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WordPress Ecommerce Pulgin

I need some one to install wordpress e-commerce and modify few thing as describe below

instructions of e-commerce

So when the user clicks

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Simple, Custom Themes WordPress Themes

We are in need of a designer who can develop wordpress templates for small niche websites. Templates require a custom design based on the product being sold, for example:

A website selling AMBIEN –

This theme matches the product. It is simple, and seo friendly. (this is not a wordpress theme, only an example of the style of designs I am in need of)

The theme should act as a static website, while still showing recent posts. Please provide examples of mini websites you have created in the past. I am looking for a person who is online on skype often, and understands what I need. You will be hired to create a lot of these website designs on an ongoing basis, but only if we have the same expectations.

Per theme price depends on the quality, however since they are mini themes not implementing many features I likely will entertain offers of 50-100 dollars per simple theme.

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WordPress Plugin Tweak To Filter Posts By Custom Taxonomies

We created taxonomies based on series of terms and we need a live filter posts through multiple custom taxonomies.
We are already using this wordpress theme :
We have already started working, you can see the actual result here :
Important !!! Here is the result to obtain :

The plugin to hack is here :

FYI, we know that this plugin uses custom taxonomies, and maybe its functionality could be mixed with the one we need to hack.

The needs step by step :

1. add the custom taxonomies for the plugin to hack (each custom taxonomy is automaticaly generating a new multiselect box)

2. replace the multiselect box "select multiple" element by inline checkboxes for all terms to have the same visual as the already selected terms on the right. Actualy, the selected terms are with a little cross "x" to deselect. We need a little "+" for the non selected terms on the left.

3. replace the button "FILTER" by directly apply the filter function on select each term.

4. one click to select on the left terms (as actual) and another click to deselect also on the left terms (actualy, we have to click on the right terms to deselect)… And of course delete the right terms.

5. render the post results as we provide the mockup. Title + featured image + some custom fields …
For the post results, if im in the category "locations"… So the post results must show only related post to "locations" before i select anything.

In few words work is to add or replace these functions :
– add the custom taxonomies ability ;
– replace the "select multiple" by inline checkboxes ;
– replace the function button and the right selected terms by direct selection/deselection
– respect the mockup to have three aspect for each terms : unselected // selected // greyed or invisible (if no post is associated) ;
– render the posts results as described on the mockup

To collaborate you are agree to use :
– Google Wave to share and edit in real time all the ideas, documents and texts (we can send invitations)…
– Google chat
– the very good agile solution Scrumy for planification (we need to know how and when) :

Before you place your bid, you should know how you will tweak the plugin. I will ask you specific details and also some demo of your similar projects.
Dont hesitate to ask us if you need more informations.

I will provide you the whole WordPress site that you will install on your server so that you provide me demo
Each validated step is equal to a milestone payment.
You show > we pay > you send…

Thank you to read carefully and make a proposal if you are 100% certain to finish this project.
If you think that time is too short, tell us your real estimation.
Thank you for giving us references that correspond to our request.

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