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Post Submission Plugin Required For WordPress

Hi there,

Im looking to find someone who can write me a customised plugin for WordPress. The plugin will allow the site visitor to do the following:

– The Create a post form should include: Image upload, post title, category, tags and customised permalink (plugin is for a link site) and "alert me" (user is sent automatic email when their post is approved or declined) are required, perhaps other custom fields later

– If possible, when a post is submitted, the user should have an option to perform basic editing on the photo – there should be an option to crop the photo, although the crop ratio needs to always be 1:1; the user can then preview and Submit the post.

– The user must be registered in order to post. The link to make a post should not be visible when the user is not logged in. If the user is not logged in there should be a link from the menu bar (not widget in sidebar/footer etc) to an AJAX login popup which will authenticate the user and redirect them back to the same page. If the user is logged in there should be an option to "Submit New" (see below) as well as an option to log out, and a link to view the user profile. These links should be on the menu bar at the page top – not as widgets in the sidebar.

– The "Submit new post" page should come up as a AJAX popup – background page is faded and the submit new form appears similar to a Facebook-style lightbox, and should be "activated" by a link from the page menu (not a widget on a sidebar/footer)

– The user profile, linked to from the menu should also be a customised page, showing the users previous published submissions, as well as an option to change basic info about the user account (email address and so forth) – there should be no need to go into the WordPress admin panel/backend for the user to do this.

– The form should be able to localised easily in multiple different languages. I want to be able to edit a specific file and easily add/change new languages so the form displays in different languages. This variable should be carried over from the main site, which will also be localised in the same languages.

– The submission should automatically go to a pending state which will require moderation by me or another Admin before the post is visible. There should be a dedicated section for post moderation on the Admin panel, and the moderation section should display a small thumbnail of the photo uploaded (which can be clicked on to enlarge), the post title, post permalink, tags used and categories. Each pending submission should have an option to approve/reject the post, and in the case of reject, there should be a customisable menu where I can select a reason as to why the post was rejected. This variable can be pushed into the automatic email sent to the user in case he has selected to be notified when his post is moderated.

– In the user page showing his previous submissions, there should be 3 different sub-sections. One section showing "Approved" posts, one section showing "Rejected" posts, and these should also show this rejection reason next to the posts, as well as a "Pending" posts section – for posts which arent yet moderated.

For resources, please check the following sites to view some examples of the type of thing Im after – / – which have the authentication and submission system Im after
TDO Mini Forms – WP plugin which does a similar thing to the form action I require
Multibox – WP plugin which displays a nice lightbox for content – sort of the thing I need for the submission and login forms.

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OsDate Plugin

I have a project that is based on osDate, I need someone to write one plugin that will allow me to post in a list about 5 fields of text, this postings need to belong to the user and the user should be able to be associated to that posting. The posting list should be allowed to be filtered by some records.

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Autopost Tags In WordPress Post

I need a simple wordpress plugin, which is checking inside the post for [tags]keyword1,keyword2,keyword3,…[/tags] and autopost the tags to wp_tags.
There was a plugin before – Ultimate Tag Warrior, but doesnt supported for new wordpress and MU, so i need a new stable version.
Thats all!

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Qick WordPress Debug Needed

Dear developers,

A quick css correction on a wordpress website needed.
Please post only experienced developers or It companies.

thanks in advance

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Post Writing Plugin For WordPress

I need someone who would create a simple WordPress plugin for me. This is how it would work.

1. I would create a post
2. The plugin would allow me to enter unlimited number of »micro-posts« inside this post

Here is an example:

So the title of the post is Premium Demo Report and below you will find 5

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WordPress Post Slider Plugin

I will required, 2 WordPress Plugins for an RSS blog that I have. Both of the plugins have to be in function, style, effects exatly like the following.

Plugin 1.

This plugin is in flash, I will like this same one ( No Flash ). This one takes 6 post. I will required x number of post to be shown not only 6, it can be less or more . It would have to run automatically. Needs to show post title and x lines of the paragraph. Because, some paragraphs are too long to be shown in the slider.

The whole plugin can be re-size depending on page layout.

When you click on the picture or post title, it would take you to that specific post.

I will have an option in WP panel to choose; How many post to be shown, (from any specific category that I already have), including a combination of categories. And if a category have some, post without pictures not to choose those post only the ones with pictures from that category. This can be an option in the panel.

should be able to adjust the speed at which the slider works.

Plugin 2. The same requirements as above.


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Photoshop Pimp My WordPress Homepage

I want my homepage redesigned. I like the blue & white colors that were chosen but it basically needs to be "pimped" Must be very familiar with photoshop. This what will be used for the programmers wordpress site.

I want it to look state of the art. Look to sites such as,, and for inspiration. Only I want it to look more state-of-the-art, snappy, fresh, and exciting yet business like. It appeals to the young executive. Its got to be corporate looking but not boring, again fun for the young executive.

Imagine this site as the Huffington Post meets for books. The site is called: The Gatekeepers Post and it is a blog for executives, agents and editors in the book publishing industry as well as film, television and music to post their views on the world of books and entertainment

Instead of the photo icons you see, Id like just the words but for them to look amazing. The bottom row is going to be for a scrolling bar with icons for RSS feeds (Well take care of that)

Basically I need someone to pimp this page.

This is the photoshop file:

Please, dont bid any more than $100 because you will not be awarded the project if you do otherwise.

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Simple WordPress Edits

I need to have some simple CSS and JavaScript modifications done to this blog.

I need the java pop up window to open only on a link click and not pop up when the page loads.

Here is an example of the link click

Also where the FB style ad is on the side I would like to move it over a few pixels so it looks even.

And in the "recent posts" widget on the side I need the text to be moved up so there is no space between the title and the recent post tags.

Should be a quick and easy job for a skilled freelancer.

Keep in mind the ongoing work will be done with this site and the hired individule will also be hred for additional changes, so keep that in mind when bidding.

Happy bidding.


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PSD To WordPress And W3


I m looking for a long term Job, that includes alot of conversions of PSD to WordPress templates.

Since all the Jobs are very simples, I m looking for people willing to accept 15-20$ per conversion, all templates are very similar one to another, so its not a complicate job.

My payment method will be by Paypal or Moneybookers! Since I cant publish a Post everytime I need a quick job, since my projects are not always conversions.

All templates must be working in all navegators, with search, and widgets, following all the parameters of W3.


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WordPress plugin development- Php ‘Expert’ needed


I wanted a subscription based blog. So, a user roles management plugin was needed… My coder has managed to do it up to a point but he quited for his health reasons.

tasks left:

1) Youll observe the outlook/display errors both on the site and the admin panel…those need to be fixed.
2) errors in the sidebar (upon clicking profile-categories- post titles)
3) There are 3 user groups. Each one has a different number of posts accesible.. such as acemiler group can only access 10 posts but azmanlar can 50 posts.. But, not all posts will be available to the users.. each day, 3 new posts will be released.. (this is for maintaining addicted readers :), so that those readers will visit the site every day if they like the content)
4) You will see the Dashboard at the bottom of the admin sidepanel (dont confuse with the real dashboard of the wp).. I need a customization sections for configuring the codes of Sidebar and the Panel (Panel is the registraition section on the site, the one that is slidind up and down).. thoe sections will be exactly similar to themes- css section of the wp.. Codes will be displayed openly.. nothing more.
5) paypal integration is not completed.. and i will integrate a payment system that is only available in turkey.. it is a payment by sms system..but that should be last thing to be handled .
6) ..and there might be small issues i might be forgotten to mention.

-passwords for both admin panel and membership enterance- (you need to login to see a functioning sidebar menu- with bugs-):
user:avc(at) –> not a real email

You have 7 days to finish after initiating the agreement.

my budget is small for this project.. and since most of the part is already accomplished, I may pay 100$-170$.. this small project will be a good start for a long termed business relation.. I have a multiplayer games php work waiting in the queue.

Bid only after you inpspect the tasks and conditions!! Dont spam.


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WordPress Plugin -URGENT-

I am in need of a wordpress plugin that my content site can distribute to subscribers. The goal is to have it take articles that are stored in a table on MySQL database and submit them to wordpress blogs that have the plugin installed. I have stored the email address of the WordPress BLOG owner in my table. The plugin will need to come to my website (or receive data from my website) for articles that are on topic (determined by email address) then add them to the wordpress blog that has the plugin.

I need a wordpress plugin that meets the following requirements:

– I need it to be easy to install
– It needs to have a control panel where the person can remove articles they do not want
– I would pefer an option to auto post articles from our site, or have them screened by the wordpress owner to decide if they want to publish.
– I perfer that it does not alter any of their tables.
– I need full distribution rights to the program.
– It will need detailed instructions on how to install and operate so that I can troubleshoot if they have questions, and so the user can install the plugin.
– It will need to somehow find the articles their blog is eligible for (which is done by email address in my table) extract them from my table or somehow receive them and then post them to their wordpress blog.

The articles need to include the Title The Author The Body and a Resource box, I also have a keywords field which would be the tags. I can also add data to the table if it is necessary.

I am looking to do similar plugins for multiple systems so the bidder will have future work opportunities. I am going to need these plugins built for atleast 10 other systems.

This is urgent, I have to get this site launched ASAP and wordpress is in huge demand,

I need someone who can start on this right away.

I also need to know what you would charge to build it, not some placement bid.

I also will ONLY pay through Escrow on completion of the project.

You will have to do all the coding after getting the articles into the SQL table, I have the system set up do do that already automatically. If it needs to create other files, etc you will have to do that coding. My coding stops at getting the Email of the BLOG that will receive the article, Title, Author, Body, Resource and Tags to the table. I can add additional items to the table if needed.

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