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Post Submission Plugin Required For WordPress

Hi there,

Im looking to find someone who can write me a customised plugin for WordPress. The plugin will allow the site visitor to do the following:

– The Create a post form should include: Image upload, post title, category, tags and customised permalink (plugin is for a link site) and "alert me" (user is sent automatic email when their post is approved or declined) are required, perhaps other custom fields later

– If possible, when a post is submitted, the user should have an option to perform basic editing on the photo – there should be an option to crop the photo, although the crop ratio needs to always be 1:1; the user can then preview and Submit the post.

– The user must be registered in order to post. The link to make a post should not be visible when the user is not logged in. If the user is not logged in there should be a link from the menu bar (not widget in sidebar/footer etc) to an AJAX login popup which will authenticate the user and redirect them back to the same page. If the user is logged in there should be an option to "Submit New" (see below) as well as an option to log out, and a link to view the user profile. These links should be on the menu bar at the page top – not as widgets in the sidebar.

– The "Submit new post" page should come up as a AJAX popup – background page is faded and the submit new form appears similar to a Facebook-style lightbox, and should be "activated" by a link from the page menu (not a widget on a sidebar/footer)

– The user profile, linked to from the menu should also be a customised page, showing the users previous published submissions, as well as an option to change basic info about the user account (email address and so forth) – there should be no need to go into the WordPress admin panel/backend for the user to do this.

– The form should be able to localised easily in multiple different languages. I want to be able to edit a specific file and easily add/change new languages so the form displays in different languages. This variable should be carried over from the main site, which will also be localised in the same languages.

– The submission should automatically go to a pending state which will require moderation by me or another Admin before the post is visible. There should be a dedicated section for post moderation on the Admin panel, and the moderation section should display a small thumbnail of the photo uploaded (which can be clicked on to enlarge), the post title, post permalink, tags used and categories. Each pending submission should have an option to approve/reject the post, and in the case of reject, there should be a customisable menu where I can select a reason as to why the post was rejected. This variable can be pushed into the automatic email sent to the user in case he has selected to be notified when his post is moderated.

– In the user page showing his previous submissions, there should be 3 different sub-sections. One section showing "Approved" posts, one section showing "Rejected" posts, and these should also show this rejection reason next to the posts, as well as a "Pending" posts section – for posts which arent yet moderated.

For resources, please check the following sites to view some examples of the type of thing Im after – / – which have the authentication and submission system Im after
TDO Mini Forms – WP plugin which does a similar thing to the form action I require
Multibox – WP plugin which displays a nice lightbox for content – sort of the thing I need for the submission and login forms.

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Wedding And Photography Articles

I need 12 to 15 articles written in good natural English on subjects relating to weddings.

Titles could be "What Roles Your Bridal Party Should Be Taking" " Wedding Superstitions & Traditions" "Seating arrangements for your wedding breakfast"

Each article must have at least one reference to photography.

All articles must be unique and not directly copied from websites, taking inspiration is however acceptable.

All articles become my property on payment and cannot be resold.

The articles should be between 300 and 500 words long and pass a minimum of 92% on the wordpress plugin copy compass.

100% payment on completion.

Thank you for your time.
N Morgan

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Write And Post 160 X 150 Word Articles To WordPress

Only bid if you are a native english writer.

The task is to write 16 x 150 word articles for each website (wordpress blog) provided to you.

I will provide you with 10 websites, therefore a total of 160 articles need to be written.

I pay $2.1 per 150 word article.

Therefore, total budget is 160 x 2.1 = $336

Guidance and Examples
When writing the website copy, please keep in mind the websites are designed specifically for a small business, to attract customers. So a combination of sales copy, description of services and useful information (displaying their expertise) is what I am after.

Every 150 word article will have a title, 2 paragraphs, subheading for the 2nd paragraph, and the keyword mentioned 3 times. One key word will be made bold and the other will be made itallics (just formatting).

Some example topics would be:
Accountant Brisbane
Accountant paddington
Business Accounting Services

I will need you to upload each article as a post directly into the website (wordpress blog).

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OsDate Plugin

I have a project that is based on osDate, I need someone to write one plugin that will allow me to post in a list about 5 fields of text, this postings need to belong to the user and the user should be able to be associated to that posting. The posting list should be allowed to be filtered by some records.

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Post Writing Plugin For WordPress

I need someone who would create a simple WordPress plugin for me. This is how it would work.

1. I would create a post
2. The plugin would allow me to enter unlimited number of »micro-posts« inside this post

Here is an example:

So the title of the post is Premium Demo Report and below you will find 5

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WordPress Post Slider Plugin

I will required, 2 WordPress Plugins for an RSS blog that I have. Both of the plugins have to be in function, style, effects exatly like the following.

Plugin 1.

This plugin is in flash, I will like this same one ( No Flash ). This one takes 6 post. I will required x number of post to be shown not only 6, it can be less or more . It would have to run automatically. Needs to show post title and x lines of the paragraph. Because, some paragraphs are too long to be shown in the slider.

The whole plugin can be re-size depending on page layout.

When you click on the picture or post title, it would take you to that specific post.

I will have an option in WP panel to choose; How many post to be shown, (from any specific category that I already have), including a combination of categories. And if a category have some, post without pictures not to choose those post only the ones with pictures from that category. This can be an option in the panel.

should be able to adjust the speed at which the slider works.

Plugin 2. The same requirements as above.


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Keyword Optimize 112 Articles And Post On WordPress


I have 112 articles I want optimized for keywords and categories.

I want the keyword in the title
I want the keyword in the article once per 100 words plus one
I want the category mentioned twice
Keyword and category should be in first paragraph

These articles are in text files, I want them returned in word documents with all the keywords, in the title and the article body, colored red and all the categories colored green.

Once I have checked each article I would like you to post it on my blog for me. The desired applicant will have experience with WordPress and blogging.

Once you have done the first 20 I will get you to post them and I will release $20, after that I will pay you the final amount once the rest are finished, you can then post them for me. I should mention here that I expect that you will be tidy with your formatting.

Budget $70

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I Want Purchase A WordPress Webstie PR 4

Ive need a wordpress website PR 4 to 5 topic Articles or Technology etc.

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26 Articles Needed – Auto/motorcycle Dealerships Articles

S | Research | Technical Writing

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26 articles needed – auto/motorcycle dealerships articles  

26 articles needed – auto/motorcycle dealerships articles is project number 731846
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 07/06/2010 at 21:05 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

07/07/2010 at 21:05 EDT
(23h 57m left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (7 reviews)



**Rate is $1.50 per 600 word article – 26 articles – $39

**For this project we will need a total of 26 600 word articles within 5 days.

All article topics will stay within the automotive category. You will be discussing motorcycle dealerships. If you can write about car dealerships and dont know much about motorcycles you will still be able to do this project.

You will be given certain words and phrases to use within the 600 word articles.

Proper grammar and correct spelling is mandatory. American English spelling rules will apply (e.g.

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Articles Needed About Auto Insurance

Articles needed about auto insurance.
Anything about auto insurance, 5 to 10 articles will be good.

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WordPress Plugin -URGENT-

I am in need of a wordpress plugin that my content site can distribute to subscribers. The goal is to have it take articles that are stored in a table on MySQL database and submit them to wordpress blogs that have the plugin installed. I have stored the email address of the WordPress BLOG owner in my table. The plugin will need to come to my website (or receive data from my website) for articles that are on topic (determined by email address) then add them to the wordpress blog that has the plugin.

I need a wordpress plugin that meets the following requirements:

– I need it to be easy to install
– It needs to have a control panel where the person can remove articles they do not want
– I would pefer an option to auto post articles from our site, or have them screened by the wordpress owner to decide if they want to publish.
– I perfer that it does not alter any of their tables.
– I need full distribution rights to the program.
– It will need detailed instructions on how to install and operate so that I can troubleshoot if they have questions, and so the user can install the plugin.
– It will need to somehow find the articles their blog is eligible for (which is done by email address in my table) extract them from my table or somehow receive them and then post them to their wordpress blog.

The articles need to include the Title The Author The Body and a Resource box, I also have a keywords field which would be the tags. I can also add data to the table if it is necessary.

I am looking to do similar plugins for multiple systems so the bidder will have future work opportunities. I am going to need these plugins built for atleast 10 other systems.

This is urgent, I have to get this site launched ASAP and wordpress is in huge demand,

I need someone who can start on this right away.

I also need to know what you would charge to build it, not some placement bid.

I also will ONLY pay through Escrow on completion of the project.

You will have to do all the coding after getting the articles into the SQL table, I have the system set up do do that already automatically. If it needs to create other files, etc you will have to do that coding. My coding stops at getting the Email of the BLOG that will receive the article, Title, Author, Body, Resource and Tags to the table. I can add additional items to the table if needed.

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modification wordpress template plus change to the newest 2.7.1 version

This is an old wordpress template and must be converted to the newest version 2.7.1
Modification required: (see the change_required.jpg for clearance
1. post area middle page 560px
2. sidebars each 200px same color as the middle page (beige I guess).
3. I can upload header image.
4. add line break between each post articles (3px thickness).
5. add more tag called "Quiz".
6. in contact page add (send email form) in php code.

will be contacting by any kind of messenger MSN, Yahoo, or AOL for additional and clearer instructions.

I have attach 2 attachments one is template zip & and the other is "change_required.jpg"

a) you must be view the requirements of the project before you place a bid.
b) you must be expert in css, php, mySQL and specially in wordpress!!
C) very Good understanding in english language.

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WordPress Plugin for wp-e-commerce

I need a solution that will work with wp-e-commerce to accept PayFast payments processing, the existing available merchants should be used as benchmark to do this plug-in.

The following sites are available for further information;


WordPress-e-commerce plug-in


Consideration will be given to the lower bidders as the complexity of this project is not very high and it is being outsourced due to a lack of time.

It is an explicit condition for bidding on this project that the winning bidder transfers all rights and claim to this work to me on acceptance of payment for work done and that if you are in a country that does not allow you to wave these rights, then you are not allowed not bid.

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