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OsDate Plugin

I have a project that is based on osDate, I need someone to write one plugin that will allow me to post in a list about 5 fields of text, this postings need to belong to the user and the user should be able to be associated to that posting. The posting list should be allowed to be filtered by some records.

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WordPress Plugin – Advanced Categories Management

This plugin allows a qualified user from a single screen to Add/Remove Posts to a Category and subsequently order those Posts within its Category. Posts may be ordered differently in the multiple Categories in which they may be listed.

This plugin should be based on the usability and use the same basic functionality in WordPress

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Existing PHP Script Converted To WordPress Plugin

I have an existing PHP script that I own that Id like to convert into a wordpress plugin. This application will need to make use of the wordpress members and the members will need to be logged into use this plugin.

The Current script utilizes PHP and MySQL so this should be an easy conversion for a programmer that knows what they are doing.

Complete Detailed instructions will be given on acceptance of project.

Im looking for someone with an eye for detail who is SERIOUS about completing the project in the realistic time frame and understands that communication is important.

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Reunion Sites – Php Script Or WordPress Plugin

I would like to have a php script based on this site:

so that you can create reunion sites for schools..

or just in WP if is possible to do a site like this….in wordpress will be even better …


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WordPress Plugin Configuration


I install one plugin and i need somebody to configure it,my only problem is that i don know how to remove the old header!
the old header must be removed and the new plugin which i install to be configured.

You have 2 options for adding your dynamic header:

Option 1 (Recommended): Simply drop the this line of code into your theme file that controls your header (usually header.php)

Note: The location to add this code can vary widely from theme to theme and depending on your themes css settings you may have to use Option 2 and modify the CSS of your theme **BACKUP ANY THEME FILES BEFORE MODIFYING**

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Vbulletion Plugin


I am after a competent vbulletin plugins programmer. Please show, send portfolio of work. Auto created replies, will not be considered.

Programmer must have substantial experience with vbulletion plugins, so that when core updates are done to vbulletin, the plugin can continue to operate.

some of the features of this complex plugin is

individual post count over date range
VIP system which assigns points when certain tasks are completed, posts made, threads created.
admin interface to ban users for x time period
export of users who have met certain requirements in csv format

and a list of other features.

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B2B Plugin – Additional Functions

Additional Functions for the B2B-Plugin :

– Material Management as Discussed
– Discount Use Scwitch as Discussed
– Import/Export Tool for all B2B-Plugin Data including the B2B related Posts, Categories and Users
– XML Import Tool

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WordPress – Incorporate Flash Video

I have a heavily customized WordPress template/installation that I need to add a flash video (already done) into. The video plays only on the home page – this should be a very quick and easy fix for someone familiar with WordPress, php and flash files. I need this done asap – please dont bid unless you can fix this immediately.

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WordPress plugin development- Php ‘Expert’ needed


I wanted a subscription based blog. So, a user roles management plugin was needed… My coder has managed to do it up to a point but he quited for his health reasons.

tasks left:

1) Youll observe the outlook/display errors both on the site and the admin panel…those need to be fixed.
2) errors in the sidebar (upon clicking profile-categories- post titles)
3) There are 3 user groups. Each one has a different number of posts accesible.. such as acemiler group can only access 10 posts but azmanlar can 50 posts.. But, not all posts will be available to the users.. each day, 3 new posts will be released.. (this is for maintaining addicted readers :), so that those readers will visit the site every day if they like the content)
4) You will see the Dashboard at the bottom of the admin sidepanel (dont confuse with the real dashboard of the wp).. I need a customization sections for configuring the codes of Sidebar and the Panel (Panel is the registraition section on the site, the one that is slidind up and down).. thoe sections will be exactly similar to themes- css section of the wp.. Codes will be displayed openly.. nothing more.
5) paypal integration is not completed.. and i will integrate a payment system that is only available in turkey.. it is a payment by sms system..but that should be last thing to be handled .
6) ..and there might be small issues i might be forgotten to mention.

-passwords for both admin panel and membership enterance- (you need to login to see a functioning sidebar menu- with bugs-):
user:avc(at) –> not a real email

You have 7 days to finish after initiating the agreement.

my budget is small for this project.. and since most of the part is already accomplished, I may pay 100$-170$.. this small project will be a good start for a long termed business relation.. I have a multiplayer games php work waiting in the queue.

Bid only after you inpspect the tasks and conditions!! Dont spam.


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