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WordPress XML-RPC Automatic Posting Via XML Feed


I have an XML feed from a content provider named Yellowbrix for news content.

I want to be able to take said XML feed and automatically post it to a wordpress blog.

The feed URL looks something like:

I cant just directly import this into WordPress via a plugin like feedburner.

An API is available for the XML feed.

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make interface (xml feed?) job posting broadbean – joomla

I need an interface made between the job posting application of broadbean wich generates an xml document wich needs to be checked and imported as content in Joomla.

!!!!!!!!! Please read the attached document for project requirements,!!!!!!!!!!!

in addition I would like if possible) a message (email) sent after the posting of the job to the administrator of the site to confirm a job posting on my site.

I would prefer someone whom has already done a interface for broadbean, The bid you make is for the whole project and I will accept only if you clearly understand the requirements.

its not a real difficult job but needs to be done by a skilfull and reliable programmer.


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Insurance Blog Website with Plugins

HI, i am looking for a blog for an insurance website. I would like a set up witha plugin that pulls all of those articles from the web via rss feed automatically. So I dont evenhave to make posts, and new pages will be added. . The blog will have its own google xml sitemap that asks the search engines to index the blog pages daily at it received updates. I would you to need to install some html codes for the affiliate programs that go into it.

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