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Web Developer Needed To Fix Hacked WordPress Blog

I have a WordPress blog thats been hacked – someones gone and inserted some funky code here and there that is interfering with my feed. My site visits are down and Id love to have someone who could parse thru my files, find the bad code and delete/fix it.

Ive already updated my version of WordPress to the most current, as well as all the plugins I use, deleted unused plugins, and changed all passwords, but Id also like to you to suggest other ways I might secure my site so this is less likely to happen again.

I have information to pass on re what Feedburner sees, and Ive run an "Exploit Scan" using a WordPress plugin that might point you in some helpful directions.

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Small Plugin Fix Needed For The WordPress Plugin: SHASHIN

Hi. Theres a very good wordpress plugin that Im using for my wordpress blog called SHASHIN.
This plugin displays picasa albums on the blog.

However it doesnt work so well with Networked (MU) wordpress sites. It works fine on the main site but not the networked ones.

I need someone who can get it to work properly across multiple networked sites.


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Web Designer, Developer And WordPress Experience – Needed

We are looking for a web-designer with WordPress experience to work on many niche wordpress based websites/blogs, part-time on a hourly basis. The work will be mainly redesigning premium wordpress themes we have to make them suit specify niches with a good looking logo. Also configuring wordpress, setting plugins, ads placement.. and other variety of projects and tasks. We will also teach you how you can do some tasks the way we want.

The profile Im looking for :
– Good graphic/web design skills, Logos, Colors..
– Good Knowledge of PSD, CSS, HTML and basic PHP knowledge
– Good experience with WordPress and be familiar with WP themes and plugin community, ability to install plugins and basic WP configuration
– Some SEO knowledge are welcome but optional
– Good English writing skills..
– Good communication and be available via MSN or other IMs.

Please post below or PM a link to your design, portfolio or any of your previous work, and let me know your expectations.

Your bid would be for the 30 hours of work. If we like your work.. youll definitely stay with us for a very long time and joint our team!

PS: I had a good experience with Filipino developers in the past so I do prefer them but anyone who meet the requirement above is welcome to bid.

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wordpress site color redesign.

wordpress site needs colored scheme changed. site is dark and in need of lighter colors. looking for color scheme similar to our site is take a look at both sites and make sure you understand whats needed. if any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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WordPress PRO needed,must also know flash…

No Companies…Prefer to work with individuals only..Overloaded with work need help.


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