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Stream Videos From Megaupload

I need a script or wordpress plugin to stream videos (mp4) from the filehostings directly – (megaupload mainly- if megaupload works i dont care about others). You can see a working example from m o v i e z e t DOT com.

Stream from Megaupload
Use player and load subtitles

I need this working for firefox, chrome, safari, IE and opera. I dont care if you copy part of the code from other sites or the player is a free player. I have a pretty clear idea of the php files it calls and javascript files that are called. I also have downloaded these files but I cant seem to get them to call each other correctly. I am pretty sure it is all there, just that the frame is not being called correctly. I can provide what I have if it reduces the workload and completion time. I really do feel like someone with a little more experience can work with the files i have retrieved from their site and get it together fairly quickly.

If you visit the site – you can see that the plugins for all the browsers are there. these can be downloaded locally, and then the files called inside can also be downloaded. When it is all said and done, the user-side script calls another server side script, which calls another which calls 1 of 3 php files, and then finally loads the fetched video on the swf player. I am pretty sure I have all the files that are called.

I have a wordpress test site running on a random domain that can be used for this project. I can provide via private message.

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Instructional Workbook

Instructional designer required to convert material into a 3 hour workbook
Previous experience necessary and must submit a sample of past work

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We Require EnglishRussian Interpreter In Denver

We require English<>Russian Interpreter in Denver.
please provide details of experience and schedule.

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1000 Facebook Fans From Mexico Needed

Job Description

1000 fans from MEXICO

All Fans, & Followers must meet these requirements:

* TARGETED we mean 100% targeted from mexico
* All must be real people with active accounts (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon
* All Fans must be aged 16 and over
* All Fans must have status updated that go back maximum of 15 days
* NO Fans or Followers with illegal, pornographic, hate, or racist content


* Prior experience with work references a plus
* You will be paid 1 weeks after completion of all orders – just to see that fans are real and not disappearing.
* Any Fans that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for.
* You will use strictly good practices (white hat) for inviting fans (accounts must not be banned for your actions and kept active).
* You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.

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Flash Developer To Make Slide Show

Looking for a flash expert to make our next flash slide show. Please provide us your previous work experience.

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Looking For A Java Tutor.

I am studying off a book. I am looking for a tutor that could help me with questions and helps on lab work. I have no experience and looking to learn Java.

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Typing Captchas

We want guys for Typing Captcha Images for our promotional Campaigns,we will give you link where you can create your account and can type OR if you are a manager and a number of people are working under You,we will allow you to Create Admin pannel for you and you can ad your workers IDs There.We are looking more several teams so we may select multiple guys or we may post more Projects for selecting multiple Guys.Interested Teams Are requested to send their teams details in PMB along with Their working experience,and How many hours a day You are available.How many Images you can process in 24 hours.Currently we are paying 2.5$ for 1000 correct captchas so please do not Quote high Prices, we are looking for Good service and a Good Price.
Also we are Looking for craigslist posters who can post daily for us in Job Section.if You are capable of posting multiple ads a day,Send us your Details and prices

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Website Design

I have set up a small company. I have a logo and ideas about the colours and website design. It is pretty straightforward and I can point out similar sites. I need the work completed within a week at the most. I may update/review the site towards the end of the year.

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Virtual Assistant/Marketing Assistant/Telemarketer Wanted

We are an Australian based financial services firm (insurance, financial planning), looking for the full time services of a virtual assistant/marketing manager. We would ideally like to employ one person full time, however will consider hiring part time should all services not be able to be provided by source.

First Area of Service Required
We are looking for someone who can assist in researching/writing our marketing material and most importantly put together professional presentations and documents using such programms as publisher and photoshop. Documents will include flyers, newsletters, presentations etc.

We are also in the process of launching our own website, shortly followed by an additional 3 related websites, and would look at having you research the market for the best existing examples and collate a website outline/brief to be given to the website designers for production.

We would also be looking to utilise your services in relation to data entry and quote presentations (very simple as is all templated and just need to input the relevent info in fields). You would also communicate with insurers and clients via email/phone in regards to following up outstanding paperwork/sale status and than updating client files accordingly.

Second Area of Service Required
The ideal canidate would also be comfortable doing a small amount of telemarketing/appointment setting to begin with (looking for around 4 leads per week). From firms we have spoken to would expect 4-5 appointments per 8hrs telemarketing.

We are only after a limitied number of leads initially whilst new proceedures are put in place and tested.

Once proceedures tested we would be looking at having you recruit suitable telemarketers and data processers on our behalf to generate substantially more leads and than to service the additional processing that is generated. For your management of these "staff" you would be paid an additional wage and bonuses.

Basically the better you and your "staff" do at generating business the more you will make.

What we are looking for in you will be:
Excellent written and verbal English communication skills.
Marketing/Copywriting skills.
High level of accuracy in work performed.
Ability to work unsupervised especially on medium to long
terms tasks. (such as researching competitors websites, and
looking for foreign companies sites with innovations worth
High understanding of the use/functions of such programms as
word, excel, publisher, photoshop, or the ability/eagerness
to learn functions as required.

To be considered for this role you MUST have:
Computer and all own programs (preferece office 07)
(Specialist programs and custom docuemnts will be provided)
High speed internet access
Voip/Skype or other phone arrangements to be able to call
Australia (will look at reimbursing expenses for
telemarketing activites)
Must be available during Australian business hours for
telemarketing and client/insurer interaction, remainder of
hours to be worked as suitable.

Payment Structure
We will pay $250 per calander month (paid weekly via pay pal/direct deposit) for 160 hours work, we will also pay a bonus on telemarketing activities of:
$0.50 per insurance call back form (if client tells us
insurance not due till October so we can call back than to
$2.00 per appointment set.
$2.00 – $10.00 per sale made (depends on products they purchase)

On subsequent work of your "staff" we would be looking at paying you:
$0.25 per call back form
$1.00 per appointment
$2.00 per sale
$0.50 per hour per processing staff member

It is anticipated that within 3-6 months you would be generating a passive income per telemarketer/processer combo of $65 per week, with an estimated need of 3-4 for our local branch alone.

Application Requirements
Please include the following with your application to be considered:
Confirmation of $250 wage to be reflected within your bid value.
Please include an attached CV outline your relevent work
experience, goals and brief outline of why you should be
selected (this all comes back to use of English, marketing,
presentation etc.)
Please advise what country you are based in (Preference
Phillipines or India)
Please advise if you are an individual/company and if you are
able to provide all services, or else just telemarketing or
assistant work.

I hope the above is sufficent to give you an overview of what we are looking for, and I look forward to receiving your application.



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Urgent! WordPress Expert!

Only wordpress expert apply please. so can you send me your wordpress sample sites list only.

I have 3 page design..that need to integrate into wordpress. Design is simple and expecting work done within 1 day. I am going to choose someone today. I am looking lowbudget on this.

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