user account (with approval check) and in admin area.
7) Send email with created label to user.
8) Admin area for managing the generator (upload of new designs, type faces etc.).

Contrary to other online wine label generators we do not want to use Flash but prefer an AJAX solution.


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Wine Labels

Design nine front wine labels using three different styles being
1) Classic (images of wineries, vineyards, chateau) predominately white labels, less is often more.
2) Modern (images of pop culture, modern abstract art, cartoon images)
3) Australiana (images of kangaroos, boomarangs, emus)

All labels to be rectangular in shape and be suitable for a four colour process.

Please include the words
1) Chardonnay – large – the headline
2) South Eastern Australia – medium, below the image.
3) 750ml – bottom left hand corner, must be 3.3mm high
4) Fine wine product of Australia – middle, bottom of label.
5) 12.5% alc/vol – bottom right hand corner, must be 3.3mm high.

The label must be 7cm X 12cm.

Thank you.

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Website Content Translation (DE, IT, FR, ES)

We need human translators for the following languages:

– German
– Italian
– Spanish
– French

The content is in English, used for a simple corporate wine website, so many specialized terms about wine are involved.

1. Bids on single language translations are welcome.
2. Please send us examples/links to your work. Best rated bidders are welcome.
3. Please message us your usual bid per one word translated.

*Translated materials are requested to be turned over one week after receiving the content (per language).

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Wine Web Page For Small Vineyard In McLaren Vale Region

We are a small vineyard in McLaren Vale producing small batch Shiraz and Rosa, we would like a web page to compliment our wine label. The Vineyard is called Moritz road wines and is small batch hand crafted Shiraz and Rosa.

We currently dont have the skills to produce a web page and transfer our logo and such. Basically we would like some web presents and all ready have registered as a domain name. People just need to find us and be able to place orders for our wine.

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Translation From English Into Multiple Languages

I need to translate around 1800 words website content into:

Additionally, for every language which doesnt use Latin alphabet I need to rewrite around 250 words (wine names) the particular alphabet (utf). All the content is wine related.

Please bid per 1000 words of translation in a single language and let me know into what languages you are interested to translate. You can bid on a single language, group of them or all of them, but the translations must be done by people who are native in the destination language, and have excellent writting skills in the destination language.

please PMB me if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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Experience Article Writer On Food And Wine


I am looking for a professional and experienced article writer to write 15 SEO articles on Red Wine.
– 500 words min
– Keywords in Title
– Keyword Density 3-5%
– Grammatically perfect
– 100% copyscape
– Completed in 7 Days once bid accepted
– We retain full and exclusive ownership of all the articles (including copywrite and use and distribution rights)
– Payment on job completion – paypal

If the articles are of high quality this could be a long term position leading to more specific articles within the area of food/wine and other related niches

Please submit samples to be considered.

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Wine Label Creator Online (PHP/MySQL)

Wine Label Website Requirements

Need to create a wine label maker system that performs the following functions. See at bottom of this page for examples of other similar websites.

1) Browse through our many designs (available to public but need account to view product details)
2) Select design and personalise it (must have account to get to this page)
3) Create user account to use our system
4) Save created label in user account
5) Place order (no payment yet just like a quote request)
6) Admin emails draft design into users area and sends email.
7) Users can view design and send message to admin for any changes (like a ticket system) Must have a checklist/form of all the fields so user can approve
8) Once all approved, admin

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Design My Wine Label In A Print Ready Format

I want to design a wine label that is very simple. I would like the wine to be called J. LENAMON 2010 Pinot Noir Anderson Valley Alcohol 14.3% by Volume. I like cursive type set similar to Seasmoke label or something along those lines, surprise me. Winner will be selected, contacted and paid for fair value of thier work. I have posted this for 30 days, good luck.

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86 500 Word SEO Articles

Write a 500 (total) word article about the keyword with at least 200 words dedicated to recommending a product on

Find the product by….

1) search "keyword" on search function. Include the quotation marks.
2) choose a product offered in the search results that has the exact keyword in the title and says "In stock." underneath the price.
3) provide a link to the product at the end of the article.

In each article…

– Keyword must appear in the title tag.
– Keyword must appear in H1, H2 and H3 tags. <h1></h1> <h2></h2> <h3></h3> (The writers need to write three sections per article and put the keyword in each header)
– Keyword must appear in the first sentence.
– Keyword must appear in the last sentence.
– Keyword must appear 2% to 4% of the time.
– At least one outbound link to internal page with keyword as the anchor text. <a href="">keyword</a> (the url will be provided with each article)
– At least on outbound link to reputable external page (wikipedia). <a style="text-decoration:none;color:black;" href="" ref="nofollow">Keyword</a>
(use the search function on to search for the "keyword" link to top result)
– Add at least 1 image to article. Search "keyword" at Choose an image you feel matches the product and provide a link to it at the end of the article.)
– Have Bold, Italic and Underline of Keywords. <strong> </strong> <em> </em> <u> </u> use html to make sure the keyword appears once in bold, once in italics and once underlined.
– Nothing less than 500 words of relevant content.

I need a writer with excellent English. I expect to talk with my writers over the phone about some topics and expect total fluency.

NOTE: These article only need to be 60-70% unique and should be copy written from reviews on Amazon and other articles.

Please write the articles in the provided order.

Please stop and email me when you finish the first 5 articles so I can review them.


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Android Wine App


Im in the first part of my Wine project on mobile.
I search investments so I need to know the costs to develop an Android version of an app that I am developping on the Iphone. Ill send you this app as specifications once terminated.

The final app with geolocalisation etc … will be close to this one :;mt=8

I must indicate a budget so I choose &quot;small project&quot; but I have no exact idea.

Thank you.

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Review Portal In WordPress

Design a wordpress theme for wine review portal.

Basic Requirements:
1. Wine details have to be added to the portal by administrator from WordPress
2. Users can search the reviews from a particular reviewer.
3. Users can post review on the website and select some preset parameters for a valid rating. The reviewer can post a short paragraph for the review.
4. All reviews have to be moderated by the administrator before displaying on the website.
5. The review page has to show the wine details, description and ratings in various perspectives with all the related reviews.
6. Images are needed for the website. The image should be built using AJAX (or other) and the image should be able to be enlarged by taping on it.
7. A good sense of website design in turns of graphics.
8. Other details have to be further discussed.

Please give me some samples of your work if you have the relevant experience. I would prefer developer with similar experience.

Technology required

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Iphone App Dev. Similar To Cork Bin Wine Social Network

I am looking to develop an Iphone and Ipad application that is similar to Cork Bin.

The concept is wine based social networking, with the ability to take a photo of a bottle, review it, rate it and share your thoughts and where you tasted it. It would also link the consumer to our current wine retail website if they chose to buy the bottle.

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Wine Label – Graphic Design Print Ready

We need a wine label designed. We will provide all content and the sizes. The label must fit within the existing branding.

Please send examples of your work to be considered for this job.

Deadline: we need the first draft back today, then it will go to the client for revisions and then final print ready artwork after revisions.

Brief: A full brief will be provided to the winning bidder.

The content of the label has a comical edge so a good understanding of the English language and humor is a must.

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Wine Industry India Statistics

Looking for following information on "Wine Industry India" for the year "2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010" — with credible sources:

Fill in the information in the tables below.

Table 1: Wine Production

Type of Wine 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 Units
Red Wine
White Wine
Sparkling Wine
Vermouth Wine
Other Wines

Table 2: Wine Sales

Type of Wine 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 Units
Red Wine
White Wine
Sparkling Wine
Vermouth Wine
Other Wines


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Joomla Professional Needed For Wine Site

As Discussed

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Simple Cheese And Wine Pairing App For Android Phones

We are seeking a freelancer to create an android application which would feature a list of cheeses we have (the pictures as well) and when clicked a new screen will open to display types of wines, fruit, and other things to pair it with. For example we have a cheese "Sharp Cheddar" and once it has been clicked on it will open a new screen on the phone that would display types of wines and fruits etc…

We would want a nice formal title page with links that feature "shop online" (simply linking to, "Join our mailing list", and cheese and wine pairing list.

If join our mailing list is clicked I will want a signup box that either sends an email to us with their email address or if possible I can generate HTML code with signup box from my email marketing company.

Once the cheese and wine pairing list is clicked I would want to display another list broken down to types of cheeses we offer such as "Cheddar", "Swiss", "Mozzarella" "Cheese Curds", etc… Once that is clicked another list will load up of cheeses we offer in each category, example if cheddar is clicked I would want displayed another list "Sharp Cheddar" "Extra Sharp Cheddar", etc… Once the actual specific cheese is clicked I would want a picture (taken from our website) with a title and description (also taken from our website but possibly tweaked for the app) beneath it, and another couple links stating "Pair this cheese with wine" and "pair this cheese with fruit" and possibly other types of food if we have them in a list. Once either of the pairing links are clicked it will then display a screen which contains the information.

Also note that our Company name or logo and website as well will be displayed on every screen (page) of the app as well as a "shop" button (in top left corner) which will take you to our website and a "Home" button (top right corner) which will take you back to the application homepage.

The application should run very smoothly and be very crisp and clear.

All information pairing lists, titles, descriptions, pictures, etc will be provided. We just need someone to put it all together.

The freelancer with the lowest bid and the most experience will win this project. Please send us a message with your info and attach any android apps you think would be beneficial in choosing you. Also we have set a budget on here up to $250 but we may be willing to exceed that depending on the quality of work.

Please do not bid on this project if you are not 100% certain you could design an application we will be thrilled with.

Looking forward to working with someone very soon!

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Wine Awards Entry Pack


I am looking for an English to German translator to work on the entry pack for a wine competition, so wine translation experience would be advantageous, though not essential as copy is mainly marketing-centric.

Items to translate for the entry pack consists of an A4 8 page booklet and 2 A4 entry forms.

If this is of interest please could you send me your rate per word and your availability next week (week commencing 27th September).

Many thanks

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Website Development

I require a website built that will extract wine trend information from the various social media platforms, ie. twitter and facebook. Recording of google searches is also desired.

The website is to be based around a central page from which users can examine trends in particular countries wine trends, individual wine regions and then individual wineries. Likewise people should be able to search for particular varieties. This page has all the desired fields

The website needs to produce simple graphs of number of mentions, a stream of the actual mentions etc. Also any geographic information that can be extracted related to the origin of the mention is important.

I need to be able to collect the information for a monthly report.

The central page also requires a newsletter signup field.

I also need a logo designed for The Wine Trender.

Apart from the central front page, and the subpages related to the search fields mentioned above, I just require an about us page and a blog interface.

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Make Wine Work The "other" Serial Port Applications As Well.

Many windows applications that use serial ports "just" work in Wine, just by making a symbolic link between the virtaul COM port and , for example, /dev/ttyUSB0

some applications dont.
by using ttylog, I discovered that these applications seem to be able to *transmit* data, but not receive.
I guess theres a bug in the WINE API/DLL that they are using.

Two examples of such "non-working applications" are:

-TopCom Wireless manager (utility for use with GPS/Pulse/Watch)
-Bantam battery charger (logging/monitoring utility)

both work fine with a /dev/ttyUSB port mouted as a COM1 in a virtual windows machine, so we know that none of these applications need a special driver to work, just to communicate with a COM port.

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