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Website-Need To Apply WordPress Theme, Config & Content

Our web site is bilingual and done in classic ASP. We bought a WordPress Theme that we like to install and configure and perhaps rewrite the content.

Here is what we need to do:

-Provide you the template
-Provide you the graphics, logo images etc.
-Provide you the content

Here is what we need you to do:

-Provide a breakdown and timeline of how you would proceed and how long would you need to accomplish this.
-Create a costume login page for our clients
-The client section, they can see their images (some kind of thumbnail preview and link to the high resolution files) We are currently using this to generate thumbnail and web site:
-Apply the graphics and content to 8 to 10 pages
-As mentioned this is a bilangual site, so provide a plugin in WordPress to allow the language switch on each page.


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Need WordPress Programmer

Looking for wordpress programmer. I will give you the theme and content all you will have to do is put it together. thanks

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Finish Off A WordPress Theme

I need somebody to assist with some quick theme development with immediate start.

Please link to your online portfolio or provide examples of WordPress themes you have worked on previously.

Only candidates who can demonstrate an excellent ability to code custom WordPress themes from a Photoshop or Illustrator layout will be considered. The theme is already 50% complete so your job will be to complete the PHP template files, apply any custom styles through CSS and to add about 15 initial posts (content outline and images provided).

The correct candidate will be able to take on this work immediately and complete in no more than 3 working days.

Payment will be made through via PayPal immediately upon project completion.

Bid total amount for project and give estimated delivery date.

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JQuery Featured Content Slider (WordPress)

I need someone to develop me a custom featured content slider of WordPress.

It should look nearly identical to the one thats found on — Except that the "info stripe" that appears across the large image should be at the bottom of the picture, rather than near the middle as it is on Relevants page.

It should have a 10px buffer between the images and the edge (padding, I suppose), which should be black. The three small sections on the right should each be 85px x 200px. The large one should be 400 x 255 px.

The overall dimensions of the slider should be 630×275 pixels, it should feature 3 scrolling stories, and as an added bonus, if I could set it up to have 2 "sets" of 3 stories, that would be awesome. (My thinking is: It scrolls through all 3 that are visible, then all 3 of them shift up and away and the other 3 come into view, but if this is a lot of extra work, its not necessary.)

It should function like this: Hovering over a small thumbnail should bring the large image into view on the main spot. Clicking either the large spot or the small spot should take you to corresponding story.

The project should be completed with 3 days.

If there are any questions or clarifications, please let me know.


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WordPress Theme Creation And Content Integration For IHostin

WordPress Theme Creation and Content Integration For IHostingBid

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WordPress Theme And Content Upload

I have become very busy and do not have the time to do this myself, this is a very simple project and should not take more than a few minutes. I will provide you with the themes I need uploaded along with a word Doc that contains the content. My main goal is to have the content published to the index page so that it will come up when the url is entered.It should look basically like a sales page. I will also have a few (5 or 6) graphics and banners to be placed within the page. These can be entered very easily into the theme of the wordpress blog. The turnaround time for this project shouldnt be more than a day or two. I look forward to you bids. Please enclose some sites of your work for my reference. Only those who have experience working with wordpress need apply. Altogether, this project will be for 4 sites. Thank you for looking.

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