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Quick WordPress Fixes

Quick job for a WordPress guru. Budget is $30.

"theexcerpt" feature is not working for us. Please code it into the frontpage so we can use excerpts that link to full text.

Also, the title tag is empty in FireFox, please fix.

We will give out admin info only, not FTP.

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WordPress Project


I am looking to create a WordPress blog with an automated posting system (if possible). I have many affiliate websites who post new products everyday and I would like a system that would post these products on my blog as soon as they become available All I need is a system that posts a picture and the details of a product from an affiliate website, and have it link to that affiliate website with a custom affiliate link.

I have already chosen a theme and would like it slightly customized to fit my needs or have another theme very close in similarity. I need a main page where the user can pick their geographical location and then get redirected to the correct blog category, or if their location can be automatically detected, then they should be directed automatically to the correct blog category for that location. There should still be an option on the blogs for the user to select a different location. Blogs containing products for different locations may have different sub-domain names.

When posts show up on the blogs, usually the title links to a page where only the selected post is displayed in full. I would like the titles of the posts to link to the affiliate websites and just have the description of the products under them. At the beginning of each blog, there should be a brief description about the website (or this can be on the sidebar instead)

The other pages I need are a simple "about" page and a "contact us" page.

Many WordPress themes come with unnecessary sidebar content and I need the sidebar edited to only contain:
– a search bar
– a brief description of the website (can be at the beginning of each blog instead)
– links to the source sites of the products
– advertisement space
– an RSS feed (already included in the theme I selected

There is a special proposition to the right candidate to make them an extra income with the website!

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WordPress Plugin – "Latest Post" Nav Bar

I want a plugin where i can fix the post order and post displayed in the navigation bar.

I want to display only a few selected posts under my "Latest Post" nav bar. Currently by default whenever i post a new article/post it gets displayed under the "Latest Post" nav bar, so to overcome that i have to manually back date the new posts, so as to prevent it to appear under the "Latest Post" list, but this prevents me from scheduling any posts as this will disturb the Post nav bar.

So want a wordpress plugin which;

1. Allows me to sort and fix the posts to be displayed under "Latest Post" nav bar.

2. Allow me to schedule future posts, without disturbing the "Latest Post" nav bar.

You have to also provide me with the source code of the plugin.

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Small Plugin Fix Needed For The WordPress Plugin: SHASHIN

Hi. Theres a very good wordpress plugin that Im using for my wordpress blog called SHASHIN.
This plugin displays picasa albums on the blog.

However it doesnt work so well with Networked (MU) wordpress sites. It works fine on the main site but not the networked ones.

I need someone who can get it to work properly across multiple networked sites.


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[ADVICE] – My WordPress Links Not Showing On Facebook

Perhaps this is a silly question:

When I paste my WordPress blog links on Facebook, it is not showing the correct Title, and not showing any pictures.

I need some advice how to fix this.
It was working until yesterday though, but perhaps I made some changes.

Paypal: 5 USD
Your advice is highly appreciated.

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WordPress Plugins Conflicts

Resolving the conflicts of WordPress Silo Plugin and WordPress Uniqueifier Plugin.

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WordPress Plugin Generates A List Of Related Products

I need a WordPress Plugin that generates a list of products from affiliated online stores based on the posts tags. It is a plugin similar tho this one (, but it is going to create the related products list from a SQL database.

This list brings info such as the image, description, price, etc of each product and I can publish it as a lateral widget or below the post.

When the reader clicks on the product he is routed to the affiliated store (like on

I need to have some control on the number of times the products are shown since I plan to charge by impressions and need all the statistics (# of times each product has been show, clicks, etc).

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project nehasb for bovey

200 links.
TITLE: Bovey Construction and Project Management
DESC: Roy Bovey has been in the construction industry for many years. He must have been in building for close to 40 years. He is one of the few builders in Stilbaai who has remained successful for such a long time.
keywords: stilbaai, construction, builders, building, bovey

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WordPress plugin SOAP REST autopost

I am looking for a WordPress plugin which goes out on a random daily time basis and reads my product SOAP/REST feed and creates an automatic post. That is the only functionality required.

Post must be WordPress compliant so that it does all the standard things like pings etc.

Please respond using the keyword Chelski and please describe your experience and solution. I will not read bids that do not comply.

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