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Need Some Research Done

Hi There
I need few excel sheets populated for some information.
1. I need some info in excel sheet about oscar/Golden globe/BAFTA winner movies and actors
2. I need info about filmfare/IIFA/Screen awards winner actors and movies
3. Need info about various football tournaments arranged day wise for 2011 and annually for next 4 years
4. Need info about various cricket series/tournaments arranged day wise for 2011 and annually for next 4 years
5. Need info about various tennis tournaments weekwise for 2011
6. Need to verify some information about festivals.
7. Need to prepare lists of contacts of advertising agencies, schools colleges and universities, advertising agencies, radios, TVs NGOs and software houses in Pakistan/India.

No escrow. Give us your best price as we will need a lot of work done. Will prefer having a deal on per unit basis.
Maira Sarfraz

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Student Management System

The Student Management System will conduct the all information about the student their roll no. wise and their name wise. That project have add new name with the subject of there academic.

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Showing Stock Size Wise On Magento Platform

I have a clothes website on magento platform. when I add a product it does not give choice of ptting in information of (for example) how many dresses I have in small size and so on. In inventory it just takes the stock in total. When somebody buys one size it reduces one item from total stock and not particularly from that size. I want my website should show how many items of every size are there and which size is out of stock on front end.

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Online Exam Conducting Software

My prime requirement is to conduct an online exam atleast 500-700 student per day. I am conducting exam as a third party. I will get the question paper(soft copy) from vendors end before one hour to conduct exam. so I have to give the result report to my vendor after the exam completed by batch wise with in 10min. I need clear reports on exam held like subject wise.

so is there is any dificulties are there to conduct an exam to conduct through batch wise? I mean, is it necessary to change the configuration things when one batch has completed or not?

I need a software perminantely for long term use with full licensed version with copy rights.

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Web Scraping Project

Hello Every One before bidding please read bellow points clearly

1) i am also a developer but due to work load i am posting this project

2) no upfront/no escrow (But payment is 100% sure) only meeting my deadlines other wise i dont need this project to get completed

3) only expert apply who are free to do this job right now..

there is three websites to scrap but only one category from them..
i am going to disclose only one others are disclosed to winner bid only for website only

write ABC at the start of your bid other wise ignored

please only bid if you are free to do this job right now with in a day

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Simple Donation

Manage Membership, their subscriptions, their donations, run a cash book and bank balance.

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Need Several Things Done.

I need several additions made to my website:

(1) When people add files to their shop for purchase, it is required you upload a .zip/.tar. I want to make this feature completely optional. I also want to give the option for the shop user to create a page (that can include text and pictures) in place of uploading a .zip/tar file

(2) I want you to create a new system.
– Admin wise: I need you to give me the ability to categorize things by state and then the sub level by universities. By doing this you will need me to be able to create a new page dedicated towards the state i.e and then the sublevel
– Admin wise: you will need to add a new option to allow me to assign users to a state and university manually by editing their profile (there is already an admin profile feature available).
– Admin wise: when creating the link feature – i need two abilities. On the university page I will need you to list all of the universities I add in that particular state, by allowing me to write their names in full. But the links will need to be shorter, so i will need you to allow me to setup an abbreviated university name for the link.
– What is the purpose of this feature? I need users to be able to list their shops according to state and university. So when they click on a particular state and university, they will be able to view all the shops in that university.
User wise: Users should be able to edit their profile to list themselves according to state and university. When they do this, they should be able to show up in the new listing feature.

(3) I want to create a forum like feature based on the new state/university feature. Ultimately, once people click on their university link they should be sent to an original page designated by their university. There should an option to view the shops, and then there should be a listing of all the forums.
– Admin wise: Every university page should have the same forums automatically.
– Admin wise: Some forums will be free to post, and some will be paid. On unibookswap, people add funds to maintain an account balance. With the paid forums, a deduction from the balance should be made in order to make the thread.
– Admin wise: ips should be visible in posts for admins only, including replies. The ability to delete posts and closing the post to new replies should be available as well.
– Forum categories/posts should be in table/box like format kinda like Like showing the users profile picture, including date and time.. seperating with replies.. only so many replies on a page until you have to go to the next page.

(4) I need the ability for people to set a timezone. Currently the software only uses the servers timestamp. But i need all posting throughout the entire software to be based on their own timezone. Any modifications should be added to help adjust daylight savings time as well.

(5) I want the ability for people to view the homepage while theyre signed in.
– I also want the ability to post annoucements on the main site, kinda like a blog. Basic format like title, date, blog entry. After so many entries, i want the ability for multiple archived pages to be setup. Like page 1, page 2, etc

(6) Currently you can browse to see who is online but its broken. I need this fix. Once people login they always stay logged in. If you can set it so people are offline after they become idle for so many minutes, that would be awesome.

(7) I also would like you to improve the overall design and look as well. Using any knowledge you have.

P.S as i write this my server is down but should be backup soon. (I made references to my website etc)

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MLM Software For Joomla

I want an MLM component in joomla. It must include all the following features.
Detailed Proposal of MLM Web Application:

Admin Panel
a) Member Master
a. New Member Entry
b. Edit Member Profile
c. Search
d. Change Password
b) Payout
a. Generate Payout
b. Show Payout
c. Issue Checks
d. Payout Statement
e. Update Checks
f. Paid Payout

c) Report
a. Total Joining
b. Member Status
c. Down line
d. Genealogy

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MLM Software Build

I want an MLM software in corePHP. It must include all the following features.
Detailed Proposal of MLM Web Application:

Admin Panel
a) Member Master
a. New Member Entry
b. Edit Member Profile
c. Search
d. Change Password
b) Payout
a. Generate Payout
b. Show Payout
c. Issue Cheuqes
d. Payout Statement
e. Update Cheque
f. Paid Payout

c) Report
a. Total Joining
b. Member Status
c. Downline
d. Genealogy

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MLM Software

I want an MLM software in corePHP. It must include all the following features.
Detailed Proposal of MLM Web Application:

Admin Panel
a) Member Master
a. New Member Entry
b. Edit Member Profile
c. Search
d. Change Password
b) Payout
a. Generate Payout
b. Show Payout
c. Issue Cheuqes
d. Payout Statement
e. Update Cheque
f. Paid Payout

c) Report
a. Total Joining
b. Member Status
c. Downline
d. Genealogy

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Competitor Analysis And Research Into Public Online Weight-l

Weight-loss in supportive environments (WISE) public version 2.0
WISE is currently for corporations only, and we are looking for someone to help us with competitor analysis and research into public online weight-loss programs. Wellness-Factors is a Canadian Company with a head office in British Columbia. We accept international candidates and look forward to working with you on Project-1 with the opportunity to be involved in numerous other WISE – 2.0 projects to be completed in next 6 months.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated entrepreneurial business and research skills. Knowledge of nutrition would be an asset. Must be able to speak and write well in English. Can work from home with Internet and phone access to North America
Project-1 Budget $150
Qualified candidates please send a resume and expression of interest

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Custom Shipping Rate For State Wise And Item Wise

Want to add custom shipping price based on the state wise and number of item wise

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Free Signup Registration

I Require around 5000 Free sign-ups with one simple mission in mind

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WordPress Or Joomal Work


I want to create a new news portal website.. I will prefer joomla or wordpress…

Maximum 7 pages .. In home page category wise

7 pages should be fully dynamic

i need category wise separation
as per in home page..

world news, india news, district new, recent news like that.. i need some category wise news..
in that some of the should be displayed in
home page..

youtube video gallery
newsletter subscription
member registration…

in later we will add more budget is low, so you can bid according to that…

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Instant Price Quote With Distance & Products Wise

I need work similar to

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Drupal Customization For College Website

Looking for Drupal expert who can help build a college website.

1. list of students
2. Class wise listing
3. Ability to search class wise – subject wise.
4. Book showcase – authors and other information.
5. Special awards
6. Forum
7. Blog
8. Profile customizations and a few more items
9. Custom search for blog , batch , forum and other areas

We need to complete this within a week. So act fast

Please send your work done already with drupal.

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For Retail Chemist Shops

The software should cover requirements of a retail chemist shop including invoicing, Ordering, Purchase, Inventory management and full-fledged financial accounting.

Features Required:
Bar Code & Label Facility, Product, Suppliers & Patient queries, Substitute wise Sales, invoicing from day one, Patient credit details, Control over near expiry items, Checking of Purchase Bills, Rate calculation for L.T. Extra items, Selling in Tablets and Strips, Option for Pensioners Billing, Complete profit analysis, Doctor wise reports, Best Supplier wise Order generation, Supplier wise Expiry Details, Prescription wise sales, Export/Import of Data
Retail Invoicing Features Required
Fast billing, No calculation mistakes, Latest Product Database, Stock Control, Option to adjust sales return, Single entry for multiple items, Checking of short items, Checking of margin in M.R.P, Multiple series option, Graphical Reports, Tracking of Modified Transactions, Flexibility in Stock Control, Invoicing- Cash, Credit & Petty sales Checking of purchase. Rate and schemes
Financial Accounting
Vat ready, Very simple to operate, PDC & Dishonored cheques, Bank reconciliation, Complete A/c upto Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement, Statement of Accounts, Accounting Books, Printing of vouchers, Cash Book for Direct Entry, Multiple company accounts, Columnar registers & reports, Complete Book-keeping, Supplier Ledger
Other Features
Multi-User LAN Support, Intelligent Calculator, Data Reliability, Data Secrecy, Multi Level Security/User wise rights, Regular Upgrades, On Line User Manual, Strong back-end support, Online Support through Internet Backup/Restore facility Graphical Analysis of Data User wise Log facility

I will prefer Adobe Air or PHP/MYSQL based application. Only experienced and professional programmers should Bid for this project.

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College Management (Intranet) Website Required

I need a College Management made for one of my clients (Project should be in PHP and MySQL as we already have a web-host with us)

Requirements are the basic ones as follows :

1) Student registration (should be able to view various courses online, apply for different courses/subjects, view todays timetable/lectures going-on, participate in on-going college events)

2) College Management (create college details, add/delete/search college details, Courses offered by college)

3) Fees Management (Course-wise fee entry, fee components, Student Fees received/dues)

4) Seats Management (Course-wise seats available in various Quotas – General/Management/Inter-College etc) – should be able to define new Quotas/no. of seats

5) Lecturer Management (add new lecturer details, allocate courses to them, set timetable online, salary paid – month wise)

6) Examination Management should enable student to apply online for examination, view date sheets, Examination centre selection etc

7) Admin login where all forms are editable (Add/Modify/delete/Search) plus Reports (Course-wise allocation, Student-fees report for dues/paid, lecturer information, lecturer-wise/course allocation reports)

Once, the project has been awarded details will be discussed further. Extra fees will be paid for any Additional work.

Suggestions are always welcome!

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1.we need which websites are work properly that means many of the site
links are open but we cant post ad for example that site categories
are shown 0 that we dont need which site allow to post ads.
2.we dont need cgi website bcoz cgi csites showm all ads in single
page we need separate page.
3.we dont need A-Z directories.
4.we dont need forums list.
5.dont repeat the same site list for example u first u find take it and the same site have country wise sites for
ex,, or city wise or u ignore the all remaining u take one site at
6.alexa ranking of website should not be less than 3 lac
7.all lists in msoffice 2003 word format.
9-list in ms word should be sorted by alexa ranking
10-our requirement is 100-300 sites.

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ArticleFriend Script Customization And Design

Hi There,

We have bought ArticleFriend article script and looking for someone with previous experience on customizing such scripts to a better look and features.

The sites like and have been developed using this script.

We are looking to make our article based web site better than them look wise and feature wise.

Will prefer someone with previous experience and good turn around time.

Payment will be made as the project is completed. Only bid if you are serious.

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Global Tender Service

WE want to develop a global tender information portal including Designing and SEO Services. Reference Site:

Features should include;
Tender Listing
Search Tenders by State wise tender, Product wise tender, organization wise tender
Advance search facilities etc.
google adwords features etc

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Global Tender Information Portal

WE want to develop a global tender information portal including Designing and SEO Services. Reference Site:

Features should include;
Tender Listing
Search Tenders by State wise tender, Product wise tender, organization wise tender
Advance search facilities etc.

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Resume Writer (recurring Assignment)

We are looking for someone who can write between half and a one page document based on the resume provided. This is about presenting the person, what they have done education wise and career wise.

This is a recurring assignment with a budget of $10 per assignment. We are looking for someone preferably from the US who is a native speaker or someone who is proficient for English writing. I have currently three assignments to give right away.

You must be able to deliver a 24 turnaround time and to consistently provide quality work in a timely manner and also have reviews on


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Were looking for someone who can develop a wordpress theme somewhat closed to:
structure wise and design wise.

designwise, very modular and minimalistic
it should feature:
1. load recent posts in orders and able to mark FEATURE (as you can see double column span)
2. Articles are marked with the "category" color
3. In the thumbnail should have "save post" and the title of the post

-Able to let user to register, manage their profile and write their post on the front end
-profile photo, information, links, contact information, posted etc in the profile page. example:
-In the single.php, the sidebar should display the authors profile.

…. actually, its pretty tiring to list out everything.
please have a look at motherboard for reference.

we are also referencing a free template:


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Wise Social Tell A Friend Reward Widget


As the founder of the most usable business plan online software in the french market, I give away my soft for free and want to allow my user who want to reward me by telling their friends that they are using my soft through an automatic publication of an entry on their social sites profiles (FaceBook, Linked In, etc.) saying that they are using my application, each time they log in.

Here is adetailled description of what i need :

Thank you for your quote and i really hope we will do business together.

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I need two flash menu templates.

I need to be able to edit these features with a .xml file






If you have any questions please feel free to send me a pm for more info.

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Bookmaker’s Database

I am interested in commissioning a project for a website providing software solutions. The software required, is for a bookmaker software where the Bookmaker enters a database of say 100 clients and 50 other Bookmakers. The bookmaker punches all his transactions into the software and can monitor his position on a client-wise basis, Bookmaker-wise basis, House position and variable-wise position. Data-entry speed is the most important aspect to be considered while planning this software.

Basically this software will be used for recording cricket bets, so three possible outcomes and a rarely used option for void of all transactions needs to be provided. The software should be executable on Windows XP SP2, and End-of-the-day data of all the transactions, balances, etc. should be exported to a specified online server space through FTP mode.

Basic safety features such as password protection and encrypted database would be required. Any doubts or queries can be sent to me directly.

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Resume Upload website with Job Board features

Basically I want my site to do what www(dot)v i s u a l c v (dot)com does functionality wise. I dont care much about what language or CMS its made on as far as the functionality are the same. They must match functionality wise!

This is will be a fast project. I have 4 more projects in-line after this.

Payment will be made as soon as Project can be viewed.

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Need law article writer as soon as possible

Dear Bidders,
I need 15 article based on Law.
1. Sandiago attorney-5 article.
2. Dwi base-5 article.
3. Dui base-5 article.

This is very simple project for article writers.Only bid for $30.
Remember article must passed copy scape other wise i cant accept any article. After 8 article i screw through GUF. Dont worry about payment.
This is long time project for service provider.
But i need sample to select the bidder.
There are 3 types of article I need total 15. you need to bid with 3 sample of 3 types. If you win I include this 3 article and then you have to submit 12 article. So I think it will not be work less.
So bid according to your English writing.
Remember dont copy anything other wise you will not be selected.
Just write a new one.


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