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ECommerce Site (Virtue Mart)

Hello, I already got the PSD for the design of the homepage and the menu page, in general I want in PHP, can be Joomla so we can use Virtue Mart, if you can just integrate Virtue Mart with the design I made that would be great, with shopping cart updates automatically when adding a meal, also when the user proceed to checkout he will get a page of desserts before checking out and going to the cart page, I believe that this all can be done with Virtue Mart, It is a multi language, so a normal plugin wont be a problem, as it is English-Arabic site.

I want it done in a week or less, and I have a low budget to pay for this conversion.

Let me know if youre up for this one.

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Language Translator On WordPress 3.0.5

First person to do this for $30 will win this bid. Need someone who can add a translator to my website. I need a heavy duty one because I have people from all over Europe who come to it. Every page needs to be able to be translated including the forums. It should go off their IP address to determine which language to display but I would also like to see a language chooser at the top right of the website.

After winning bid this job needs to be completed in three days. Thanks!

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WordPress Multi Language (WPML) Plugin Help!

I have installed the WPML plugin on my WordPress website. It seems to be conflicting with my group buying plugin. All the text has been translated to french. The only thing that is conflicting is my daily deal part of the website. I hope someone can figure out whats wrong for me.

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