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Multiple Quality Niche Writer Needed!!

I am in need of another writer for my project!! The writer must be able to write error free, unique articles and on multiple niche!! I will pay only via freelancer!!

Most of the articles are 300 words (with some 200 words as well).

My rate per 300 words article is $1.

Please place a bid of $30 only!

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Continuous Article Writing Projects

I will be needing someone with a vast array of knowledge or someone who is eager to just look up enough informative information about ANY topic of article I may ask for. Projects will be approximately 500 words or less per article and must be original content.
I prefer to see writing samples if you have them available and am also looking for someone to work with for quite a while. We will start with just 6 articles and if the both of us can work together and I like your work then hopefully we can make our partnership last.

What you are bidding on is: writing 6 articles of my choice topics each with about 500 words or less full of plenty of information for readers.

Thank you.

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US, UK, Canada Only: 10 Well Researched Articles, 550 Words.

I need high quality writer to write about 10 high quality, well researched and informative articles in the health niche.
I am looking for writers whom can provide high quality articles without any grammatical and spelling errors.
Please dont bid if you dont meet my requires.

* Native English speakers only please.
* Any content or articles with slight grammatical or spelling mistakes will be rejected.
* Articles must be well researched and informative, high quality articles as I mentioned before.
* Each article should be more than 550 words.
* No copy paste work. Will be checked through Copy Scape Premium and other methods of mine. (I would not work with a writer who plagiarizes).
* I need the articles to be unique, well researched and separated into 4-5 paragraphs.
* No rewrites, Original content only!
* I own all the rights on the content. Articles are not to be resold to other parties.
* Please write "MS GLOBAL" so I know youve read it all.
* No upfront payments. Payment will be made through upon successful completion of the project.

We have more articles that need to be done, if all goes well off course.


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Google Crawling Scraping Web Based App For Linux Server

Hello – this is a very simple and easy project.

We need a web based app building and installed on our linux server. I want avery nice designed interface also

The app will do the following.

There will be a admin section where i can add / remove users etc and decide superusers.

A user can login to the system and enter title text and also article text.

At the bottom of the page there is another box where they can enter keyword phrase, once these 3 things have been entered – the following is automatically calculated and shown –
Number of words in article
Number of sentences in article
Number of paragraphs in article

We can then click calculate and the following is calculated and shown:
Keyword density in % in article of entered keyword phrase
Number of times keyword appears in article
If the % number is between 0% – 3.7% then there is a sad face displayed
If the % number is between 3.8% – 7.0% then there is a smiley face displayed
If the % number is between 7.1% – 100% then there is a sad face displayed
We can also click highlight to highlight the keyword phrases in the article
Keyword phrase in title ? Yes in green text, No in red text
Keyword phrase first 2 sentences ? Yes in green text, No in red text
Keyword phrase in last 2 sentences ? Yes in green text, No in red text

Next we have a button called LSI, when clicked:
What this does in realtime is – say we enter stop smoking fast in the keyword phrase box. It goes to google and enters in the search box the 3 words separately and makes 3 separate searches in this format:


For each search we scrape the first 100 results of google and take the BOLD only words from the results. The software put them in a table and makes sure all are unique words. This needs to happen very fast. Then a pop up table appears and shows the results:

Stop Smoking Fast
— —— —–
—- —— ——

– Next to each word are 3 columns – Number of times found in article, Density %, and a highlight button (if we click this it highlights this word in the article.
Above each of the keyword columns there is a highlight all button – when clicked, all the words found in the Smoking column that are found in the article are highlighted with the same colour.

At the end of the main page there will be a Copyscape button. (we have a premium account) and need the article text either sending through Copyscapes API or the text entering on their site, and the results of the scan showing in our software.

This needs to be fully completed / tested by us and working on our server in 5 days from award.

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Copywriting, About 300 Words

I need someone to write some copy for a rack card I supply to estate planners for them to include in the packages they give their customers. Please see the attached file for the version I did myself. Its about 300 words. Please give me a link to some of your writing.

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100 Words For $0.25 – 100 Articles All 400 Words Each

Writing Guidelines:

>Rate is $1 for every article.
>Every article needs to be 400 words long.
>Make sure to use the exact Key-phrase 3 times ONLY in your articles.
>DO NOT use the key-phrase as the first word of the article.
>DO NOT write a title – just use the keywords as your tittle.
>All articles must be original or at least 95% original.
>All articles must be spelled-checked and grammar-checked before submission.
>You must be aware the copyright is transferred to us after you are paid.

Mode of Payment:

>Only articles that are approved are paid.
>PAYPAL is the only mode of payment available.

If your article is declined due to plagiarism and or grammar issues, you must edit it before you are paid.
The reason if why it is declined is provided within the declined article.
Deadline for editing of declined article is ONLY 24 hours.

Only 100 articles are needed for now. But we are willing to continue the relationship through if we are satisfied with the writing quality.

Please provide a 400-word sample for us to evaluate your writing quality.

writetogetpaid team

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Data Entry Of Retyping Words

hello welcome dear freelancer

now i am introduce u very simple and very easy data entry work of the retyping of the words and letters. your job is to only retyping words and i am pay u for this retyping words 0.80$ for the 1k means 1 thousand words. and i am also give u step by step process that how to start work and how u will get money.

i am also invite new freelancer who have less expirence in the online work.

my site is

this work is start after the indian time 11:00 pm to 6 :00 am so who is ready do work on this days only that people are bid here . i am give some selected people to chance to work with me and if they passed the test and honestly work with me then they willl selected as the winner of the project. and they can work with me.

so who is ready to work on the night time only that people are bid here.

best regards



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Looking For Writers ~ 10 Articles

Need 10 articles on various topics. Keywords will be provided.

If you are willing to take up the project, you must write a sample article for me tot test. I will provide the keyword for that. It will be tested for grammar, spelling and the quality of the content.

*Each article must pass copyscape
*Content must be well researched and informative
*Must have no grammar, punctuation errors. Also no typos.
*Must be completed within 7 days after awarding the project
*Only pay once I receive the articles, No milestone payments.
*You agree that upon sending me the articles all rights to the articles transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any manner.

Quote me your price for 100 words when you are bidding. Bids which are more than 0.4/100 words wont be entertained.

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English To Spanish Translator / Writer Needed

I have a multiple language website , with English as the main content. It is translated into Spanish using Automatic Translators. Obviously it is far from perfect.

A typical articles is 400 words long. You are required to edit that automated translation / or translate on your own. Added preference will be given to some one who

– Knows about computer processors ( familiar with Intel / AMD , Core i3 , RAM, memory, benchmark)
– Can write an article in English if required
– Optional – should know what is hyperlinking and how to do it.

I would like you to bid for translating 10 articles of about 400 words each. You may also be asked to write original English Article.

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Project For Aksh

This is to fix the two menu issues.

1. Go to http://xxx/idm/sas/imcss/index.jsp? and log in with xxx / xxx . The words are overlapping the arrows, we need to move the words to the right. Also there seems to be a problem with the mouse over function, when a user mouses over all the other menu items disappear.

2. Go to http://xxx/idm/sas/imcss/index.jsp and log in with xxx / xxx . Go to Manage Users > Reset User Password. Then type * in the search box and click search. Choose any user and click select. At the bottom of the page the submit and cancel buttons are on top of each other. They should be next to each other.

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.30$ For 100 Words….Daily Payment!!!!#2

Those writers are needed who can write grammatically correct English and who submit work within the deadlines.

Payment will be via

My requirements are:
1. how many articles you can write in a day.
2. Excellent English writing skills
3. No plagiarism . All articles will be checked through copyscape.
4. You must be able to meet deadlines. I will quit working with the writer who does not keep the promises.

Plz bid with a copy of your samples and previous works. If your articles are online, it will be appreciated if you give that as a sample.

Even if you have no sample, beginners from US, UK and CANADA are welcome to bid. I will ask you to write just a 100 word article so that i know of your grammar.

Those who want a review to boost their profile will find this project helpful.

Pay will be $1.5 per 500 words.

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UK, US And Canada ONLY,1.5$ For 500 Words.Daily Payment!! #3

Those writers are needed who can write grammatically correct English and who submit work within the deadlines.

Payment will be via

My requirements are:
1. how many articles you can write in a day.
2. Excellent English writing skills
3. No plagiarism . All articles will be checked through copyscape.
4. You must be able to meet deadlines. I will quit working with the writer who does not keep the promises.

Plz bid with a copy of your samples and previous works. If your articles are online, it will be appreciated if you give that as a sample.

Even if you have no sample, beginners from US, UK and CANADA are welcome to bid. I will ask you to write just a 100 word article so that i know of your grammar.

Those who want a review to boost their profile will find this project helpful.

Pay will be $1.5 per 500 words.

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$0.30 For 100 Words:: Daily Payment.

Need unique SEO articles, 100% copyscape free. Perfect grammar is a must. Rate is $ 0.30 for 100 words.

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HOW TO Type Articles ( $1.5 / 450 Words Article )

Hello Freelancers,

I am looking for 1 or 2 RELIABLE article writers to work with me on long term relationship, you must be experienced to write, edit, rewrite and proofread articles on various niches and able to write at least 5-10 articles on every week day.
I also expect you to deliver all these articles on the same day.

You should have a Copy scape premium account to check for any plagiarism and please submit us the originally written articles. If any plagiarism is found, sorry to say your articles will be rejected.

I expect you to produce " How to " type informative articles on various topics but not limited to the following ; health, fitness, travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, business, small business, education and real estate, )

I will provide sample articles and guidelines to make you understand, what kind / style of articles we are looking for.

You will be paid after submitting all the articles ( i.e 25 -50 articles ) every week, and please excuse there will not be any upfront payments. Initial pay per 400-500 words article will be $ 1.5 and will continue to increase after 1 or 2 months. You will be engaged in other lucrative projects too. Payments shall be through GAF or Paypal as you wish.

1. MUST be 400-500 words each
2. MUST be in American English (simple-structure, made-easy to comprehend, grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.)
3. MUST pass Copyscape Premium (please check your article before submission)
4. MUST be SEO optimized
5. MUST spell check, grammar check and proofread your work before submission
6. I own the full rights to the articles that have been completed, approved and paid

Please make a realistic bid and tell me how many articles you can write per day or per week. Also, Please attach your sample articles especially in "How to " type niche.

Please write " Yes, I can " in your bid, so that I can understand you are not a spammer.

Happy Bidding, buddies 🙂

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100 Articles Of 500 Words Bulk Article Writing

Hello freelancers

I need people to write for me good quality articles for a cost effective way

i will be ordering 100 articles per time

100% unique content , hand written,no spinning , 100% copyscape passed, SEO writing

The niche is games

If you can provide 100 articles in 7-10 days then bid on the project with a bid for 100 articles and send me a sample too


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Chess Related Articles

I need articles on 141 chess games.The articles should be around 300 words on average.They should reference both players,the event and time it was played and some facts to the game.Some of the games feature the same player, introductions for the same person can be similar but not the same.
The texts should follow standard seo procedure including creating 2-5 keywords for each video excluding player names.
Pay is 0.25$/100 words for 105$ total, no bids higher than this.
The work has to be completed 10 days after awardation of the project, every day of this 10 days you submit 2 articles to check for quality.
The articles have to be orginal and pass copyscape.
Copied or qualitative inferior work will not be paid and the project will be aborted!
In order to apply provide a sample articles of the following game: and write it to pm.
Only PM with an attatched review of that game, everythign else will be deleted.
Some chess knowledge is mandatory to complete this task.

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Required Article Writers For $1.25 Per 500 Words

I am currently looking to hire quality content writer(s) to work on few web projects for me.

Your job is to write articles which will cover topics from one particular or different niches. I have about 10-15 such niches that need to be worked upon and each niche has about 100-200 articles to be done.

Ill expect you to submit at least 3-5 articles in a day (Mon – Friday). Ill send you the work order and accordingly you have write me on given topics. This is going to be a long term work (on an ongoing basis).

Basic Requirements:

– Written copy must be 100% Unique, must clear COPYSCAPE. I will terminate the working relationship immediately (without any payment due) if your article failed copyscape.
– Each article should be of minimum 500 words.
– Good/Native flow of English is a must for smooth flow of sentences.
– Must have basic SEO elements in the articles. Should be able to insert keywords about 5-10 times in the article.
– Strictly adhere to my INSTRUCTIONS.

Please dont bid if you cant meet these requirements. This is for serious bidders only. Send me atleast one sample with the attachments.

Please type "Danni" in your bid & pm response, so I know that you have read and understood the job description very well OR else Ill ignore your bid.

The pay rate is strictly $1.25 per 500 written words and rate goes up depending on your performance and once you have proved your content writing skill.

Thanks for your time, and happy bidding!

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Looking for a simple site to be built for to pump this site to the top of google search for the words "catering melbourne" with link to primary site and simple form to fill out to generate leads, a few photos, a paragraph of words, email, fill out form great seo, hey presto! done

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Article Writer – I Need Two 500 Words Articles – Urgent!

I need two good looking articles for my new web site.
PM me for the topic.

I will check all articles for plagiarism!

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500 Words Writer For Blog, Must Have Psychology Background

Required writer for 500 word article for blog, must have psychology background in relationships, co-dependency in relationships.
This is a ongoing project atleast 4 articles of 500 words each. No copyright issues.
Must have capability to discuss this with me on phone, Canada or US residence. Also must have ideas of own
All articles will be discussed over phone, I will call

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$4 Per 500 Words; Article Writing (1)

I need 50 articles for SEO purpose and i am willing to pay $4 per 500 words. I will create full milestone. Please bid $200,

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I need 2 writers to rewrite at least 2500 words daily with no research required. Just use another expression to describe the same meaning from the original article. If the quality and turnaround is good I can easily increase your workload.


Rate: $0.25 per 100 words rewrite.


– Rewrites must be 100% unique and will be checked with Copyscape
– Rewrites must be grammatically correct and use standard American/British English
– Rewrites must make sense (no spelling errors, no missing words, no bad grammar, etc.)

Payment will be delivered in every 3 days via Freelancer for accepted work so I cant create any milestone payment.

Bid for more information.

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25 Articles – 350 Words Each – Pay: $2.00/each

I need 25 articles of 350 words each.
Subjects will be: 25 different products. (Gifts)
(1 article for each product)

You will need to write each article with a proper title and 4-6 paragraphs.

The articles will be carefully reviewed byvour in-house team so the articles must be:
– VERY well written in US English with NO (0 = zero) grammatical error.
– 100% unique and 100% about each specific product.
– Written for the reader in a catchy, clever and interesting way.

Think SEO when you write the articles.

Articles must pass Copyscape pro.

Articles that DO NOT meet the above requirement will NOT paid for.

Links for each product will be sent to the winning bidder.

Provide at least one sample article

Budget for the project: $50.00 (do not bid more than $50.00)

Type: I agree to all terms in your bid.

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Academic Assignments On End User Support,

This is an academic assignment comprising 3000 words.I will be paying $3 per 500 words. The assignment have four sections, so you need to provide at least one section per day.If you can provide more work its up to you. The work should be according to the specifications provided and fully referenced.I am sorry if the work is copied, I will not be able to pay.If you are agree I will send further details, and there are 3 more assignments if you can provide quality work.

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Craigslist Ad Writer Needed

I need a FLUENT ENGLISH, talented writer to write 75-150 word ads for Craigslist containing some spun sentences.

They can contain some html to bold words, italicize words, etc.

I need 250 unique ads written. If the quality is good on the first batch, you will be offered this same task weekly.

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Need Writers For A Special Project

Hello Bidders,

I am looking for quality writers who can write articles from 150 – 600 word articles that are totally free from any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Articles may vary depending on the topics I will be providing. I will be asking you to write on particular topics that may need SEO wherein I will be providing the keyword or free writing that allows you to express your ideas using the titles as the main subject.

All articles should be original and unique and must pass copyscape.

Rates will depend on the number of words. Maximum offer is $1.50 for 500 – 600 word articles and lowest will be $0.50 for articles that falls on 150 words. There will be no negotiating prices. Either you agree to the ad here or you dont.

I will be looking for 3 – 4 candidates who can offer me quality writing and are ready to take the sample test based on the topic I will be providing.

You must be a native English speaker or write English Extremely Well. Even if you are a Native English Speaker you must not write English poorly.

All articles will be checked for plagiarism and grammar. If your articles do not pass then you will be asked to rewite them so they will. If they still do not pass then I will deduct the copyscape fee (.05 per search) or any proofreading fees (.50 per 500 words) from the price of the article.

Deadlines are important. If you miss a deadline without giving me a notice of 24 hours for large orders or 4 hours for short orders then you will no longer work for me.

Please DO NOT send me samples of your work unless I ask you for them.

Happy bidding everyone!

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30 Health Articles At 500 Words Each

Hi we need excellent native English article writers to research and write 30 articles – may be ongoing at $1 per article if it all works out.

We will give you the topics and keywords to work from, you can be flexible from there.

The articles written should be well researched and written in great English with no grammatical errors They must be 100% original and must pass a Copyscape and plagiarism detect test.

Each article would need to be at least 500 words with no meaningless long sentences and fluffing and they should be of interest to the reader of a health blog. Would also like the articles to be on a personal level and show the opinions of the writer.

All rights to the completed articles will be owned by us. Under no circumstance can these be distributed anywhere else upon delivery and Articles are open to revisions until we are completely satisfied with the completed articles

The project will depend on the first article submitted being well written and accepted.

What we need from you:

Good internet research and writing skills
Creative writing skills ( no copy pasting)
We will need to see some your previous works as a sample
Witty articles with and obvious understanding of the subject.


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Need An Article Writer

I need an experienced article writer who is good at delivering unique and well-written articles. Payment will be made only if the articles pass Copyscape.

Articles should be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. Please let me know how many articles you can deliver on a daily basis. The copyrights need to be transferred to me upon payment and the articles should not be re-used in any form.

Rates are as follows:

Product descriptions(80 words)- $0.20
Article re-writes(150 words)-$0.30

Weekly payment will be made via GAF/PayPal after articles are APPROVED. Please send me a sample article while placing a bid. DO NOT COPY PASTE content on PMB.

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10 Original 500 Words Articles Needed

I need an excellent article writer to do research initially and then write 10 articles
You will have to write articles as per the topics assigned and the keywords.

The article written should be well researched and written in great English, no grammatical errors accepted.
100% original and must pass Copyscape test
you will have to write excellent 500 words article as per the articles topic, no fluffing or meaningless long sentences. The articles should portray the aesthetics of writer.

Great internet research and writing skills
Creative writing skills ( no copy paste writing, will be checked)
you should be punctual and following the deadlines.
You will need to provide your previous work as sample

If you prove your skills, rest shall be explained later.

Note: Payment through GAF only.


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Content Page Writer Needed

I am looking for a confident writer to provide content including Meta information for 100 category pages for an adult shopping site. I will pay £1 per page. The content should be descriptive of the category and not explicit in any way. All content should be unique and not copied from any other site.

Please only apply for the role if you have an understanding of SEO and Meta information. The content specifications are:

– The length of the content should be 500 words.
– The Meta title should be 7 10 words long.
– The Meta description should be 180 – 200 characters long (including spaces).
– The Meta keyword tags should be 5 key phrases long.

Please send examples of the above to be considered for the role.

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