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Custom Sort Function

I want a website that utilises the Facebook login plugin to generate a current profile of the user. The site will offer event pages (much like a profile page) for different bands/artists. When a user logs in the events should stream to their homepage. I would like a script that sorts each event page by how relevant it is to the user. If the band is defined to appeal to 14-18 year old girls then it should not show up when a 45 year old man signs in.

More information on the website will be provided to the designer.

*This will include coding a complex sort feature that analyses profile information to deliver relevant results to the end user.

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Modifications Of Fusion Theme,

Modifications are needed on the WordPress theme entitled Fusion.
The bidder must have experience with making these types of modifications with css and other coding as necessary. If the bidder has good English proficiency along with a clear knowledge of the Fusion theme, there should be no problem understanding the five objectives that follow.

All the proposed modifications described below should be made for both the Home page and the Archives pages.

First Objective

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WordPress E-Commerce Theme Modification

I have purchased the following theme:

I think the theme is very well made, but lacks in stock control, I want to be able to add the number of items in stock and for that number to decrease when an order is made and completed through Paypal.

I would also like a custom field on the post (product) for a serial number for my products.

I would also like it to be kept in the same (clean and neat) style as its in now.

I will send over the files for the theme to the winner.

01/27/2011 at 16:00 EST:

Oh, and Id be happy to pay a bit more for somebody to code into the theme a coupon that lets the customer have free delivery when the order is over £30.

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WordPress: Writer / Graphics

HI there

Ive been working with and im looking for a person who can write all the contents / and adding graphics, the templates are ready .. and i have also (software that need to configure, Uploading Images etc …

You may need to re-install my WordPress as well as im only using FANTASTICO .. will be design a Custom T-shirts … so the graphics should match on the name itself.
Please bid .. and need to be deliver within 3 – 5 days .. or earlier.

Must have SEO background and might need for Marketing at or whatsoever

Thank you


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Custom Functionality WordPress Site

I need someone to help me finish our wordpress based website

To explain this really simply it is a free membership site however it

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Custom Script For WordPress –

I have a few forms in WordPress that includes file uploads. I would like a custom script that allows me to parse the exported CSV file and retrieve the uploaded files using the file upload path and then do what you needed to do with it – such as import it to a an Access Database. So this would require custom code to execute. You would have to write the script and help me execute it.

forms I am using right now include
Gravity Forms (I dont have that yet
Job Manager
Form Builder

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Timthumb WordPress Multisite

I need timthumb working in a WordPress website automatically (multi-site install). I need it to grab the first image in the post and set it as thumbnail (without using custom field or Featured Image if possible).

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Timthumb In WordPress Site

I need timthumb working in a WordPress website automatically. I need it to grab the first image in the post and set it as thumbnail (without using custom field or Featured Image).

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Need Custom Permalinks For WordPress Categories

We need a various categories on our wordpress php website to have custom permalinks that do not conflict with other plugins we use.

We used a plugin to do this before, but now its not working.

I need someone who can do this now and has a lot of wordpress php, permalink knowledge. Because we have a conflicting plugin this might not be as easy as it sounds.

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Editing Custom Flow WordPress 3.0

The user needs to be able to edit already submitted posts trough a custom backend.

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Custom Search Fields, Sort Order, & Additional Field Types

Hey Everyone,

I am running a classifieds website that has an advanced search/admin section that allows for custom fields (search questions) to be setup for each category/subcategory on the site. When adding these fields to the site they are just placed in a random order. I need to have the list of custom fields modified so they are displayed in A-Z order. That will make it easier to find a field in the list and modify it if necessary.

My site also allows me to associate the custom fields to be matched with categories/subcategories where the field should appear. For example, a custom field such as year would be matched to categories like: Cars & Trucks, ATVs, etc. Or a field like Brand might be associated with Clothing, Electronics, etc.

When you associate the custom fields into each category they are just placed in them in a random order. I need to be able to control the sort of when they are within a category/subcategory as well.

So, to review these two parts I need the following:

Main Custom Fields List: Default sorted to A-Z
Category/Subcategory List of Custom Fields: Ability to sort the fields as I choose. Using numbers to sort the order would be best. That would allow me to put them in the exact order as needed.

Additional, my site allows for different types of custom fields such as Textbox, Drop Down List, Checkbox, etc.

I would like to add in a Year type allowing users to search between years. User would use two drop down boxes and select years to search between. I would also like to have a Number drop down box. Same as the year, but would just be open textboxes so users can put in their own numbers instead of using the drop down boxes to select.

I need someone that is really detailed and can provide exactly what I need. I will only select someone that does the very BEST of work.

Let me know if you have any questions.



– My website allows for custom fields to be created that the front-end user can utilize to search the listings on the site. These custom fields are editable in the admin section. I need to have these fields setup so they can be sorted in the order that I would like.

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HTML/CSS temelptae to WordPress Theme

I have a HTML/CSS template that needs to be converted to a wordpress theme. The wordpress theme needs to be able to take an image in the custom field option and display it on the homepage scaled to fit the parameters of the template and on the main post as the full image.

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